2015 worst camera of the year: vote now

It's time again for our 3rd annual Worst Camera of the Year Award.

Please vote and share this poll. Here are the nominees in a random order:

Hasselblad Lusso

→ Sigma dp0 Quattro ($699)

→ DxO One camera ($549)

Canon XC10 camera
→ Canon XC10 ($1,999)

→ Leica SL ($7,450)

Here is the poll:

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  • Aekn

    I don’t see how the DP0 can be considered the worst. Sure, the Sigma cameras have their quirks, but no other camera/21mm or so lens combo can produce better image quality at base iso, which is what these are meant for. All for now $699.

    • Worst in terms of “not needed”, not necessary in terms of bad image quality.

      • MrSkelter

        Not needed by whom?

        What if you want the best quality in a compact system with a wide lens for non-moving subjects like landscapes and interiors? That’s who it’s for and that’s how it’s used.

        Who ‘needs’ a Sony RXII?

        • I like/need the RXII.

          • MrSkelter

            Like and need aren’t the same thing. Need is a silly justification.

          • I agree with that, I was just making a point.

        • Lofote

          I would define it as “the world could have easily lived without this camera – it would not have been a loss”, or “the world did not need this camera” :).

    • Zos Xavius

      but the body design…..!

      Its almost like they wanted to purposefully make the ugliest camera ever.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        That is a matter of taste, I like how they look.

        • Zos Xavius

          To each their own. 🙂

    • FountainHead

      Sigma not worst-of-anything for me but for the fact that, unless I missed it, their output doesn’t play nicely with LR (what I use) or competing systems.

      I can’t even look at a Sigma body until I know the learning curve for workflow in post is virtually zero.

      If Sigma now moves smooth into LR and I did indeed miss that, let’s talk.

  • SH*T666

    All these cameras can take very good pictures. Hasselblad Lusso is really oustanding but outdated and overpriced. Leica is overpriced too, but it´s a Leica. The Canon is waaaaaay overpriced, but an interesting camera. The Sigma has the most awkward desing ever but still has the best picture quality in “APSC” format. I think the most useless, unnecessary piece of garbage is the DXO camera (and only for iPhone users!) and so my vote goes there.

    • BP2012

      For me it is tight race between DXO and Canon. All videographers that I personally know and ever heard off which are using Canon gear said that XC10 is a useless garbage. It is just a gimmick of “semi-professional camera” in every aspect of its interface and functionality.

      • SH*T666

        I agree: these two cameras are the worst of the year. Anyway, this time I hope Hasselblad don´t win the “championship” title again. Just sooo boring.

    • sickheadache

      So..The Lusso is 99.9% is a Sony Camera..that looks Hasselblad Outstanding? You got the perfect name. Yep. Carry On.

  • Morris

    id say Leicas size for its price, HB is known and collected enough awards (well deserved)

    • Hubertus Bigend

      The Leica is a serious camera, though, manufactured in Germany with a (albeit yet to be developed and produced) presumably more-than-excellent line-up of lenses. The Hasselblad, though, is a re-badged and re-shaped Sony, and a phase-out model at that.

      I say, give Hasselblad the prize; with their Italian re-badging shop now being closed, it will be most probably (hopefully) be the last time they’ll be able to claim it!

  • CHD

    Everything I’ve read about the Leica SL states that the image quality is top notch, so can only assume that you’ve chosen the SL for ‘worst camera’ just because of it’s price??? The ‘Leica is too expensive’ refrain is getting a little tired.

    • I selected the SL because it’s big, heavy and expensive and right now there is only one lens for it. I just don’t see the purpose of that camera. Of course if you like it, don’t vote for it. I can make a case for each of the cameras listed, but then we would not have this award.

      • Zos Xavius

        What was the purpose of their T camera? Didn’t they only release like two lenses for that camera too? Where’s the Leica that made the R system? These cameras just seem like half assed attempts at cashing in on the red dot. The Q looked kind of nice but $4k is just too much for a fixed lens camera that is already behind the times.

        • The T kind of turned into the SL. It is not clear if they will continue that line. I actually like the T.

      • Big and heavy? It’s still smaller and lighter than most DSLR FF, what are you talking about? If you simply don’t like it, that’s ok, just say you don’t like it but don’t come with these shallow arguments. Same thing for the Sigma on the list, being a niche camera is different than not having a purpose, worst cameras of the year should not even have a niche, which is pretty much the case for the other 3 on the list.

