This is the new Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR camera (pictures + specs)

Here it is - the new Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR camera:
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR camera
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR
Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera
As I already reported, the official announcement is expected next week. The EOS-1D X Mark II technical specifications are (specs updated 1/29):

  • 20.2MP CMOS sensor with dynamic range improvement
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF
  • ISO: 100-51200 (expanded in 409600)
  • 61-point AF system, expanded range, 41-point cross-type, all of the distance measuring points can be selected
  • At f/8, 61 points can be selected
  • AF is -3EV
  • 360000 dot photometric sensor. EOS iSA. EOS iTR
  • 0.76 times the viewfinder magnification. 100% field of view
  • Improved AI AF accuracy and motion tracking Servo AF III +
  • Dual DIGIC6 + processor
  • New mirror drive system that enables high-speed continuous shooting
  • Video 4K 60fps. Full HD120fps, 4K video can be recorded in internal CFast2.0 media
  • Movie servo AF
  • Continuous shooting up to14 fps, 16 fps in live view mode
  • Continuous shooting in RAW: 170 frames (at 16 frames / sec.), unlimited in JPEG
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF, enables smooth AF with 4K video
  • LCD monitor 3.2 inches, 1.62 million dots. Touch panel.
  • Camera digital lens Optimizer (DLO), lens aberration correction, diffraction correction
  • CFast2.0 and compact flash slots
  • GPS built-in
  • USB3.0 terminal, HDMI terminal
  • Dust and water resistant
  • Wi-Fi option (WFT-E8)
  • Dimensions: 158mm x 167.6mm x 82.6mm
  • Weight: 1340g

Via Digicame-info

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  • Eric Calabros

    60fps? You mean Canon made a sensor with higher speed than what Sony and Samsung could make without having the heat risk?

    • Štefan Herics

      probably time limited 60fps recording

      • Eric Calabros

        so why didn’t enable it for their $16000 C300 mark2?

    • MdB

      Sony make 60fps sensors, just not in a tiny A7 body.

      • Eric Calabros

        Sony’s new FS5 video camera can’t do 60fps at 4k

        • MdB


          • Eric Calabros

            and that means Canon is able to read out sensor (probably in 1.5x crop) twice faster than Sony, while Sony’s fab (and sensor engineering) technology is at least two years ahead of other sensor makers.

          • MdB


            Because one model doesn’t?

          • Eric Calabros

            Maybe everybody can make a high speed sensor with huge heat sink or air cooling system. We are talking about a naked sensor in a photo camera.

          • MdB

            I thought we were discussing sensors? Clearly you had a bunch of other irrelevant factors made up in your head. FWIW the FS7 does with the same sensor, the lack of this in the FS5 is most likely to be a marketing decision.

          • Eric Calabros

            Well its not naked 🙂
            Here is what I just copy paste from Sony website:

            “Cooling is an urgent requirement in a high-speed 4K camera. That’s why Sony engineers developed special heat pipes that whisk heat away from the electronics and into a remote heat sink. An air duct cools the heat sink while isolating the electrical components from exposure to dust and water spray.”

            You’re welcome

          • MdB

            And? You really are just making it up as you go along.

          • Eric Calabros

            and you keep not getting the point 🙂

          • MdB

            You had a point? Oh yeah, somewhere in there you decided that what you really meant was with a body that is a stills camera, not just a sensor. Well you don’t know what the limitations are yet, nor what kind of cooling goes on in there. Certainly there is far greater opportunity for thermal disappation from this body with rigid sensor mounting than an A7S II or R II with IBIS, so yes, Canon built a bigger tank than Sony. Was that your point?

          • Eric Calabros

            The rumors says its even slightly lighter than what it replaces, so no heat pipes or something.

          • MdB

            Wow then it is truly amazing! That seems to be what you to hear. Enjoy.

    • CaMeRa QuEsT

      I’ll wait and see. D5 was also rumored to do 4Kp60 but ended up doing 4Kp30 only. What will really stand out is if it does a full sensor readout instead of just a pixel by pixel crop.

