2016 BCN camera rankings are out

The 2016 BCN camera rankings are out. Here are the top manufacturers in each category:

  • Compact cameras: Canon
  • DSLR: Canon
  • Mirrorlesss: Olympus
  • Video cameras: Panasonic
  • Lenses: Canon

Please note that BCN Ranking collects sales data from approximately 2/3 of all Japanese retail stores. Here are the complete rankings:

For comparison, here is the 2015 BCN camera rankings:

2015 BCN camera rankings
Via BCN Ranking

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  • yaley

    2016 and 2015 image are literally the same with one of them having the bottom cropped out?! That can’t be, right?

    • I may have uploaded the wrong file.

    • fixed, refresh your browser please

      • Zos Xavius


  • Federico Zaza

    They must be smoking something very very good.

  • AYWY

    Sadly, the only reason Ricoh is no. 3 in SLR because there are only 3 companies producing SLRs… :p

    Interesting that Casio upstaged Sony to claim the no. 3 spot for integrated lens cameras. Them selfie cams are best sellers!

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      Sony recently released another dSLR.

      • Zos Xavius

        Except it isn’t a DSLR is it? Its slt

        • MdB

          And they aren’t really mirrorless SLRs either now are they? ^^^

        • Kunzite

          AFAIK they’re counted as DSLRs by BCNRanking (maybe for historical reasons).
          Anyway, Sony SLTs make up for about 0.4% of the DSLR sales, in that chart. Ricoh/Pentax is not the last, by a wide margin 😉

          • El Aura

            If Sony SLTs are counted as SLRs, then the SLT concept was a huge failure for Sony [in their home market]. Globally all of MF without Pentax (Phase One/Mamiya & Hasselblad/Fuji & Leica S) is probably around 0.1% or less, maybe it’s a bit higher in Japan.

          • Kunzite

            Well, they do appear on the DSLR category on the BCNRanking’s website. If you wish you can check by going to http://bcnranking.jp/category/subcategory_0008.html and selecting the brand and “BCN Award DSLR” category; there’s the A58, A65 and the A77 II.
            What is interesting is that Ricoh Imaging/Pentax is not listed under brands, but you have to select Others. Then, you’ll get 5 pages of mostly Pentax products (and 2 Sigmas).
            Actually the 645Z is better placed than the Sony SLTs. Though, once again, I wonder if those figures are really representative…

          • Zos Xavius

            Yeah massive fail. No wonder they want to quietly dump those users. They are like 100 of them. 🙂

          • Zos Xavius

            I figured as much. Its certainly not mirrorless so that only really leaves one other option. 0.4% is amazingly small. (thanks for that infor btw!) 6% doesn’t sound so bad all of a sudden. 🙂

        • Sakaphoto Graphics

          It uses a partially translucent mirror.

          • El Aura

            And what would be a Sony E-mount camera with SLT lens adaptor? Would that then also be counted as SLR?

          • Sakaphoto Graphics

            “Mirror-less SLR” is what they’re calling it. I suspect you could have seen that.

          • Zos Xavius

            Oh I know it does. Its still not a traditional DSLR. DSLT would be slightly more appropriate. It certainly has a mirror though.

          • Glen Berry

            No. It’s a partially transparent mirror. If it were translucent, everything would look as if it were being viewed through milk or heavy fog! With all the money Sony has, you would think they could afford at least one dictionary.

        • harvey

          SLR stands for single lens reflex – there have fixed mirror slrs for decades.

    • jar_jar_

      I’m assuming the 0.4% of the DSLR market not shown in the chart is occupied by the Sigma SD1 and/or the Leica S. The unrepresented portion for 2015 was over 1%.

  • Zos Xavius

    Casio is #3?? Wow. Also Olympus beats Sony? Ricoh’s share went up to! Go Ricoh!

    • Glen Berry

      I noticed while Ricoh (Pentax) went up in in DSLR market share, Canon went down. I think Ricoh (Pentax) have been underrated for a long time and Canon has been overrated for awhile. Maybe other folks are finally starting to agree with me?

      Nikon makes some great equipment, and they also made gains against Canon DSLRs. To paraphrase the oil industry, I think we might have passed the point of “peak-Canon”.

      • Rick

        huh? canon went up in DLSR marketshare. the only place canon went down was P&S.

        and Nikon went down in marketshare for DSLR’s.. did you read the images right?

        • Glen Berry

          You’re correct. Somehow, I misread the stats. Both Pentax and Canon gained sales share, while Nikon lost some share, in the DSLR category. I’m correcting my original post. — Thanks!

  • Ric of The LBC

    Mirror-Less SLR?. Isn’t that like Jumbo Shrimp?

    • Kunzite

      That’s a translation error; they’re actually saying “mirrorless single lens” (ミラーレス一眼). The “reflex” part (abbreviated to ref/”refu”/ レフ) is obviously missing.

  • Jer81

    That leaves 0.4% for Sony A-mount.. That must hurt a bit. Sony would be nuts to produce another body for such small market share.

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