        • that’s my opinion, obviously you don’t have to agree with me

          • Exactly, that’s just your opinion and I don’t mind if you and I agree or not, I don’t care about it and I even said, if you don’t like the camera, just say so, no problem with that.

            But the arguments about being big and heavy, when the Leica SL is smaller and lighter than most FF cameras out there, then it shouldn’t be an opinion, it’s a fact that the camera is still smaller and lighter than most FF cameras. So I don’t mind your opinion, it’s just that the plain “big and heavy” argument is poor.

            2016-01-12 12:59 GMT-02:00 Disqus :

          • of course the SL is bigger and heavier than the Sony a7 – it’s closest competitor and this is also a fact: http://camerasize.com/compare/#488,639

      • Les

        “right now there is only one lens for it”

        Correction, right now there’s only one full-frame AF lens for it.
        Just about every lens Leica has ever made can be used on the SL, which adds-up to a number higher than 1.

        • I can use any lens also on Fuji, Sony and other cameras and I am not big fan of that. Again, just my personal opinion. I don’t see the point of putting a M lens on a SL camera just because you can.
          BTW, the T lenses can be used on the SL, but they need a firmware update. In order to update, you will need a T camera, you cannot update from the SL: https://www.facebook.com/lrblog/photos/a.475997902470197.1073741825.120760791327245/978317962238186/?type=3&theater

          • CHD

            What is wrong with using an M lens on the SL? Unlike a Sony/Fuji the Leica M lenses still perform well on the SL, so as Les pointed out there is a lot more then just ‘one’ lens available.

            You also criticize it for being too heavy…do you feel the same way about a 1DX?? The SL is not meant to compete against a tinny, hollow feeling Fuji, or even a Sony A series for that matter.

          • nothing is wrong, I just gave you my opinion that’s all

          • Les

            You can use Leica lenses on Sony, but then you get smeared corners (with many, not all). You can use them on Fuji, but then you get no corners at all (crop sensor). The SL can use these lenses without compromise, and has the best currently available electronic viewfinder.
            Sure, it’s expensive, but so are Leica’s lenses.
            It took nearly 100 years, now you can use their rangefinder lenses on a through-the-lens viewing camera, which seems pretty significant.

            I voted for the DxO because there was so much hype, and then so much disappointment.

            The Hasselblad is insignificant, the Canon is good at what it does, it’s just not hip (you wouldn’t use it for your epic short about a barista who saves all her tip money to curate her artisanal tattoos). The Sigma is a niche camera, and that niche likes it a lot.

  • Sakaphoto Graphics

    It’s definitely the Canon XC10. There are plenty of better choices.

  • Arash Nikkhah

    Nikon d810 .. joking ;))

  • MrSkelter

    These posts really make this blog seem less serious. It’s as if you don’t understand the market.

    The Sigma is a fantastic camera. Medium format quality in a compact body. It’s even sillier you’re choosing the DP0. Wide angle lenses are seldom used for action and this is clearly landscape and architecture optimized.

    With the best base ISO quality in the market, and the best wide lens for under $1,000, it’s a steal and it shouldn’t be here.

    What’s the valid complaint? Not stabilized? Not fast? Who needs those for tripod work?

    Similarly the Leica is a great body for its intended audience.

    The only camera here which seems overpriced and poorly thought through is the Canon. However if you really want to take swings at cameras you haven’t reviewed and don’t own you need to bring much stronger arguments to the table.

    • CRB

      A camera is much more than its final IQ…sigma is well known for poor battery life, poor buffer, shot to shot times, awful noise over iso 400, color blotches and etc…their lenses, NOW, are top notch quality…
      Leica SL, imo, is a huge body for a mirrorless…and its price…
      i voted for the canon XC10…
      ps: i´ve owned more than 5 sigma cameras…

      • MrSkelter

        I’ve also owned a lot of Sigma bodies.

        Sony is known for poor battery life. As for noise and shot-to-shot times they’ve already been addressed. This is a specialist body and not a general purpose one. Criticizing it on that level is like arguing an underwater body is bulky, or compact body is hard to grip.

