First sample photos taken with the Pentax full frame DSLR camera (K-1?)

Ricoh updated the Pentax full frame DSLR teaser with a new picture of the camera's controls and the first sample photos taken with a prototype:

The new Pentax 35mm full-frame digital SLR camera is equipped with an image sensor for 35 mm full-size images and uses the K-mount lens system. The camera is compatible with all K-mount lenses, such as the FA lenses, which can be used with the same angle of view as with 35mm film cameras. As for the APS-C-size image sensor, the DA lens series, the cropping function makes it possible to use the APS-C-size center portion of an image. By changing the settings, you can also choose a 35mm full-frame angle of view. The D FA lens series—which is beautifully suited to digital images—covers all of these capabilities, including, of course, the 35-mm full-size angle of view.

Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSRL-camera sample photo

"When mounted with a smc PENTAX-FA★ 24mm F2AL[IF] lens, users can enjoy high-resolution and high-contrast images with dynamic perspective. Shutter speed: 1/1600, Aperture: F10, ISO: 400"

Pentax-K-1-full-frame-DSRL-camera sample photo 2

"When mounted with a smc PENTAX-FA★ 85mm F1.4[IF] lens, users can enjoy a bokeh effect with shallow depth of field. Shutter speed: 1/160, Aperture: F1.8, ISO: 100"

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  • Meaty looking beast!

  • You might want to update this article with the English version of the copy (at )… it currently reads like an auto-translation of the Japanese text.

  • ComicCoverage

    The colors/luminance looks like the 42mp sensor to me.

    • Narretz

      Wow, you can tell from two JPEGs? Impressive.

  • WillWeaverRVA

    Does this mean that some of the FA lenses will be put back into production? Neither of the lenses they used in their sample photos is currently in production (and the legendary FA*85mm commands sky high prices on the second-hand market).

    • I think it’s a fairly safe bet, considering the FA 35/2 and 50/1.4 used to be off the official Pentax lens roadmap but now they’re back (as “current”, not “future”). I can’t remember where, but I read a rumor that primes like the 85/1.4 are next in line after they knock out the rest of the zooms currently on the map. So if that’s true, I’d expect no later than 2017.
      And of course, everyone’s expecting HD (and preferably DC and WR) updates of the FA Limiteds…

      • jar_jar_

        There was mention on Pentaxforums in the last month that one of the large European Pentax retailers told customers to expect a new 85, a new fast 50, an update to the FA Limiteds (31, 43, 77) all to be launched or announced in the next year, along with the new fast wide zoom and standard zooms already shown on the roadmap.

    • Mato

      Legendary it may be but I am not sure it would convince you shot at anywhere near wide open, on a high res digital sensor – lots of purple fringing, I’d expect (ok, the lens I tried was the A*85, on a K-3, and it wasn’t pretty…). Maybe the FA* version is better but I wouldn’t bet on these “old legends”. Maybe with the exception of the F*350/4.5 – that lens still cut it optically for me before it started wobbling and disintegrated on a safari in Africa. Where I am aiming with this rant – Pentax will have to bring out new lenses, even the primes, for this body if it really is 36MP. I don’t even think any of the limiteds will be good enough and certainly not the old designs from the 1970s, star or not. I only hope that whatever new lenses Pentax bring out, they will be significantly more compact than the N/C equivalents (and weather sealed). Because that has been the key selling point of the K-3 for me: small and compact body, small and compact lenses, all weather sealed (and good colour out of the sensor, as a bonus).

    • Kunzite

      The point of the article is backwards compatibility, and using no longer in production lenses makes sense.
      I don’t think Ricoh Imaging would put those lenses back into production; it would be IMO a mistake – those are old-ish (1991/1992) designs with obsolete mechanics.

      We might find out more in the spring.

  • HD10

    Can the Nikon F-mount lenses be adapted for use with the Pentax K-mount? Of course manual focus and manual setting of aperture. Is this possible?

    • There’s a replacement mount for Pentax called the Pentax K+Multi-Mount (PK+MM) that allows mounting of Nikon F, Olympus OM, and Contax/Yashica lenses while still retaining full K-mount functionality. I don’t think it corrects for the registration distance difference, so you might lose some close focus ability with F-mount lenses. I use it for C/Y lenses, which have a much closer registration distance so that’s not an issue.
      More at:
      As for standalone adapters, I know that Nikon F to Pentax K adapters exist, but all such adapters I’ve seen have contained corrective glass, so there’d be some degradation of image quality.

      • HD10

        Thank you for these helpful information.

  • Zos Xavius

    I don’t care what any of you say. I want this camera. Sharpness and resolution aren’t everything and I have no doubt pentax has some lenses in the planning at any rate. This with an m42 adapter along with some k/m primes would be a whole lot of fun.

    • Spy Black

      Stopped down, sure. I still shoot with my 70s Nikkors on my D600. You can certainly use them wide open, but if you really want good sharpness, you’ll need to stop down.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Don’t know how this is anything more than a me too product. Maybe there are a few ppl with old lenses that might be interested but canikon is years ahead in ff DSLR system development. So unless they can sell the kit for less than a grand, I don’t see them selling many.

    • ZMWT

      Pentax APS-C lens range is quite good, but their 135 format range is wanting. Lenses used for testing are ancient FAs, went out of production 11+ years ago. They could show some sample with DFA lens, which are still there. But for sure, if the camera is not announced with at least 5-6 brand new DFA lenses, it will make little appeal to new users. Ricoh knows that, and will play strongly on the unique features of the camera instead, “regardless of lenses used”. All their messages focus strongly on that “versatility of the camera”.

      • Kunzite

        They cannot demonstrate backwards compatibility with images taken with current lenses. Make no mistake: this is not a camera test.

        And btw, they’ll have the D FA 150-450, D FA 24-70, D FA* 70-200, a D FA 15-30 and a 2x-10x-ish “kit” zoom. Those lenses are either on the market, market launch pending or on the now old public roadmap; next should be some primes.
        Besides, many other lenses should work quite well.

  • Lukas Dvorak

    the pictures are 4:3 , one chance is that they are made by Pentax
    645Z or the new Pentax will be first 4:3 full frame, which will be
    totally revolution!!! And our dreams come true!

    • ZMWT

      Picture samples are 3:2, Leica format. It is stated there on the website: 1000 x 667 pixels. Lenses used for testing are ancient FAs, 25 years old now, never updated since; that is perhaps they did not show any larger sample, nor to reveal the size of the sensor, etc.

  • dbltax

    Why are sample photos from new products generally crap / useless in determining the performance of the product in question?

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