B&H and Adorama are now taking preorder for the Techart PRO Leica M lens to Sony E-mount AF adapter

The new Techart PRO Leica M lens to Sony E-mount AF adapter that will let you autofocus manual Leica M lenses on Sony a7 cameras is now available for pre-order at B&H and Adorama, Addition information on the new adapter, including features, specs and multiple hands-on videos and reviews can be found over at LeicaRumors.

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  • johnny

    By varying flange focal distance, you won’t get optimal IQ from M lenses.

    • Yan Li


    • MdB

      You do realise that that is exactly how these lenses focus right? Well certainly many of them.

      • J-Man

        The FLE lenses(FLoating Elements) may not perform as well, unit focusing lenses should have no difference.

        • MdB


      • johnny

        This focus technique is not for high performance lens as some aberrations like astigmatism may increase exponentially. You can experience this by using extension tubes on wide angle lenses.

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