Sigma teases new lens announcement on February 23rd

Sigma lens teaser
Sigma Austria posted a teaser on their Facebook page about a new lens that will be announced on February 23rd for the 2016 CP+ show in Japan. Here is the translated text:

Today, we can pre-announce another world premiere - the [official] presentation will take place on February 23rd. At the moment, we can just tell you that it is once more something 'sharp' and 'fast' [in the sense of large aperture]. Please tell us about your favourite focal length. Keep writing us busily and stay tuned.
Your Sigma Austria team

Via Canonrumors

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  • Steven Thomas

    Looks like a long prime but with a tripod collar so may be heavy. Knowing the latest sigma lenses it will be something to behold. 135 f1.8?


    I want it to be a 70-200 but it’s looks like a 200 or 300

  • Jeffnky

    I have had the first model of the 120-300 2.8 since it was released and If it wasn’t so heavy I would use it every day. Ten years later they should have something good to show us.

  • sperdynamite

    Where are the 85 and 135 art lenses? Bah!

  • Wishlist. 135mm prime

  • Piooof

    A somewhat better translation would be:

    Today we can announce another world first, that we will be able to present you on February 23rd. It will be again something “sharp/fast”.
    What focal lens would you wish for?
    So write us diligently and stay tuned.

    But German is not my mother tongue…

  • Piooof

    I dream of a compact, stabilized 50-135 f/2.8 to complement the D500 (the current 50-150 is too bulky, if it is still current… because it seems to have disappeared).
    Now judging from the text it’ll be a prime.

  • Dino Brusco

    My opinion is 90-135 f/2
    since this is the latest trend from Sigma, making super primes or very short zooms usually brighter than average but more versatile than a set of primes.

  • longzoom

    135/2 or 75-150/2.8.” Art ” please! Do not forget VR!

    • Adynaton

      OS. It’s not Nikon lenses.

      • longzoom

        Yes, of course! It is so important, how could I? So would you forgive me my grate fault? I am not sure I’ll survive without your forgiveness…

  • nwcs

    70-200 is my bet. They haven’t updated it in a while. Maybe a return to a zoom macro?

  • This is a zoom lens, you can see the ring in the middle. It is smaller than the present 70-200/2.8 (see pic attached). For an f/2 telephoto lens it is too small imho. They say it will be again a ‘world’s first’ lens. So no 135/1.8, no 85/1.4, no 70-200, and maybe no 85-135/2. I bet on a zoom macro at the moment.

    • El Aura

      I’d say 85-135 mm f/2 is a possibility. In general, a second f/2 zoom is quite likely.

      • Geoff C. Bassett


    • Sigma Hungary told us that TWO lenses will come on 23rd Feb. One is the one on the phantom picture, which is not a 24-70, not a 70-200, not 85-135, and not 50-135 or 50-150. The SECOND lens is something around 85mm but obviously they cannot tell exact information.

      • Sigma Hungary told us that the bigger lens is really a zoom, the smaller is a fixed which is much smaller than a 85/1,4 would be.

      • Thanks, I will mention this online in a new post.

  • harvey

    This is probably a generic representation rather than the actual lens.

  • ArtoS

    It is first sigma Fe lens 🙂

    • Eddy Kamera

      Yes, please…

    • Anita

      Sigma 35mm f/2 FE pancake lens for Sony mirrorless emount bodies.

  • Ornery

    Looks like the shape of the 150/2.8 macro. Hoping it’s a fast, medium tele zoom instead.

  • Spy Black

    I would imagine either an updated 85, or a 135, possibly a 105. An updated 85 seems most likely to me.

    • I was looking for a fast 85 mm for my D7200 and future D500 to shoot basketball in gymnasiums and while there are some very good 85 F1.4 lenses available, it seems that there is opportunity for an exceptionally sharp, fast auto focusing, 85 F1.4.

  • Sony Shooter

    My hopes are high on a 14 or 16mm lens, since they got down to 20mm f/1.4.
    But if the shape is the right one, it looks more like a tele.

  • Eta76

    Could it be a 15-30mm f/2. It kinda looks like the 18-35mm.

    • Mistral75

      If so, why a tripod collar for so short a focal distance?

      • VanHoff

        Everything beyond 1400grs needs a tripod collar.

  • Shutterbug

    I would bet anything it is an 85, 135, or 70-200. I think the graphic is generic, but if isn’t that rules out the 85.

  • stpr

    Sigma just replied under this post:
    “I agree, a 85mm lens would be great :)”

    • blp

      i honestly dont think that a 85mm would be this long and with a collar.

      • AYWY

        Well it’s Sigma. 🙂

        Their 50mm ART is “just” 35g lighter than the Nikkor 70-200mm f/4.

  • sickheadache

    IT’s a Sigma Zoom, Zoom, Zoom. Zoom. 24-120…but why?

  • Eddy Kamera

    It’s a telephoto zoom. Look at the tripod mount. And it’s gonna be fat. My guess – 70-200mm f2.

  • Ornery

    105mm f/1.4?

  • stpr

    There was a newer post about a second “small but nice” lens which has since been deleted.
    The image was different (and indeed short) so I guess the image isn’t just a pure placeholder. I made a screenshot in time:

    • VanHoff

      Now that’s the 85!

      • MdB

        What a f1.8?/

    • Eddy Kamera

      Sony FE pancake?

  • VanHoff

    24-70 f/2?

  • Benjamin Brosdau

    I constructed the volume of the lens based on the silhouette in 3dsmax (hoping that the silhouette is in fact of the real lens…)

    Cant say for sure that there really is some ribbing for focus and zoom rings, but seems likely.

    Here are some estimates on the size of it: Based on a filter diamter of

    67mm thread — length of 150mm

    72mm thread — length of 162mm

    77mm thread– length of 171mm

    82mm thread– lenght of 184mm

    95mm thread — lenght of 212mm

    Up to 82mm thread diameter it would still be smaller than common 70-200mm 2.8 from most manufacturers.

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