DxO ONE camera already $220 off

Just few months after the DxO ONE camera started shipping, the price dropped by $220 to $379.99 at Amazon:

DxO ONE camera price drop

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  • Duncan Dimanche

    now that’s a good price… if only you didn’t HAVE to have to connect it to an iphone to make it work…
    at 250 I might get one…. MIGHT!

  • Gregory Roane

    The lightning connector has no locking clamps like the older 30 pin connectors did. So, if you connect this thing, you have to hold both the camera and the phone together at the same time or you risk dropping either a $250 iPhone attachment or a $600 camera attachment. This thing could put SquareTrade out of business…

  • Sebastian

    The idea is good, but the physical connection to the phone sucks and the only user problem the thing solves is getting better low light images. Ok and shallower dof.
    A zoom would have been much more useful.

  • Ievgen Nedrygailov

    Based on the fact that this thing is totally useless (just my opinion), it is still too expensive.

  • Spy Black

    When it hits $99 it will be a good deal.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      You can get a 10 pack of door stoppers for 9.99

  • Eno

    They can cut another 200$ off ant then it may become interesting. 🙂

  • fanboy fagz

    wait so this pos camera was selling for $500? holy cow.

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