More Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera details, announcement in 24-48 hours

The first leaks of the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR camera are already appearing online, the official announcement is coming in the next 24-48 hours:

The price of the 1D X Mk II will be $5,999:

The camera's details specs can be found here:

  • Dual DIGIC 6+ Image Processors
  • 20.2 Megapixel Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Up to 14 fps, Up to 16 fps in Live View Mode
  • ISO Range of 100–51200; Expansion to 409600
  • 4K Video can be recorded at up to 60 fps
  • 1080p HD capture up to 120 fps
  • Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Built-in GPS

More information on the video options of the upcoming 1D X:

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II DSLR camera video options

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  • HKer

    Even though I am a Nikon user (D3s-D4s, and soon D5), it’s good that Canon is also pushing forward the technology. Some forum members on canon sites appear disappointed but in reality if you look online photos this camera is already a very capable camera in the right hands. We are getting to the point where the camera is now getting difficult to evolve further in terms of real useful functions. i.e. ISO -plenty at the top end, be nice to have lower iso! FPS are getting close to what anyone could wish for. AF is excellent. A lighter body. Full spread of AF points across the FF. EVF option. Built in Wifi. Say tops 24-28MP. I am guess only one or two more full iterations and the top Canon and Nikon cameras will have all of those, even if just for selling points. If video, then get a specific video camera? What more do people pros need.

    • Eric Calabros

      a Nikon user also should happy about Canon flagships getting better and better, because it distance the DSLR tech from mirrorless hype. It’s simply a “DSLR is not dead” message.

      • SH*T666

        “it distance the DSLR tech from mirrorless hype” Not at all. First, today most innovative and advanced technology is inside mirrorless cameras and second, mirrorless is not a “hype”.

        • Eric Calabros

          “most advanced technology” like what?

          • HotDuckZ

            Super responsive & Ultra high resolution EVF, may be.

          • SportPhotog

            when will we get that?
            i have used most advanced mirroless systems on the market and as sports photog i stick with my OVF.
            the D5 or 1DX 2 even with the best EVF available would have no market today… not for pros.

          • Eric Calabros

            Well, that’s a live view in smaller size.

          • Andrei

            “Super” and “Ultra high” :))

          • Nikonanon

            As responsive and as “high resolution” as a optical viewfinder? I don’t think so.

            P.s. Is wifi, nfc and making you buy software so you have a built in intervalometer really that “revoltuionary”?

          • Nikonanon

            Like a million af points and wifi and nfc and a bunch of a different shit like OMGS, ISIS and WTFS…DUH

          • SH*T666

            All the latest technology in DSLRs was first developed for the mirrorless or compact cameras. DSLRs are always a generation behind and are no longer more “professional” than mirrorless, compacts or phones. The myth of the pro with the big DSLR is over.

          • I disagree, watch any sport event for example and tell me how many cameras other than DSLR do you see. I’ve done this few times and the answer always was 0.

          • SH*T666

            In golf or billiards you need a silent shutter if you want to take the picture before the action. Some professionals are using silent mirrorless cameras and taking advantage of it. Anyway, the obstacle is not that mirrorless cameras aren´t capable enough but some backwards are not able to change their minds.

          • Eric Calabros

            actually its the other way around 🙂

    • Ritvar Krum

      I am also nikon fanboi (I have too many Nikon lenses to quit now :D). and I am also happy about this canon – because I hope it will nuke 2 main Nikon PR things – Autofocus pointzz and million izzos… because nikons PR get little out of hand (thus RD can slow down as long as you have effective PR slides to market) – there is no use of pushed isos and I do not care if those are 400k or 3 million and noone needs that many AF points if you can not select them and those are not spread, and manyt times these cameras will be used with long lenses and teleconverters – so you need those points ar f8 (and not just one or few). will see how that Nikons 3minute 4K will look on those PR slides vs 4K60frames :D.. tough nikons card solution is better and canon did took step back (by taking one slot for outdated CF card). shame that it is only 20 mpix (for both) – 8K monitors that will hit market soon are 36mpix – so you wont be able to view your pictures on full res from your 2016 flagship 6000$ cameras after just few years (or maybe 5)

      • Eric Calabros

        You can’t select all of D5 AF points. 153 is all about more data for tracking

      • Thom Hogan

        An 8K monitor is 99m dot, maybe 132m dot with some current monitor technologies.