      • LaunchShipCaptain

        you’re not thinking straight

        full sensor readout would mean it would also have 60fps burst

        no camera afaik, does full sensor readout for video

        • MdB

          Except RX100 IV, RX10 II, A7S, A7S II and NX1.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Please go and google some random information about ‘full sensor readout”. THEN go and look at how many MP this sensor has. Then go grab a calculator. Do some maths. See if you like the numbers? No? Thought not…

      • Lcky

        Even with a full sensor readout they would probably only use an 18 MP portion. Much preferred, look at the A7R2 as an example of the impossible, and it looks great. 60fps would make this a go-to model for productions looking to take advantage of wide lenses / FF look. Yes, we will wait and see, if Canon wins.

    • Originaru

      I think Sony sensors for real are probably much faster than Canon ones but they lag and heat more because some kind of internal processing is made on the images even before it gets to the image processor. But i can’t prove it right now.

  • SH*T666

    Why having a decent sized tlitable screen is not “pro”?

    • MdB

      On a camera this size just add one?

      • SH*T666

        Why not? A video capable camera without an articulated screen or at least a tiltable screen?

        • johnny

          Due to weather-sealing capability, tilt-screen is not supported. Same reason on lacking of pop-up flash. There are many pros taking pictures in harsh environment. These people only buy this kind of camera.

          • Exactly. Pro bodies pretty much always have less features than the top amateur and prosumer bodies. That was true even back in the Nikon F/Nikkormat FTn days when the consumer body had twice the flash sync speed. Reliability in hostile environments takes time to develop.

          • Kyoshi Becker

            Reliability in hostile enviroments is exactly why.

          • nwcs

            What is your documentation for that supposition? Other vendors have weather “sealed” cameras that have a fully articulated screen.

        • Kim Min

          Cause that’s gonna fuckup the weatherproofing of the camera. You guys don’t really get what “pro” means in real life

          • nwcs

            How in the world is a tilt screen going to mess up weather resistance (none of these DSLRs are truly weatherproof or sealed)? You mean that these world class camera engineers can’t solve that problem? Other cameras have weather resistance and tilt screens (Olympus). If you don’t need it tilting, don’t tilt it.

          • tertius_decimus

            How? The back of the camera has dead wall in the place where tilt screen sits. How this zone is potentially open for water to fill inside?

    • Piotr Kosewski

      Reliability over features. If something can break easily, fail in rain or wind – they won’t use it.
      If the screen would compromise the reliability, no one would buy this camera. That’s a total fail for the company.
      For similar reason you don’t get WiFi on pro bodies. WiFi needs a large antenna. Large antenna needs a large gap in metal shell. That’s not happening…

      But I have a heart-warming information. By any thinkable measure space probes are way more “pro” than a Canon 1DX. At the time they’re launched (not used – that could be years later!), most of the technology is a decade old already. 🙂

      • nwcs

        People keep saying tilt screens are fragile but there’s absolutely no proof or historical evidence for it.

        • exactly, this is just a naysaying because they didn’t have before. they used to say that but then, Panasonic came with a fully articulated screen with weather sealing and there has been no “screen-gate” related to it, so they couldn’t use that same excuse anymore and some people got stuck back in time.

          • Piotr Kosewski

            You are confusing “weather sealing” with “reliability”.
            No matter how long multiple manufacturers keep telling you that they sealed and strong bodies and keep putting ridiculous WR on every second lens they make (even ones without the mount gasket) – pro cameras are in a different class. They are made to last. That’s where the extra few thousand USD goes.

            Please don’t equate build quality of 1DX and GH4 just because they both have “weather sealing” in the marketing materials… :/

          • That doesn’t make that much sense. The best argument against something not being reliable is not a bunch of words simply saying it’s not, it’s proof that it’s actually unreliable. Regardless of the difference in build quality, if the GH4 has been reliable and there is no “articulate screen gate” reports from GH4 users, it means that it can be done and that’s the question, I hardly believe Canon doens’t do it because they CAN’T do it, they simply don’t want to and that’s a different story.

          • MdB

            Panasonic toughbooks have swivel screens. Toughbooks are also rated for their protection to the elements, something Canon are unwilling to do, even on $6000 ‘pro’ bodies that people pay many extra thousands for, because they are slightly more ‘pro’ (despite no ratings).

            Designing something that moves doesn’t always create more issues, in fact a moving display is more likely to absorb an impact unscathed than a rigid one.

