Get the complete photography business bundle for $87 (valued at $1,900)

This new deal on the complete photography business bundle will expire on March 1st (price: $87, valued at $1,900). See all details here.

Here is what you get for $87:

  • 49+ videos
  • 65+ templates
  • 24+ eBooks
  • 54+ worksheets

Full list of included titles:

Product Contributor Value
Business Action Planner Toolkit for Photographers Corwin Hiebert $50.00
Lightroom Workflow Tutorial Bonus Trey Ratcliff $39.99
ZEN PHOTOGOGRAPHER – Turning Your Passion into Focus Dan Bailey $12.95
Photography Business Masterclass Serge Ramelli $90.00
A Beautiful Anarchy David duChemin $10.00
How to Feed a Starving Artist David duChemin $10.00
Growing the VisionMonger 1 (Corwin Hiebert) David duChemin $5.00
Growing the VisionMonger 2 (Corwin Hiebert) David duChemin $5.00
Love & Light (Jen Bebb) David duChemin $10.00
(micro)STOCK (Nicole S. Young) David duChemin $5.00
Email + Website Templates Rachel Brenke $49.00
Salesographer In-Person Sales Bundle Chris Scott $130.00
Business Planning Cookbook Zach Prez $99.00
Simple Wedding Photography Robert Lim $49.95
Photography SEO and Web Marketing | Secrets to Growing Your Studio Online SLR Lounge $69.00
Abbey Kyhl Community Membership + BONUS 24-Hour Work Week Course Abbey Kyhl $129.00
A Photographers Marketing Guide & Hard Conversions Guide + Email Templates Jasmine Star $49.98
Get Connected – Build Relationships to Drive Your Business Geoff White $49.00
Click Click Tick Tock Dan Carr $24.99
Email Marketing For Professional Photographers Dave Seeram $89.00
Thriving In The Market Place Joel Grimes $49.99
Portrait Photography for Profit – Attracting Clients Brent Mail $275.00
How to Make Digital Delivery Work FOR You … Instead of Against You Adam Birnbaum $49.00
Blogging Brilliantly – 30 Days to a Better Blog Christine Tremoulet $97.00
Pricing for Profit eBook Bryan Caporicci $29.00
The Complete Wedding Toolkit Erin Youngren $199.00
Autofocus Marketing Calendar Sarah Petty $229.00
 Total  $1,904.85

Additional information:

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  • Spy Black

    I wonder if anyone ever independently bought all of those at their full price. I guess if it helped get their business off the ground well it doesn’t matter.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Kanye West used this exact package to help launch his clothing line.

      • mikeswitz

        Also the first course at Trump University.

    • Vertex


  • fanboy fagz

    27 videos. every person who made one gets $1 (at minimum) per copy they sell. at least 50000 will buy it. not bad for a 5-10 minute clip.

    looks very interesting.

  • Ritvar Krum

    there is a reason why these courses has practically sub 1$ value a piece…. only message for those all is : “be your self, believe in our self, work hard (tough we wont provide any specific information what to do or how to “get your feet in the doors”)… and profit” – that is literally it (just spread and duplicated on several hours of material)… now – one can argue that this kind of message is 100% correct and there fore legit and those 0,01% photographers that made it literally did only that and I agree, but then do not sell or market it as something useful, helpful and waste people time and money

  • FountainHead

    I just pulled something out of my nose.
    It has a $4,000 value but if anybody wants it I’ll sell it for $99.95.

    But wait! There’s more! I just took a dump, and ifg you call RIGHT NOW, and pay separate processing and handling…

    • Wesley

      Do your parents/guardians know you are playing on the internet again?

    • Vertex

      actually it´s worth 5000$ with taxes…. lol

      i love these ridiculous prices.
      i never bought a tutorial and i never will.

  • doge

    I’m selling jars of camera oil for only $9.99 each.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Is that digital or analog oil?

      • obican

        You can use it on both but it’s actually optimized for film.

  • nwcs

    Maybe what they’ll say is the best way to make money in photography is to create videos and eBooks and include them in low-priced bundles.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    “Autofocus Marketing Calendar” for $229… For that price, It’d better have on-sensor PDAF, Focus Peaking, AF-Fine Tuning and full viewfinder coverage of AF-points…

    • nwcs

      I looked it up. It comes from a website called Joy of Marketing. For $800 they’ll teach you how to price your photos! Looks like it’s all the brain child of a get rich quick person Sarah Petty. Thing is, she’s the only one getting rich with this.

  • Vertex

    not worth 50 dollar….

  • Gregory Varano

    I am waiting for the ” BUT WAIT! buy the bundle in the next ten minutes and we’ll send you a free second bundle, just pay separate shipping and handling!” LOL!

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