    • “this camera is already a very capable camera in the right hands.”
      Same goes for the D4s, D4, D3s and even D3.

      • HKer

        I agree with the Nikon pro cameras as well, but in fact this goes for most cameras. But there are situations where technology helps to get the best shot possible for the need, e.g. being able to focus with a TC x2 down to f8 is helpful, this is only a recent development; the photographer skill doesn’t come into play, and given a moving object with distance almost impossible to get sharp focus first time manually. Shooting at higher ISO to enable you to use higher shutter speed to minimize motion blur, knowing that your images will be relatively clean is an advantage nowadays. A photo with reduced noise is better for most clients, technology has a say. It’s also what the market expects in terms of deliverables to some extent, but to a greater extent what a photographer is willing to except as a good photo. My two cents:)

        • This is absolutely true. For most photographers though the limiting factor is not the camera 🙂

    • Zoron

      4″ touch screen buttery as IOS for D6….no excuses in 2020

  • fanboy fagz

    a nikon user here, but bravo to canon. nice looking camera. nice specs. im sure the nikon will destroy with high iso though. video is better with the canon.

    • Eric Calabros

      Only frame rate is better. It’s time limit is unknown. ISO performance is unknown, DR is unknown (no log). and the codec is worse.
      Apparently they want to release a 1DC mark2 🙂

      • SportPhotog

        makes 3 minutes of 4K video the D5 can do look like what?

    • SportPhotog

      canon sure could make the settings allow 4 million iso.. but looking at nikons results at 4mill iso i see no reason.
      for those who buy and USE this camera like myself (not those who use it to make money with reviews on youtube) the DR of the 1DX is all that is needed.
      believe me canon is working very close with it´s pros (more than any other company) and if we would really demand 15 stops of DR in this camera we would get it.
      but other things are much more important.
      sure more DR is always better but in this economy it´s a matter of priorities.

      instagram users who push shadows 5 stops may have other priorities…. 😉
      but how many instagram shooter use a 1DX?

  • Eddy Kamera

    So XQD is faster based on buffer(170 vs 200). Unless Canon underutilised CFast.

  • SportPhotog

    very nice.

    more selectable AF points than nikons D5. all f8.

    metering/tracking sensor has more pixels than nikons D5.

    way better video functions. (no matter what forum dwellers say, video is getting more an more important for pros). some agencys demand that you also shoot videos.

    new sensor that will probably have 0.5-1 stop better DR (not that pros complain about the 1DX dynamic range).
    nikons 4million ISO is a better PR joke.

    subjective but imho way better ergonomics than nikons D5.

    a pros dream camera if you ask me.

    canon support and build quality alone makes this my number one choice.

    im happy they are not going crazy with MP.
    it´s not needed for this kind of cameras but would introduce all kind of troubles.
    sure you could shot s-raw or m-raw with a 30 MP camera (i do often use m-raw on my 1DX) but for this speedmonster 20 MP are great.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    mjpeg, why bother

    • SportPhotog

      because it allows longer than 3 minutes of 4k video… lol.

      what is the D5´s 3min of 4K video worth?

      and if you shoot for cinema releases and you need absolut BEST quality you sure have the money to buy a 10000 euro 4k camera?

      im pretty sure canon could do a h.264 or even h.265 via firmware update. but that would procduce the same heat issues you see in all the other cameras.

      canon has done the right thing here.

      for me as sports photographer, i don´t care about 10% better codec quality.
      but having longer recording times that IS a big deal.

      the D5´s 4k video is useless for me.

    • Lcky

      The 1DC also had mjpeg and the colors held up pretty well in the codec, detail far beyond anything h.264. I’m glad they are not using h264, although I do agree there may be better options out there. mjpeg is also process heavy and calls for more transcoding than h264, which is hardly an issue. Canon did very well with the 1DX2, entering 2016. These are standard specs for high quality products now. Less innovation in the Nikon camp this time around.

      • terorUSA

        “Less innovation in the Nikon camp”??? I believe we are still talking about “still camera”, right? in this regard, Nikon is superior.