          • Piotr Kosewski

            And the premium you pay for a Panasonic Toughbook compared to similarly specified ordinary laptop is what: 400%?
            So now let’s take a 5Dm3 (with performance nowhere near a 1DX) and multiply it’s price by 5. We get over $12k – twice what you pay for a 1DX.
            If you have a free afternoon, you can try to convince me that comparing to Toughbooks is sensible.
            You can go even further. Tanks have many swivelling and tilting elements and they’re so rugged!

            I was really entertained by the “moving display that is more likely to absorb and impact”.
            First of all: NO (like really, really no…).
            Second: and the result of the display absorbing the shock would be what? Torn-off display? If you have another free afternoon, you can describe the advantages.

            So too sum up for people, who don’t understand the matter discussed. Pro bodies are built around principles not from consumer electronic, but from industrial tools.
            Metal frame protects everything inside and very thin “rubber” external layer protects the metal frame.
            So you might think your a7 is tough because it is made of metal on the outside (who needs a rubber on top?!), but it’s really not. And the cracks and holes in this metal body are so big, it can hardly absorb a big shock. And if the tilting LCD brakes off (it’s the weakest point), the camera will die.

          • MdB

            “And the premium you pay for a Panasonic Toughbook compared to similarly specified ordinary laptop is what: 400%?”

            And that is relevant how?

            “First of all: NO (like really, really no…).”

            And this is because of your extensive experience in time-impact studies I presume?

            “Second: and the result of the display absorbing the shock would be what? Torn-off display?”

            If you say so, you are the engineer. Clearly Panasonic engineers designing toughbooks don’t have a clue what they are doing, even though for years the military have been telling them their displays are always being torn off.

            “So you might think your a7 is tough because it is made of metal on the outside (who needs a rubber on top?!), but it’s really not. And the cracks and holes in this metal body are so big, it can hardly absorb a big shock. And if the tilting LCD brakes off (it’s the weakest point), the camera will die.”

            Uhm, what? I thought we were talking about $6000 pro bodies, clearly Canon and Nikon are incapable of building a screen that swivels without breaking off, you must be very proud of these companies as a result, which is clear in the way you defend them.

            Oh and the #1 worldwide failure of any camera by any manufacturer?: Poor manufacturing. Excellent, glad we cleared that up.

          • Piotr Kosewski

            “And that is relevant how?”

            You’re the one who keeps mentioning that 1Dx costs $6000 and it still doesn’t have a tilting screen. I’m shyly adding that this is just twice what you pay for 5Dm3 and you get A LOT extra performance.
            You’re also the one who mentioned Panasonic Toughbook, which definitely has a tilting screen, so it is clearly possible.
            I simply pointed out that that this laptop is 5 times more expensive than ordinary models with equivalent performance.

            “And this is because of your extensive experience in time-impact studies I presume?”

            Sort of.

            “Clearly Panasonic engineers designing toughbooks don’t have a clue what they are doing.”

            I’m sure Panasonic engineers know how to make these laptops very robust. And I’m pretty sure Canon engineers will provide similar results if someone agrees to pay $15k for a military-grade 5D.

        • tertius_decimus

          Agreed. Tilt screen in my long gone D5000 was infallible, never failed after hard abuse.

          • Piotr Kosewski

            That must have been the last working part of the camera. Being a Nikon user for years, I know the limits of D5xxx series rather well. Whatever you’re calling “hard abuse” is possibly inappropriate in a 1D discussion…

            I’ll just give you a simple example. I’m using a Nikon entry level body and I often put it in my backpack without any additional cover.
            At least few times in my life I’ve heard comments like “you should not do this – you’ll damage the camera”.

            I’m sure you’ll agree that “hard abuse” is a highly relative, subjective term.
            What Canon and Nikon do in the pro models is make a camera so robust that even the most demanding user will admit, that improving the reliability even further would greatly reduce usability (we’re talking about removing buttons or putting the body inside a GoPro-like case).
            So the conclusion is: adding a tilting screen is not worth it yet. Maybe we’ll see a day when half of 1D users call this an essential feature. I’m sure Canon will make a version for them. Such expectation today this is just unrealistic…

          • tertius_decimus

            > put it in my backpack without any additional cover.

