New Sigma MC-11 AF lens adapter (Canon EF / Sigma SA to Sony E-mount)

Sigma MC-11 lens adapter Canon EF and Sigma SA to Sony E-mount
In addition to the 50-100mm f/1.8 DC HSM Art and 30mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lenses, next week Sigma will also announce a new Canon EF and Sigma SA to Sony E-Mount lens adapter called MC-11 that will be 100% compatible with AF and metering (pictured above, via Nofilmschool).

Sigma is preparing new firmware updates for the 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM Sports and Contemporary lenses and dp Quattro cameras.

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  • An adapter is nice, but I wish they’d hurry up and make some full frame lenses for Sony.

  • Interesting and odd that they are doing SA instead of Nikon F mount. This encourages users to move away from their SD-series of DSLRs.

    • Mike

      They don’t licence the Nikon mount for their own lenses to use on Nikon bodies. They are reverse engineered. Same with AF function. It’s why quite often with Nikon firmware updates, Sigma lenses are rendered useless while AF in live view. And seeing that it’s CDAF that Sony uses, it might present challenges to Sigma. But other 3rd party makers of adapters with AF seem to cater to Canon too. So maybe Nikon are just being bitches in the industry. Lol.

      • “So maybe Nikon are just being bitches in the industry”. That’s my sense of it. I have a bunch of Nikon stuff, but am now shooting m4/3. It’s disappointing that smart adapters that allow AF with their lenses on m4/3 aren’t available, presumably because Nikon don’t cooperate with the likes of Metabones or Kipon. I’d like to buy their new 200-500 for adapted use too, but not without AF or the ability to change aperture, so in this case it’s costing them new sales too.

        • MdB

          AF adapters with aperture control are MUCH more complicated than for EF, that’s why. Nothing to do with cooperation. Canon don’t helpbout Metabones either. Converting fully electronic mounts to fully electronic are much easier to manage and less expensive.

          • Nikon have a whole catalogue of AF lenses that allow manual control of aperture. The AFS lenses don’t require a screw-drive. Any of the AFS D-type lenses could be AF-adapted with manual aperture control, but no such adaptors exist.

            I think the market would be proportionate to the market for adapting Canon lenses; it seems Canon is pretty popular among adapted lens users so I think producing an AF-capable adaptor for F-mount would be profitable. Maybe I’m wrong.

          • MdB

            There are at least two AF adapters in the works. While what you are proposing is feasible, it does limit things to a fairly small subset of the market.

            Keep in mind that really usable AF has only been around since the A7R II with adapted lenses. AF before this with EF lenses was really just a byproduct of gaining electronic aperture control, something very much needed for EF lens adapting, but not required for Nikon.

    • spam

      Sigma use the same electronic protocol as Canon in their SA-mount. So, if they make a adapter for Canon then they’ve also made an adpter for their own mount (except for the physical differences).

    • Dmitry Anisimov

      LOL, almost nobody actually uses their DSLRs because they are slow to operate and APS-C only.

  • johnny

    I wonder how many compatibility issues come with the adapter. I don’t think it can adapt every EF lenses.

    • spam

      Why not? Metabones adapter seem to work with most/all EF lenses, even older ones that’s not officially supported.

    • Michael Clark

      Officially it will only be fully compatible with 19 Sigma Global Vision lenses made with the Canon EF mount. It will not be officially compatible with any lens made by Canon.

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