Sony a6300 camera and G master lenses are now available for pre-order

The latest Sony a6300 camera and G master lenses are now available for pre-order:

Shipping for the a6300 should start on March 10th, the G lenses should be available on March 31st.


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  • Gregory Roane

    It looks a little front heavy. I would be afraid to put a monopod on the camera – it looks like the lens would snap off under its own weight.

  • Blagoya D.

    That looks like a joke 🙂

    • Eddy Kamera

      And it’s not even funny!! 😛

  • ZZ

    G stands for gargantuan, am I right?
    You want f/2.8 or f/1.4, there’s no getting around the physics …

    Do they come with counterweight for the camera end?

    • Clubber Lang

      Small Zeiss bean bags are available for $100

  • That looks SOOOO comfortable to hold.

      • Paco Ignacio

        Could be 🙂

      • Mike Gordon

        HAHA, A6K body would be more funny.

      • EcoR1

        Oh yes, thing’s could be much worse. Why don’t we look at Nikons latest 24-70 f2.8 model and we get some perspective. Guess which one is more front heavy?

        Note also how the 3-4 last lens elements in Sony 24-70 are located in a space that is basically an empty tube in all DSLR-cameras. Now give a thought what it tells about the centre of mass in each combination.

        • you are missing the point, DLSR cameras are obviously larger and are better balanced with big lenses

          • EcoR1

            I just explained with example pictures why seemingly as big mirrorless lenses can be more balanced compared to DSLR-counterparts. It seems that you were the one missing the point.

            Look at the pictures I posted again and ask yourself, which one is more likely front heavy or unbalanced combination?

            Also you should understand that it’s actually quite hard to determine the balance from pictures only. Have you holded the new Sony lenses when they are attached to a camera? Neither have I.

            But for example Brian Smith have and he’s blogcomment was this:

            “Mirrorless camera design has allowed Sony’s lens designers to place larger than normal lens elements closer to the body for better optical performance than possible with a DSLR with a mirror box. This also improves the camera-lens balance placing the heft of the lens right in the palm of your hand.”

          • Eno

            You are very wrong!
            Placing the lens closer to the sensor only makes the lens harder design because the incident angle of the light must be narrower, thus harder to achieve and probably resulting in poorer optical performance. Most of the Sony E lenses have a worst performance from center to corners compared to any other manufacturer (from this simple reason).
            Second it’s very hard to keep in hand a light and unconformable camera without a proper grip when a huge lens is attached!
            No amount of fanboysm can change those facts!

  • ThePatriotMuckraker

    “G Master-bate.”

  • Paco Ignacio

    New G MASTER SONY lens with interchangeable cameras!!!

  • j j

    Well, I see that Sony is back to designing using clown-based ergonomics again.

    It reminds me of the old days when they had soap bar sized cameras with gigantic lenses on the left side.

    Never trust a TV company to do a camera company’s job.

    • Ethan

      Yeah, go buy that xc10, Canon knows what’s up!

      • Eric Calabros

        Actually XC10 is one of the interesting cameras on the market right now as far as ergonomic and ease of use is concerned. They just ruined it with a small sensor and a slow lens.

    • raziel28

      “Never trust a TV company to do a camera company’s job.

      Sure, what about all the movies that have been recorded with CineAlta cameras? Countless documentaries also… If we follow that logic, Canon is photocopier and calculator company.

  • Marco –

    Incredibly silly. The F (apsc) mount is actually dead, but sony wants to fool users by releasing these huge lenses along a new apsc body to show they are committed.

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