            That’s hardly an abuse. That’s the case of no-use, to be honest. My little camera survived it all: rains, winters, summers, sea salt, numerous fallings to the earth, rocks, tarmac. Two times camera had caught by the hands of criminals. Now, that’s abuse. And after all bad things I’ve done to camera, it was still in working condition. AF was showing signs of improper lock behind or before the object, but still was usable. And I don’t bying this pro body argument. If little D5000 can stand this all, why $6000 body can’t have swivel screen? It’s proven to be reliable.

  • MdB

    So same old AF system (updated for f8 at all points?)? DPAF version of 6D sensor and 4K updated from 1DC. Doesn’t seem terribly exciting, although obviously the 1DX was already a very capable machine, I can’t see many really feeling the need to update (1DC crowd excluded).

  • Ritvar Krum

    Nikon just announced 1DX equivalent in 2016… Canon did 1DX II few weeks later… nice work nikon

    • MdB


    • Dima135

      D4 has the big advantage in IQ compared to 1dx especially at low and medium ISO. It would be nice if 1dxII catch up at least D4.

      • Originaru

        Not BIG by any stretch of the imagination. I think you never compared it in real life.

        • Dima135

          I just need at least one more step dr on ISO 100-800. I have the same dr characteristic in my 5d2. This is a very limited possibility in many types of shooting. Just begin pull shadows – and you have noise and banding. All Canon bodies have this problem. Situation with DR on Canons FF bodies much worse than any nikon or fuji or sony APS-C cameras or maybe even micro 4/3 cameras.This is just unbearable

          • Duncan Dimanche


          • peevee

            Yes, it is worse than m43 cameras since 2012.

        • Umano Teodori

          I did it several times, with perfect exposure I think 1dx iq is slightly better than d4s, actually a lot better if you like canon color rendition

          But in mixed light or not perfect or creative exposure the d4s is awesome, the raw quality, cleaness and the ability to recover exposure with almost no loss of color and details is way better than any canon. As tools for work I think that overall iq is more important than max quality in perfect light condition.

          I hope in the mk2 they improved a lot the dynamic range e s/n ratio and let’s see what they did with new af. Ofc 4k@60fps can be very interesting to a lot of ppl.

          • Originaru

            Well you are reasonable, in my tests not with mixed light i got some files better with the 1dx than d4s, but the recorverability is better on d4s, no doubt about it, and true i really prefer canon color redition, specialy skin colors, overall i found the d4s better but not by a BIG difference…

        • J.Coi

          We are checking cameras in laboratory with raw data. Canon has a long distance to come for output data quality. You can see just with basic analysis on raw data or with make intense adjustments in Photoshop. But Canon users do not regard it. Canon still sells most!

          • Umano Teodori

            Yeah that’s true, but that big difference we see on analysis for some ppl is not so clear and not so critical. Jpeg shooters for example who love canon’s color rendition, the light meters on cameras are almost perfect now, there’s no need to push a lot the file. Also ergonomics is top notch on canon, I saw ppl play them like a piano

            There are a lot of approaches to photography and not everyone require a powerful work on the raw.

            But I work in one which is, if not required, highly reccomended, so for me there is no story, what we can do with a d4s’s raw file in reasonable iso is unbeliveable, we can control the “mood” of the picture, on canon I am limited I can’t play near as half as I do on nikon

        • Spy Black

          Big, no imagination required. To date, any comparable Canon hasn’t come anywhere close to a Nikon counterpart in noise and dynamic range. Hopefully Canon will finally get it’s act together with this body, we’ll have to wait and see. However I get the impression that Canon, being the market leader, simply couldn’t care less.

    • Kyoshi Becker

      You’ve never used a d4s I presume….

    • Nikonanon

      Judging from your vague comment, I assume you are talking about burst rate. Burst is nothing, enough is enough if you want fast burst- nikon 1 v3 but the iq sucks. The d4 kicked the 1dx in all areas other than burst. Also keep in mind AF and low light performance is much more important than burst, thats why you don’t see journalists with mirrorless cams

    • Mike

      Hmmm. Much can be said about Canon AF & DR reaching Nikon 2007 levels. Nice work Canon.

  • Dino Brusco

    Meh, just another Canon.. I don’t see any groundbreaking change there.. Is it me or the only spec that somehow seems interesting is the 16 fps ?

    • 16 fps in live view…

  • hje

    build in GPS
    good luck making a documentary at classified locations…
    ( war photography, portraits of persons persecuted on political grounds, …)

    • I am sure you can turn off the GPS.

