New low price: the Fuji X-Pro1 camera is now $499

With the upcoming Fuji X-Pro2 announcement, the price of the X-Pro1 dropped to $499 today (with 4% in rewards and free shipping) - this is a new low price for that model.

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  • nwcs

    Given its age, experimental nature, lackluster firmware, and sluggish performance I am surprised it’s even $499 now. There’s probably still a boatload of them. I might snap one up for $99 just for fun. I returned to Nikon last year and don’t regret it. Probably never should have left.

    • CHD

      In some ways maybe it would have been smarter for Fuji to just ‘write off’ the excess stock instead of destryoing the used market for Fuji clients wanting to sell old gear and upgrade. I for one will never buy another brand new Fuji camera….used is the way to go.

      • nwcs

        Yes, the resale value is very low now. Picking up one used is the best way to go. But I doubt I’d ever get another Fuji at this point. My Sigma DP1M is my current toy for doing something totally different…

  • CHD

    Oh good, $500….now i can sell my 3.5 year old X-Pro1 (paid $1700) for maybe $150….or maybe I’ll keep it as a paper weight. Worst depreciating camera E-V-E-R

  • Focuspuller

    Well so much for selling my Pro1 for a Pro2. Thanks, Fuji.

  • Blagoya D.

    Good luck Fuji, only idiots will buy new cameras for $1700 now. Dropping a ton of money only too see it depreciate to basically zero, killing any resale value, is not a good strategy.

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