        Your comment on the SL is also ignorant. Mirrorless doesn’t mean small. Every full-farm mirrorless from Sony gets big when you’ve added an adaptor and a fast lens. That’s why Sony’s native lenses are invariably short and slow.

        The XC10 is overpriced and weird. Bashing the Sigma is dumb though. It’s not being sold as a ‘kids and pets’ point and shoot. They’ve done all they can to communicate it’s a specialist piece, down to building ti so it has to be held with both hands.

        If we’re going to nominate based on ignorance I nominate The Hasselblad H5d because it’s crazy expensive, won’t fit in a pocket, doesn’t shoot video and is crappy at high ISO.

        • CRB

          your reply seems that you felt offended…no, its not ignorant…you did not give any argument over the many flaws of sigma bodies..and sigma does NOT say this is a specialized body at all..ANYWHERE…nope, the A7s are anywhere near the size and weight of the SL…being this one the biggest haviest and overpriced body nowadays in the mirrorless department…

          sonys poor battery life is not an argument, im talking about sigma

          sigma is great at iso 100 and nothing more..do they say that?

          “As for noise and shot-to-shot times they’ve already been addressed….”..not they havent…

          using words like dumb and ignorant only shows how you felt offended in the name if Sigma…its only a camera..its not your son or wife, unless you are one of those dpreview fanboys who worship sigma…

          • MrSkelter

            Media format bodies don’t say “Not for snapshots either”. You sound ridiculous.

            I own Quattro’s – and Sonys, Canons, Nikons, Leica’s, Pentax bodies and more – and the Quattros are good to 800 ISO and beyond if you take care.

            Not everyone thinks noise is the worst outcome. Plus the resolution means that at most reproduction sizes you can deal with most of it.

            Pixel peeping is for amateurs, not printers.

            An A7 is much bigger when you put a lens on it. I have one. The Sony UI also sucks while Sigma has some of the best UI on the market. Very intuitive, shallow and fast.

            Every body has flaws. The ones you are ranting about aren’t a problem for the intended use. No one buys a fixed-lens $1,000 camera with a maximum aperture of f4 and a 21mm lens for general use unless they’re a blithering idiot.

            Do you really think a bunch of grandpas will be cursing why they didn’t buy a D7200 instead? You don’t seem to understand ‘horses for courses’ at all.

            I doubt you could even buy a DP0 if you didn’t know anything about the intended use. No sane salesman would do that.

            Your entire spiel hinges on it being a general purpose tool when it’s clearly not. You’re down voting a hybrid two-seater because it has insufficient lumber hauling space. It’s moronic.

          • CRB

            ive stopped reading on “You sound ridiculous.”..sorry btw, you are one of them heeh?


            again, it just a camera..btw, nice photo of benicio del toro..when did you take it?

          • MrSkelter

            Is this English? You make no sense.

            I take a lot of photos. Many of them are ‘nice’. Thanks.

          • CRB
          • CRB

            sorry,now i realize all those photos are not yours…i take that back…

        • CRB

          Continuous mode
          High RAW0.27 second
          (3.70 fps);
          7 frames total;
          42 seconds to clear*Time per shot, averaged over the buffer length of 7 shots, then slows to 4.26s or 0.23fps while buffer is full.

          • MrSkelter

            Are you having a stroke?

          • CRB

            no, dont worry, reading all your mumbo jumbo does not have this effect, bunda mole

        • that is the point of the poll – you vote for what you think is the worst, you don’t have to convince me or anyone else what is not the worst camera

  • Licheus

    Again, every year I’d suggest widening up the pool a bit. Or just list every cameras released last year instead of letting us choose from the very limited selection already biased by admin’s personal taste.

    On the other hand, what’s a “bad” camera anyway? To myself, all but the Hasselblads listed here have something innovative technology wise. They are just ungainly, but are still more interesting than the me-too models major manufacturers churn out from their increasingly bland product lines. I’d call the Canon EOS M10 or Fuji X-A2 being “worse” than the DP0 anyday.

    • SH*T666

      But the Hasselblad is still a very good camera, isn´t it? And some people will like its “style” and the wood work. The DXO is the worst camera in my opinion because it is absolutely expendable: why do you need a iPhone when you could have a build up articulated touch screen on a camera only marginally bigger? And it has far worse ergonomics than Sigmas.