      • hje

        When you can turn it off, you can turn it on.

        I’m not sure if others will put enough trust in a photographer to not use a simple menu setting.

        I’m not sure how any armed force will react, when they find out, that I brought along a gps tracking device.

        But maybe I’m just a paranoiac.

        • This is an interesting point; I wonder how many weekend photographers (me included) have thought about this issue when asking for built-in GPS…

        • preston

          This means they would have to confiscate your smartphone which seems crazy.

        • Singani Mamiya

          I’m sure Canon Service will be helpful to remove the GPS module for you, if that is your real requirement. But how many photographers are allowed to shoot a documentary, but are not allowed to know where they are?

  • taildraggin

    What about the next Sony A7RSIII? It has more pixels.

  • HappySoul In

    Canon 1DX Mark ii full specs:

    20.2MP CMOS Sensor
    Dynamic range improvement
    Dual pixel CMOS AF
    Dual DIGIC6 + processor
    ISO100-51200 (extended with 409600)
    Continuous shooting 14 frames / sec.
    Live View mode at 16 frames / sec – high-speed continuous shooting new mirror drive system to allow the (at 16 frames / sec.)
    Continuous shooting possible number is 170 frames in RAW -. In JPEG Unlimited
    61-point AF system, which range is expanded. 41-point cross-type
    AF is -3EV correspondence
    With lighting AF point red
    AI AF accuracy and motion tracking was improved Servo AF III + – 360000 dot metering sensor.
    Viewfinder magnification 0.76 times. 100% field of view
    Videos 4K 60fps.
    Full HD120fps.
    4K video can be recorded with the internal CFast2.0 Media
    Movie Servo AF – LCD monitor 3.2 inches, 1.62 million dot. Touch panel.
    Camera digital lens Optimizer (DLO).
    Lens aberration correction.
    Diffraction correction
    CFast2.0 and compact flash of dual card slot
    GPS built-in – 2-axis electronic level
    USB3.0 terminal, HDMI terminal
    W-FI option (WFT-E8A)
    Size of 158mm x 167.6mm x 82.6 mm

    • Dino Brusco

      Ok NOW there’s something to talk about.


  • I updated the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR camera specs with the latest info from digicame-info.

  • LaunchShipCaptain

    seems extremely boring

    the only interesting thing would be internal 4k @ 60 FPS, but I’m sure there’s a catch, I’m sure it’s limited to 3 minutes, or overheats and shuts down

  • Price estimate?

    • LaunchShipCaptain

      you can almost guarantee it will be around $6000

      canon doesn’t seem willing to change their prices at the high-end

      going to be the same as the 1DX

      • MdB

        Which is $5000 cheaper than the 1DC it is replacing 😉

  • MonkeySpanner

    It will be almost as good as the d500. 😉

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Why the long face?

  • Eta76

    Is it just me? Or is the backside engineered by a three-year old?
    I like the LCD to more in the center, or at least centered below the eye
    piece. Maybe I am too Nikon minded, but I think a D4s has a much nicer layout. I do like the lighting/ WB / +- / ISO buttons at the top side.

    • Andrei

      I am sure the millions of pro photographers who used and are using the 1D series over the years know better what layout they want.

      • Eric Calabros

        Yea, many of them dream about a Nikon body with a mount accepting Canon lenses

        • Andrei

          They are all dream about Nikon but they are forced to use Canon. One of the big tragedies of life.

          • SportPhotog

            the real tragedy is that you live in your mommas cellar and have no job….

    • Eric Calabros

      They just add a vertical grip and giant wheel to their Rebel 🙂

    • Agreed, and the eyepiece looks so out of place compared to the shape of the viewfinder housing. Not like D5 (or any of the D*x* cameras) where the eyepiece is shaped together with the housing. Generally I think Nikon has a more powerful and distinct design with the red line on the grip, round eyepiece on FX, and the bevelled edge that goes across the front top.
      The Canon more looks like they just stuck standard parts in different places without smoothing it out for a more refined look. Like, they don’t even have a consistent placement of the power switch among the cameras.
      In any case those were just my not-so-important opinions. The target users for these cameras won’t care about the look anyway, and that’s fine the way it is.