        • SportPhotog

          no it´s not.
          that´s why nikons market share is shrinking and canons growing.

          are you even a buyer for this kind of camera or just the usual internet DRone?

          more AF points mean as much as more MP.
          the proof is in the pudding.

          i rather have all f8 points then 100 AF point more on paper i can´t select.

          • raziel28

            What about dynamic range, image quality, shadow noise? Let’s leave the video aside.

          • nwcs

            Actually the market share has barely changed for some time. In any case, we know you enjoy Canon. We got the message.

    • Motion JPEG is intraframe-compressed. This means that each frame is individually compressed; there is no delta encoding between frames. While this can be inefficient, it is readily processed by video editing software and has excellent output quality.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I have shot and used dslr for many different video projects and you rarely go over 2mn of recording straight…

    So 3mn is nothing to be annoyed about. You wanna save battery life and memory space so keeping the shots short is the way to go.

    • SportPhotog

      care to share links to you projects?

      saying nobody needs that is pretty much egocentric nonsense.

      while you may dont have longer cuts in a final video you often need to record an event without stopping the recording.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        anyone who knows a bit about filming events will know that they should stay away from dslrs. They are not made for such a thing. They overheat way too fast.
        Recording a 4k tutorial on youtube ? really ? or unboxing using 4k ? seriously do you truly believe what you are saying or do you just want to argue for the sake of it ?

        Yes sure it would be great to be able to record for more than 3mn (and apparently a firmware upgrade will unlock this “feature”. Nikon rummor posted it)
        but in the mean time it’s awesome to just have it. Remember that it is a camera to start with not a video camera.


        ps this will be my last post here cause I really don’t have the time to be here posting all day (unlike you apparently)

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I can’t wait to see how it andles the heat with the 4K AND the FULL HD 120fps !!! that is exiting !! it’s the first dslr to do that. It would be nice to compare it to the GH$ or the samsung Nx1

  • nwcs

    Apparently the final firmware on the D5 will do longer than 3 minutes but chops the file into 3 minute independent files.

  • Nikon already said that the 4K footage will be extended to 30min.

    The overheating on the Sony is not due to the choice of codec, the GH4, the NX1, none of those overheat, Sony’s problem is because of the small formfactor and that would be a non-issue in a large DSLR.

    Unless the processor is already capable of a different codec, they won’t be able to do it via firmware.

    MJPG is not so friendly, it would require a transcoding for better editing and if so, why not h.265 that takes IDK how many times less space?

    It’s nice to see Canon finally bringing 4K and even more 60fps, but the rest of it was not done right.

    • SportPhotog

      not done right?
      well sales will show.

      the 1dx sold very well and from what i read my pro colleagues here in germany are very happy with the 1dx 2 specs.

      heat is the problem of h.264 and even more h.265. that is why motion jpeg is used. the processor in the 1dx 2 is obviously capable of h.264 (i mean have you checked the full hd specs?).

      the question is if the processing power is fast enough.

      and it´s not only the processor that gets hot.
      it´s also the sensor that has issues with heat.

      nikon obviously has an issue here.

      what a firmware update for the D5 will bring.. well lets see.

      for now the 1dx 2 is the clear winner in video features.

      • You are obtuse and can’t make simple text interpretation. WTF 1D-X sales has to do with this conversarion? Aren’t we talking about this new one and it’s codec and video? Keep the conversation on the topic and spare me from the fallacy. You even messed a talk about firmware update with processor’s heat issues. WTF.

        Moreover, what’s the point of repeating an argument that was already debunked?

        I dislike fanboys and haters so much, it’s impossible to have any productive conversation, eff waste of time, they can’t even read properly.

        • SportPhotog

          well if canon does it right is measured in sales.
          that is what counts in the end for canon.. it´s a BUSINNESS.

          wir könnens ja mal auf deutsch versuchen aber du minderbemittelter verstehst ja wahrscheinlich nur deine muttersprache. 🙂

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            H264 and 265 are handled by streaming processors on the soc 4k just needs more of them.
            which is why even phones do 4K without breaking a sweat.

