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Polaroid Remote-Controlled Panorama Eyeball Head Spins 360

→ Polaroid announced new remote controlled Panorama Eyeball Head Spins 360° for capturing panoramic pictures and videos:

The versatile Polaroid remote-controlled 360°panorama eyeball head accessory is a compact, portable freestanding mini tripod that can also be placed on a tripod, slider or even selfie stick. Designed for Polaroid cameras, other small popular cameras and SLRs, the Polaroid remote-controlled 360° panorama eyeball head is ideal for creating the perfect panoramic video or picture. IR remote controls offer five speed modes, clockwise and counter clockwise rotation, as well as a triangle mode up to 75°.

Sony PXW-Z150 4K Solid-State Memory Camcorder

→ Sony announced a new PXW-Z150 4K solid-state memory camcorder.

Casio EX-ZR3100 camera

→ New Casio EX-ZR3100 camera announced in Japan.

More after the break - Leica smartphone rumors, tilt-shift adapters for the Zeiss Otus lenses and electronic ND filter for Sony E-mount cameras:

Leica P9 smartphone coming next?


Tilt-Shift Adapters and the ZEISS Otus lenses – A great addition to your camera bag

BVE 2016: The END – Genus show electronic ND control for Sony E-mount cameras

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  • AliFontana

    PhotoRumors aka HurensohnRumors lel

  • EnPassant

    I haven’t seen any Casio cameras on sale for years here. But they still sell a lot of watches.

  • Spy Black

    “Polaroid announced new remote controlled Panorama Eyeball Head Spins 360°…”

    They should get Linda Blair to showcase it…

    • FountainHead

      Dennis DeYoung tells a story about when Styx were big and were flying around in a private jet. One of his bandmates was dating Linda Blair and she was on the plane as they hit a really bad patch of turbulence.

      Linda says “Oh my god I’m gonna be sick” and everyone instinctively leaned in to watch, thinking it was going to be awesome…

  • malchick743

    The PXW-Z150 is indeed interesting. However, it still uses SD cards instead of XQD which is more suitable (and optimized) for video applications. So a little disappointment here.

    • MdB

      It’s only 100Mbps, it hardly needs XQD.

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