      • Umano Teodori

        yeah canon is a bit more “rude” in that aspect 🙂 but they did well with the 5ds

  • Marco –

    Finally, the first camera with specs apparently edging those of samsung nx1! A part for megapixels.

    • MdB

      Who’s Samsmung?

      • Marco –

        The manufacturer of today’s best apsc camera in the world and probably best performance/price camera ever.

        • MdB

          ‘Best’ is subjective.

          Besides I suspect you mean “ex-manufacturer of yesterday’s fastest APS-C camera* and one of the most expensive APS-C cameras around. After spending 5 years making the least interesting products ever**, after 5 years of getting someone else to make their products for them and record breaking abandoner of camera systems***”

          *When used with one of two lenses
          **’Why bother’ is literally how they were described
          ***Three in less than a decade, really a top performance!

          • Marco –

            Best is not subjective when there are quantitative values.

            But you show so little knowledge of this subject, that’s not worth arguing. Just read dpr review and keep in mind that the latest fw improves af by 100% and adds new features. Oh, read also eosHD reviews and users’ experiences.

          • MdB

            “Best is not subjective when there are quantitative values.”

            If all you value are numbers. Here are some numbers for you:

            # of new lenses coming for it: 0
            # of updated bodies: 0
            # of lenses that can take advantage of the features: 2
            # of mounts abandoned by Samsung: 3
            # of mounts still supported: 0
            # of bodies Samsung made that weren’t even worth talking about: 13
            # of cameras Samsung made that are worth talking about: 1
            # of years their last system was active: 1.5
            # of kit lenses made for MILC’s in 5 years: 6

            What amazing numbers! Can’t wait to get on the gravy train of the ‘best’ APS-C camera ever!

          • Marco –

            Again you definitely ignore the subject. It’s like talking about geography with someone who believes the Earth is flat. Document yourself about specs and features and test a real nx1.

          • MdB

            And you ignore everything I said.

            I’m well aware of the camera, as are most people. Though we are also aware of these above issues and as such, simply do not care.

            As for ‘finally a camera that meets the specs of the NX1 (other than MP)’… The NX1 barely exceeds a bridge camera in ‘specs’.

          • Marco –

            Hahaha ok 😛 please let me know any other camera that exceeds nx1 specs, with numbers and evidences to show that 😀

          • MdB

            RX10 II has the following numbers / specs –

            20MP BSI stacked sensor
            4K video with full sensor readout
            Flash sync up to 1/4000th
            Electronic shutter to 1/32000th
            S-Log2 picture profiles
            2.4mil dot EVF
            Mag alloy body with top LCD
            1080p video up to 120fps
            HFR video up to 1000fps
            Built in ND filter
            Eliminated rolling shutter

            So what spec is so fantastic on the NX1? Fps? Nah. 4K? Nah. 28MP? Nah. BSI? Nah. Made by Samsmug? Nah.

          • Marco –

            😀 ok now you have shown your credibility.

          • MdB

            Again, have no answers for anything. The best you have managed to come up with thus far is ‘read EOS HD’.


            Specs don’t beat a bridge camera. Sad for you.


    Both this and the Nikon D5 are great photo tools. The heavy bodies and their form factor is not ideal for video – it’s a good thing both companies focus more on photographic features.
    It’s up to photographers to prove which one is more “creativity-friendly” and show us which one is better.
    I cannot afford neither, but I wouldn’t mind shooting with either of them.

  • Iknownothing

    In order to add a GPS function, Canon’s entire team of technicians took inspiration from Nikon, who first introduced it in a consumer grade camera over 10 years ago. Hat’s off you guys for taking the time to get it right.
    (Longtime Canon user who could always have found geotagging useful)

  • KylDemon

    Tell me the back of this camera is a joke…

    As for the rest, let’s see if Canon can finally match up to Nikon in terms of dynamic range, AF, etc. (Probably not but Canon users can always hope. ;P)

  • vicsottofanakosincebirth

    Wow, and Nikon fans actually hate it.. big surprise!

    • TwoStrayCats

      No I don’t… But I’ve been invested in Nikon for 45 years. If I’d picked a Canon body at the BX way back in 1970, I’d probably be a Canon shooter instead. It would take some astounding difference to make me even consider abandoning Nikon after all the investment I’ve put into glass and accessories.

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