New Panasonic products leaked at the German magazine ColorFoto

Some additional information on the upcoming Panasonic TZ80 and TZ100 compact cameras (probably called TZ81 and TZ101 in Europe) and the new Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm f/4-6.3 lens from the German magazine ColorFoto:


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  • EnPassant

    Both cameras seem be almost identical except for lens, sensor and design.

    New for TZ80/81 compared to TZ70:

    -New front grip shaped to prevent blocking the flash.

    -18MP sensor like TZ60, but propably new (same as in Sony HX90V?) as TZ70 got a 12MP sensor for improved IQ.

    -LCD has same size and resolution but is now a touch screen with touch AF.

    -EVF now is 1.4MP instead of 1,1MP in TZ70, with same magnification.

    -4K video with 25P for Europe.

    Looks like a good upgrade for those interested in a small sensor super zoom camera.

    • Drazen B

      “Both cameras seem be almost identical except for lens, sensor and design…”

      Strange definition of “almost identical”.

      • EnPassant

        Except for the differences I mentioned specification are the same.
        Or can you spot any other difference?
        To be very clear I could of course have added “in specification” after “almost identical” to avoid misunderstanding.

        • FountainHead

          I’m with you: lens, sensor, and design are pretty meaningless.

          Winston Churchill and Kim Kardashian are almost identical. One’s a dead male Englishman and the other a living female American, but they both speak English, so nearly identical. Or at least easily confused.

          These cameras both take photos, so nearly identical…

          • EnPassant

            Naturally sensor and lens makes a big difference. But that was not what I was writing being identical. And I said nothing about them being meaningless. I assumed intelligent people would understand they make a difference and be able to move on to all the specifications both cameras share.

            Though apparently smartheads like you take every occasion to make your own interpretation of what is written to spread your bright wisdom and being applauded by likeminded disciples.

            Full page with text from Color Foto can be seen here:


            German text says things like “technisch verwandte Kompakte” and “Sonst gleichen sich die beiden Kameras in die technischen Ausstattungen sehr.”
            So essentially what I wrote, just in other words and language.

            Sorry, forgot you and others may not understand German, so here’s a translation: “technically related compact” and “Otherwise the two cameras are very much the same in the technical specification.”

    • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

      anyone know if it will have a tilt LCD? – will 4k last more than 5 min ? – Will it have Touch LCD? – it says hybrid sensor, does that mean Contrast and Phase detect ?

  • jborg

    They are not that identical insofar the first is a 1 inch sensor whereas the other is a 1/2,3 inch sensor, as far as i could understand. Hence the different MPixel count between the two different sensors. Then the optics are quite different indeed. To me they seem two quite different products

  • Jón Ingólfur Hermannsson

    Wish Panasonic came out also with at direct competitor to the RX100m4 – I know Canon have the G5X/G7X and now Nikon will have a competitor – Fuji has X70 coming soon but I have a feeling it will be the same body as the X30 so not really a competitor when it comes to size –
    If Panasonic came out with competitor with a 24-100mm F1.8-2.8 lens for it – 4K that records more then 5min – Touch LCD and Touch Shutter and an EVF for $750-800 then they would really challenge the monopoly of the Sony RX100m4 – personally I think it is $200 to much and the 4k only works for 3-5 min – 3min if in warmer weather – so really a sales ploy –
    The G7X is good – it has longer focal range – Touch LCD and Touch Shutter and better Mics and more sure tracking focus and is a lot cheaper – but of corse does not have as sophisticated video option and burst rate -and No EVF – the G5X might fall out of that size class due to large EVF hump – so will be interesting to see what Nikon comes out with –
    As Panasonic with the FZ100 has opted for a big zoom and therefore slower lens it is not directly a competitor – and I think that is fine – but I would love to see Panasonic come out with say a FZ200 which is a direct computer – why not – Canon has come out with 4 new bodies with 1 inch sensor in 6 months – and I think they will all do well except maybe not the G3X – So Panasonic and Nikon create some competition for the RX100m4 – to lower the price in that class – as $1000 for the RX100m4 is just crazy –

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