  • Dima135

    For me, the really worst camera of the year is Canon 5Ds.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Why other than it doesn’t have as much dynamic range as the a7r2 it is a pretty decent body.

      I would prefer one over the sony

    • sickheadache

      I keep hearing the same about the Canon Twins. They are not even on par of Nikon’s D800/e what? Three years ago. Came across three guys testing the Canon Twins 5Dsr..They said..They would not buy the Canon Twins. Lackluster. Not what they expected..and glad they did not buy. And I hear they are not selling.

      • Dima135

        I really Like the Canon ergonomic, canon quality, canon basic colors and else. I am happy to work with my 5d2, for me not so easy to go to another system, but guys !!! I am want to something new possibility (in terms of image quality) in new body. If i shoot agains sun or else wide dinamic range scenes i know in advance that I will have a big problems in postprocessing. Push ! Noise ! Clean ! Resize ! (hmm its like slogan of all canon bodies). And now seven years have passed. And what has changed ? Nothing ! Is a mockery. This is really a worst camera of the year. Because it can be good, it can change a lot. But no ….

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    I don’t understand the allure Leica has, so I’ll pass on that one.
    I don’t understand the niche the xc10 is after, but I’m certain canon has something in mind.

    the DXO one, why is that thing even mentioned it isn’t a camera it is a keychain accessory.

    The sigma, yeah it looks ‘strange’ but ergonomics and usability have gone up immensely over the merill line.. Should have been bigger though. If it had more dynamic range i would give it camera of the year.

    And hasselblad deserves being in trouble for their repackaging sony crap.
    So vote

  • TinusVerdino

    The DXO-1 if only you need an iPhone for it, then for the crappy connection to the iPhone en then for not working flawlessly with thus iPhone and then for being overrated in the dxo-rankings.

  • sperdynamite

    I voted for the Leica SL because that thing is an abomination. One variable zoom, last gen sensor performance, and a bunch of sycophants all over the web writing apologies for it. Truly pathetic.

    • sickheadache

      When in San Fran..Went to the Leica Store..I was so under dressed, homeless looking..They watch me like a Hawk…But played with the SL..With that Price I could buy a used Mercedes Benz SL! The SL is big, and heavy and with that one lens on it..it is truly overly huge. Makes no sense. And for that price…one is expecting to have 50mp Plus Sensor from Sony, and not 3 years ago Tech. That Camera is for Leica Buyers only. Who do drive a Mercedes Benz SL. With major money to waste on a over weight camera…and a poor lens selection..I thought Sony was the only bad lens selection. lol

      • there we go – that’s why I included the SL in the list (much better explanation than mine)

      • MrSkelter

        It’s a new camera with a new mount. How many lenses is it supposed to launch with?

        • sickheadache

          MrSkelter..I am giving you a New Mercedes Benz S Class with No Engine.

          • MrSkelter

            That’s a weird metaphor. 1 lens is not akin to a missing engine. It’s hardly bait and switch either. Do you think Leica won’t release more lenses? Or that people are spending that much on a body and later discovering there aren’t more lenses and getting upset? I don’t see the problem unless in a year nothing’s changed.

          • sickheadache

            Oh let’s try this. Your spending 7500 on a camera and only one lens….that cost 5000 dollars. 12 Grand. Your Right.

          • MrSkelter

            So don’t do that if you’re poor or not a professional.

            Who’s forcing you to buy the new Leica? How did you get conned into it?

    • CHD

      I’ve seen comparison shots betwen the SL and the new A7Rii…have you?? You might be surprised at what you see….Leica’s ‘last generation’ sensor still has amazing pixel acuity with that spectacular ‘big and heavy’ zoom….and at lower iso’s provides sharper images then the Sony. The Sony has better DR, and obviously is a lot less money.

      • sperdynamite

        I hear it comes with great tasting kool-aide too!

        • CHD

          Whatever dude, think what you like. Personally I will probably buy an SL but will wait a bit for prices to drop. I’m still getting over the sticker shock of my last Leica purchase, an M240. Yes, the M240 was expensive but it is by far my favorite camera I’ve ever owned…and trust me, I’ve had a lot of cameras from 1 series Canons to Mamiya medium format to Fuji’s.

