The Samsung CES press conference is now over: no new NX cameras and of course no Nikon acquisition

Samsung proof of life
Samsung announced many new gadgets at CES today, but in their presentation there was no word on any new cameras or lenses. Of course Nikon did not announce any acquisition/purchase of Samsung technologies or camera division either (in case somebody still believes this non-sense). So there you have it, I think Samsung is now done with their camera business. The CES show was pretty much their last chance to show a proof of life.

Update: a reader reported that Samsung did not have a single camera on display at CES.

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  • SH*T666

    No proof of life? There is a last hope: Samsung beginning again from scratch with a new team and new camera business. I hardly can believe that the best APSC camera ever was also the last one.

    • they could have hinted something if this was the case, maybe they just wait to see how the camera business will develop and jump in if better times come around… or they are just waiting to clear their inventory

      • ovidiu

        Either way, is it Asian or corporate-ish to ignore the elephant in the room? I mean, even if small, they do have a camera fan base, why ignore them? I think silence pisses people off more than: “hey, our camera business was something experimental, we are not yet sure we’ll invest more. For the moment we are still weighing out the possibilities but we’ll keep you updated”

  • Keith Reeder

    so mirrorless rumors just made this up for clickbait….

    and there is no word on mirrorless rumors.
    no apologies, nothing.

    i mean he did say he is 100% sure so you can call this a lie?…. or just stupidity?

  • Marco –

    With nx1 besting the just announced d500 in almost every aspect, samsung has ‘room’ for doing nothing for another year or so.

    But a fw update to show they still know they once manufactured nx1 would be overdue 😉

    • Hardcore_Fanboy

      it is not about best camera – it is about system – Samsungs system is dead. yes it has best camera – buyt you need lenses too – there will be no new lenses for Samsung – nor from Samsung nor from someone else (cus they – sigmas tamrons d what not – knpow – it is dead)

      • Marco –

        With the two s lenses covering fl from 24 to 225 mm (in ff terms) and other good primes (like the 85/1.4, the 12-24, the 45/1.8, the 1:1 macro) and pancakes (10,16,20,30 mm) I think that most needs are covered. For my personal needs, I’d say that the nx system is much better that I’ll ever be as a photo/videographer.

        Perhaps, for 0.1% of my pics I’d want a longer and fast lens (300/2.8 or 150-400/4) but…would I spend 3k for 0.1%? Probably not anyway.

        I can patiently wait for another major leap (like nx1 was) such as, eg, curved sensors, liquid lenses, organic sensors and so on.

        • ovidiu

          This might be the case: maybe they got some new tech up their sleeve and will come up with something revolutionary. Or probably the R&D/profit ration does not justify their camera business. However some marketing never hurt anyone, especially when you’ve got some of the best apsc cameras on the market; don’t know why they were so uninvolved there… Sad and strange…

      • BP2012

        “System” is a marketing fairy tale for the purpose to stay loyal and buy as many lenses as you can. For a lot of years as a pro I’ve been using Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax “systems” usually two of them at the same time. Never had more than 3 lens at the same time for the same mount. So I’ll buy “dead” Samsung system with just one lens if it is perfect combo to do the job.

    • This is exactly what I said – see my other comment. Samsung may have put everything on hold to wait and see how the camera business will develop in the next year or two. Maybe they want to see which direction will the camera makers take. Mirrorless fails to replace DSLR and their sales have been flat since 2012 I believe. Samsung probably doesn’t want to be in a “flat” business and until this changes, they will stay on the side and wait.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Two things I’ve learned from CES 2016 so far:

    1. Samsung’s policy on its current camera business most be to let it die a quiet death.

    2. is radioactive waste, so if you want to get near it, you better take large amounts of iodised salt to prevent yourself from getting radioactive fallout poisoning.

  • I agree on both points, especially on the second 🙂

  • yes, what I have been saying from day one and this is not the first time

  • Marco –

    Exactly. At least he could make a statement. Shame.

    • Even if they make a statement, they got what they wanted – coverage from every photo website on the Web. I should start making up rumors too 🙂

      • Zos Xavius

        Please don’t

      • ovidiu

        I haven’t visited that site since the rumor was debunked. So please don’t 🙂

  • Duncan Dimanche

    Sad sad Sad

  • nwcs

    If you look at cross-linked rumor sites you can learn a lot. The sites that all cross-link and share with mirrorless rumors seem to share the same philosophy of rumor sharing.

  • El Aura

    There remains the small matter of who designed (and who manufactures) the D500 sensor. It doesn’t seem to be a Nikon sensor (“The new Nikon D500 features an all-new 20.9-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor” vs “[the D5 features a] a Nikon-developed 20.8-megapixel CMOS sensor”).

    • BP2012

      D5/D500 sensors are not made by Samsung or Sony. Those sensors are different and something new. I bet on Panasonic.

      • El Aura

        Everybody expected the D5 sensor to be designed by Nikon (and Nikon is saying as much with “Nikon-developed”) and fabbed by somebody else (Renesas in the past). From the specs it seems the D500 sensor is new design (which it would definitely be if came from Panasonic) as the existing Samsung and Sony sensors are 20 and not 20.9 MP (though the Samsung has 22 million total photosites) and more importantly, they are from 2012 and 2013.

        • Ethan

          You know what sensor has the same mp count and is next generation 4k sensor? Sony rx100 m4 and rx10 m2.

          I would look there closely. Could ve an upscaled version of that stacked design.

          • BP2012

            Extended ISO range for D5/D500 is very different from current Sony sensors. Could be Sony only if it something completely new.

  • tyger11

    I think it would be interesting if someone would come up with APS-C and full frame open standard mirrorless mount equivalents to micro four-thirds.

    That would let everyone who isn’t Canon/Nikon/Sony pull from a collective pool of lenses, which is by far the hardest part of a photo ecosystem.

  • Camera Cottage

    Samsung has an amazing 5000sf booth at CES, amazingly NONE of that space is being used to display a single camera!

    • I was wondering if they had any cameras on display, thanks for the update.

      • Camera Cottage

        My pleasure. None at all, still or video. The closest were some security cameras that come in a home security package they sell. Oh and there was one on a refrigerator! LOL

        • BP2012

          Maybe it was Samsung MF in disguise?

  • Camera Cottage

    So far Nikon has dominated CES’s Photo segment by releasing two amazing new cameras, the D5 and the D500

    • Marco –

      Amazing? Perhaps d5, but at what price? The last really amazing camera, to me, was nx1.

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