Samyang announced two new XEEN cinema lenses, one more lens is coming

Samyang announced two new lenses from their XEEN cinema line: 14mm T/3.1 and 35mm T/1.5.

One more XEEN wide angle lens is still to be announced:

Specifications comparison of all current XEN lenses:

The current XEEN lenses are priced at $2,145 ($1,200 off when you buy three).

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  • Eric Calabros

    Does anybody use 14mm lens for cinema projects? The “It Follows” had very wide shots, and when I read its DP interview he said they used 18mm on Super35 camera, so 28 on FF.

    • These might get used a lot more on APS-C and M43 cameras since together with the Veydras they are the first next step-up when looking for actual cinema primes (not just converted stills lenses). The alternatives being cinemodded Tokina lenses, either by Tokina themselves or third parties. Third parties also tend to mod (declicked aperture, proper gearing, longer throw, little to no focus breathing, those kind of adjustments) for example the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 and the Nikon 80-200mm f/2.8D (the ‘Bourne’ lens). Of course with the significant price drop and all the Sony CineAlta line-up 6 primes set (S35 covering) gets attractive too. All the other stuff, Zeiss, ARRI, Canon, Cooke… that’s the kind of stuff that’s gonna cost.

      Anyways, because of the use on crop factor cameras, I can see why you’d use 14mm. Especially on something like the Blackmagic MFT cameras.

      • tyger11

        I haven’t seen any tests of this WRT breathing – have you heard anything? I thought the Cine DS lenses they’re based on had bad breathing issues. These are supposedly only remounted DS lenses with new coatings, which shouldn’t improve breathing characteristics.

        I’d much rather have Veydras, but they don’t make FF versions (Sony FE would be great), and not all of them even support Super35.

        • Nah, not sure. I believe Emm aka MrCheesycam went and got some Xeen primes. He’s probably done a review on ’em. Everybody I’ve seen on the Veydras didn’t have a bad thing to say, myself, a Kickstarter backer for the complete kit included. ūüėČ

          Back then I didn’t even know E-mount was going to work at all. I’ve been with the MFT system for years now, only once went and got myself a Nikon D5300, primarily for stills (I do adapt some Nikon mounted lenses to MFT occassionally). Actually pretty excited about the newly announced A6300. I travel quite a bit, so any chance to pack compact and light is appreciated. That’s why I’m not overly eager to pick up a fullframe camera and lenses with image circles to cover it. Already have a user swapable MFT to E-mount kit for the Veydras lying around as I anticipated some Sony APS-C mirrorless goodness. Would be nice to dip my toes in new waters… I know I definitly appreciate the performance up from MFT with APS-C, from my experience with the D5300, so it will be interesting. As well to work with S-Log. V-Log L I have to shoot in ProRes with the Blackmagic Video Assist for it to really be workable. Neways. Exciting times.

          • tyger11

            After replying to you, I did a search for a Xeen sample, and yeah, the breathing on that one (forget which one) was pretty terrible. Maybe not with all of them, but that one was far from acceptible.

          • Ouch! Yeah, I’ve shortly looked at some info just now that only said its breathing was ‘minimized’.

            You could get away with that being priced like the Veydras and being a tradeof between price and being fullframe. But they aren’t exactly super affordable or anything. They’re up there with the CineAltas which aren’t as ‘experimental’.

          • tyger11

            Yeah, I think if you can put up with MF & super35-only, it’s between Veydra & CIneAltas. The CineAltas are freaking huge, though, and quite a bit more expensive than the Veydras. Too bad there’s no 135mm Veydra yet.

  • Swanny

    Um…So I saw the “$1,200 off when you buy three” thing, and clicked the link. Which is what it says at B&H’s website. Individually, they’re $2,145 each. The bundle of three is $6,285. But…$2,145×3 = $6,435. So…while still a savings, it’s of only $150.

    Am I doing the math wrong? It’s possible. Math was not my strong suit, by any means. There doesn’t seem to be a case of any kind to carry the 3 lenses (I thought maybe that’s why they were saying the individual price was $7,485), or any kind of “extra goodies” bundled with.

    Not that I’m particularly in the market for 3 cinema lenses…just thought it was fascinating.

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