First pictures of the Fuji X-Pro2 camera leaked online

Fuji X-Pro2 camera front
Here are the first images of the upcoming Fuji X-Pro2 mirrorless camera and they look very similar to the mockup I posted few days ago:

Fuji X-Pro2 camera back
Fuji X-Pro2 camera top
Expect the official announcement in early January. The new camera will have 1/8000 shutter speed and 1/250 flash sync.

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  • nwcs

    The XPro catches up to a year or two ago. Nothing leaked indicates that it should have taken this long. This could have been the 1s and released 2 years ago. Fuji said they wouldn’t do a 2 until it had something groundbreaking and not just evolutionary. So far it doesn’t seem to be all that groundbreaking.

    • J.L. Williams

      Guessing it will have a 20-point-something megapixel sensor, which won’t have an discernible effect on actual pictures but will help assuage tweakers’ pixel envy. Desperately hoping Fuji will finally drag the flash system out of the 1990s, with HSS and wireless TTL/manual control…

      • Zos Xavius

        There is noticeably more resolving power by jumping to 24mp on aps-c. At base ISO they easily compete with FF sensors for fine detail IMO. The ones without AA filters (like the K-3) easily compete with and better say a 5dmk3 with its heavy handed low pass filter. 16mp without an AA filter isn’t shabby either though. I still use a K-5 IIs every day.

        • J.L. Williams

          Sure, but you only see that extra resolving power when pixel-peeping… which nobody except the photographer ever does. Everybody else wants to see the whole picture! On most common output devices and at most common print sizes, the extra pixels just get downsampled out of existence.

          If you make a lot of 13×19 or larger prints, you might JUST barely see the difference, although again, a lot of the theoretical advantage disappears as soon as the ink droplets hit the paper. My rule of thumb is that you have to double your pixel count (which works out to 1.4x more linear print size — e.g. 14-inch instead of 10-inch) to see any noticeable difference.

          Yeah, okay, a few extra pixels do help if you often are shooting in situations in which you only have time to frame roughly, then do your final cropping afterward. But I’d hate to spend a lot of extra money for an advantage that appears only when I’m being sloppy!

    • sperdynamite

      The XPro1 wasn’t even really ready for market IMO. The AF system was completely useless for the OVF, and the PDAF advancements came very shortly after. The Pro1 went a long way in driving me away from Fuji after my initial excitement about the X100. Now I have a Sony A7II and I’m not going back to APS-C.

      • MdB

        I’m the same as you, loved the X100 and pretty much hated everything afterwards (not for a lack of trying). Picked up the much enthused X-T1 the other day with modern lenses, still the same old tired AF and beta grade experience. Fuji are the most overhyped underdelivering cameras I’ve ever had the displeasure of using.

        All I want from this camera is a really good MF experience (with MF lenses, the AF ones are equally terrible at MF), then I jump all over it.

    • MdB

      Best guess is the sensor wasn’t available to them 2 years ago.

  • Sebastien

    Still waiting to get more details about the sensor. Sensor that should be used in next generation of Fuji cameras.

  • J.L. Williams

    Thoughts: (1) Finally, a diopter adjustment! I hope it has the other X100T viewfinder tricks too. (2) Putting the AF illuminator behind a rectangular faux-rangefinder window is lame.

    • MdB

      Yep faux rangefinder window is incredibly lame. I had had a glimmer of hope from the early sketches that Fuji actually had added a digital rangefinder, but no. Will be interested to see what advances exist here on terms of manual focussing while using the OVF.

  • Neopulse

    What would save this camera is low-light performance up to par with today’s standard whether it be 20MP or 24MP, etc. and AF performance.

    To be honest, I liked the X-Pro1 when I used it with the 35mm f/1.4 at the time. Even though I abandoned Fuji when I owned my own X-E2 with several lenses, it wasn’t completely bitter to me the experience, just areas they needed to work on.

    Plus a competent flash system would be nice or compatible with current systems to achieve HSS for example. Although I am overreaching by asking for it.

    • Zos Xavius

      Af performance is the big one. What system did you move to?

      • Neopulse

        Move to the Sony A7II system (and will get the A7RII soon also). It was pretty much next on the list of supported strobes like Phottix (which did) and Profoto at the time (although Profoto is still waiting for some reason). And also I have old manual Zeiss lenses that I wanted to use on this kind of camera with IBIS rather than the Fuji APS-C that didn’t have it. Also AF performance was good enough and low light on the sensor was better to my eyes. The price also I got it for was enough to justify the cost.

        To be honest I liked the Fuji, but the Sony was that much better and more likely to have more lenses and strobes made for it. So it steered me into that direction.

  • Cinekpol

    Optical rangefinder! Excellent! But otherwise – it’s fugly. I hoped for some improvements in that departnment, but it looks more-or-less like X-Pro 1 with equally oversized body.

    Usability-wise seems to be OKish with some choices made I’m not a big fan of, but no huge mistakes, I guess I could get used to it, though obviously judging that from images alone is little bit pointless.

    • Peter Rothengatter

      Noooooo! the body size was/is pérfect!

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