Leica to announce a new X-U Typ 113 waterproof and shockproof camera next week

Leica is rumored to announce a new Leica X-U Typ 113 waterproof and shockproof camera next week. The basic camera specs can be found here:


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  • sickheadache

    How Much for all this Wonderfulness….??? 5 Grand or Above. lol

    • Hanudiyan

      I only have 2 kidneys… 🙁

      • Tijmen

        I sure as hell hope a kidney is worth more than two and a half grand…

  • sperdynamite

    Who in their right mind…

  • TinusVerdino

    Best in class? Like in under water aps-c camera’s? There are none.

  • HD10

    This could be the restart of of a camera type that Nikon seemed to have abandoned. Hopefully, it will persuade other makers to follow suit.

    • Licheus

      Indeed. All I ask for though would be a weather sealed Ricoh GR…

  • Deryk

    The ultimate underwater street camera…..

    • Morris

      sea levels my friend, sea levels

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