            Yes on a desktop h265 is still a bit of a mess for old computers. But if you get a computer with an intel cpu of this generation (skylake) and the current line of amd apu’s or upgrade your current computer with a modern nvidia card (9xx) I don’t know what RTG does at the moment h265 encode is mühelos.

            h264 hasn’t been that much of a problem since the turn of the decade.

          • SportPhotog

            h.265 takes 2.7 times longer than h.264 on my haswell
            can´t say much about skylakes as it should have some special h.265 features.

            but you are right that heat from the cpus is not the main issue. i did not want to say that.

            im just saying that processing h.264 will create more heat than motion jpeg.

          • Again, that’s not the point.

            We are discussing about whether or not Canon made a good choice by going MJPG, right?

            To justify this bad unfrienfly codec choice with the sales of the previous generation, that’s a fallacy. It’s a non-argument on this matter, they are completely unrelated.

            It’s like saying that the Wii U is a great videogame because the previous Wii sold 100 millions. There is no correlation between the two facts.

            Moreover, my issue with the language was not the language itself but the logic behind the fallacy.

    • Nado

      ‘Finally bringing 4K”… obviously don’t shoot canon and are just here to break balls. The 1dc had 4K FOUR years ago if your looking for DSLR type video. As for the 30min shooting comment….these cameras are not designed for that. 4K in the d5 and 1dxii are simply an extra tool out in the field for photo journalism.

      • Please calm down mr. fanboy, everybody is aware that Canon’s Cinema line up has 4K for a while but are we talking about the Cinema line up? Are we talking about a camera that was released for $15K? Obviously not.

        It’s just as stupid as if somebody is talking about the Sony Alpha cameras and say that Sony doesn’t offer RAW and some Sony fanboy replies saying that the CineAlta cameras do.
        What’s the point? To waste time it seems, oh Internet, sometimes you… C’mon!

        • Nado

          All of a sudden their is a limit on the dollar value? You stated “finally bringing 4K”. I simply pointed out that it is not a valid statement. The 1dc shot 18mp stills also so it’s NOT solely video camera.

          Not understanding what I’ve said would be the opposite of smart.

          • It saddens me that someone so smart is incapable of understanding something so simple, trapped in technicalities and missing the point completely. But as you are so smart, I don’t need to explain to you, smart people don’t need stupid explanations about trivial things. But this makes me lose hope about the future and fear for it.

          • Nado

            Sounds stupid to me.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    To my knowledge the GH4 and the nx1 do not over heat when shooting 4K.

    The processing does not happen on the sensor and the 4K video needs to be read out of the sensor if it is made in to a useful format or a crappy one anyway.
    (the fullframe read out from a sensor that wasn’t stuck to a heat sink was apparently what was causing the heat issues, not the processing)

    To my knowledge canon really has no reason not to include 4K in a proper format, and I think Nikon for some reason records to the buffer and not directly to the memory card or something stupid like this.

    • SportPhotog

      that´s correct but it´s an enclosed system.
      more heat from the processor will add to the heat from the sensor.

      with all the processing that is done to 4k outside the camera i have no problems to bring it into another format.

      and i f i really would need the best possible quality at this moment. i would buy a dedicated 4k camera.
      a like a red / arri.

  • fanboy fagz

    youre a bit all over with your reply but I understand what youre saying. the camera has better specs than the D5 in many regards and on the video front will outperform nikon no issues. canon is a video camera company. nikon is not. but low iso, nikon is king. D4s vs current 1dx, no competition. although the canon is a hell of a lens. more mp more frames. better priced! even their flagship flash sells for $500, and nikon Sb5000 $600!! both cameras are the best of the best.

    • SportPhotog

      english is not my first language. 🙂
      for me this is pretty exciting day so maybe im a bit over the top. 🙂

  • Eno

    I think the question is if it records on both CF and Cfast or only on
    Cfast in 4K. If it only records 4K on Cfast event shooters are
    screwed. We normally record with two Gh4’s about 500 Giga per event at
    100 Mb/sec, this will translate in a minimum of 2,5 Terra bytes of data
    for 1Dx mk 2 in 30p or 5 Terra in 60p, 6000$ for Cfast cards at

  • I wonder if this will use a 1.5x crop for 4K like the D5 does.

  • Drazen B

    You’re just a little troll, aren’t you Photog?

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