  • Marco –

    Hasselblad for sure is The one with worse price/perf ratio.

  • Narretz

    The most biased candidate selection ever. Why not just add every camera that was released in 2015, saves you a lot of embarassement.

    • very simple – I think those are the worst cameras of the year

  • CRB

    the poll hit some nerves…owners didnt like some mentions…its preety simple, do your own, in your facebook page or whatever…its just a poll..if you dont like, just move on…

    • I think anything would hit somebody’s nerve somewhere today, no matter what you post – somebody will complain. I am really thinking to remove all comments sections from my blogs. I just listed the cameras I think are the worst for 2015 on my own blog and now it is a big problem again.

      • CRB

        if im not mistaken, canonrumors did something like that…you can’t reply to the post, you can only discuss it on the forum…where, i think, moderation happens and signing up is required

        • well, you will end up with the same problem – here people still have to sign up, maybe I just have to do a better moderation (meaning delete more posts)

  • CHD

    I would like to nominate the Arca-Swiss 8×10 as worst camera. It’s large, ungainly, heavy and doesn’t even come with a digital back for the absurd price of $6900!!

    Or, maybe we should nominate the Nikon D5….it is big, heavy and uses big and heavy lenses….also expensive at $7000.

    Or, last but not least maybe we should vote for the camera on the iPhone 6S…it’s lens is so small with basically no zoom capabilities and has such a tiny sensor….just absolutely useless.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      D5 is 2016
      There are a series of Arca swiss cameras.
      The iphone is a phone

      • CHD

        It’s called sarcasm…
        There are lots of different cameras built for different purposes. it is pointless to say something is ‘too big, or too slow’ without looking at why it exists, or at least comparing it to it’s peers. In the case of the Sigma it’s a specialty camera built for a specific purpose…it almost doesn’t have any direct competition. Likewise the Leica SL is almost in a class all of it’s own. People like to compare it to the Sony A7 but IMo it’s aimed at a completely different market.

        The Hassy on the other hand is just a rebrand of an existing camera…so for me that should be an obvious pick. Compared to the Sony it’s just a more expensive copy of the exact same product.

  • Nah, going with the Hassy is too easy. 😛

    I’d say the DxO One. Because Apple, because ergonomics, because of the whole shitty concept. People grab their smartphone because ordinary cameras are bulk. Weigh down. You don’t take it with you in your jeans pocket. A weird smartphone addon isn’t going to change that. If you want to take more serious pictures on-the-go, then get something like the Hassy Stellar. I mean… Sony RX.

    It’s almost a tie with the XC10… another camera that I just don’t get. But I’ve surprisingly seen enough people liking it, so it might be that’s it’s a solid camera, just for a very particular target audience. Which I’m definitely not.

    The Sigma Quattro is odd looking, but I bet it doesn’t perform too bad for certain types of photography and people.

    I would actually cut Leica some crap! That’s a very cool camera with some very neat feats! Have you seen the OLED top display? The electronic viewfinder apparently is the best to date! Doesn’t mean I would get one and the lenses from the native line-up look very bulky! But it’s advancements that help set a new bar, so other companies might integrate tech just like it.

    • CHD

      People don’t cut the Leica SL slack because they can’t get over the price. I agree with you though…it has the best EVF you can currently get, a wicked OLED top display….and although it ‘only’ has 24MP the image quality coming out of it is stunning.

      • Well, my criteria for picking the worst camera of the year is ‘which would I really want to shoot a bullet at rather than shooting with’. And the DxO One comes in first place, hands down. As an Android guy I don’t have much use for it except playing soccer with, kicking it around.

        I wouldn’t actually mind giving the Leica a spin should someone be willing to give me one as a loaner for a few weeks. Unlike e.g. the XC10 which like the DxO One I’m just not at all excited for trying out.

        The other ones are in theory quite capable. Just have a bit of a different idea behind or odd look to ’em.

  • Paco Ignacio

    Hasselcrap for the win!

  • Andoz Invicktograda Randoz

    but why leica sl ?

  • Martin Francis

    I haven’t used any of them. In fact, I haven’t even seen them in the flesh.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I think the canon xc10 is massively misunderstood by the photography community. It is actually a very capable high quality video rig. Not so much for stills.

  • Blar

    It’s looks like you forget a big one in the poll :

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