Canon rumored to announce 3 mirrorless cameras in 2016

Canon is rumored to announce three new mirrorless cameras this year:

  • Fixed lens mirrorless camera similar to the Leica Q and the Sony RX1 R
  • New APS-C mirrorless camera
  • Full frame mirrorless camera (probably with 4K video recording capabilities)

The official announcement is expected around September for the 2016 Photokina show.

Via CanonRumors

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  • jvossphoto

    I imagine this will have to light a fire under Nikon to speed up their development of mirrorless.

    • ShawnM

      I don’t know about that. Canon may pull another EOS M type effort… They did it 3 times already.

    • Sebastien

      At this point I’m pretty sure both companies are putting same level of effort to develop new mirrorless systems, secretly.

    • Narretz

      We don’t know what Nikon is doing. They might announce new mirrorless at the same time. And Nikon is far more likely to release a FF mirrorless since Canon is already invested in APSC. That Nikon hasn’t released anything for N1 for a while also indicates that they are moving to a different mount.

      • Cinematism

        I think Nikon will go to a FF mirrorless. The APS-C mirrorless market is saturated.

  • El Aura

    So we are now calling fixed-lens cameras ‘mirrorless’?

    • Mirrorless meaning advanced, we cannot call them point and shoot, right?

      • ShawnM

        Most people call it large sensor Premium Compact. ūüėČ

      • El Aura

        I think large-sensor fixed-lens camera is a commonly used term (or if the sensor size is known: ‘APS-C fixed-lens camera’ or ‘FF fixed-lens camera’, etc.). If SLRs had never existed we would not have created the term ‘mirrorless’. Fixed-lens cameras with a mirror however have been quite rare besides the TLRs (and TLRs haven’t really been a thing for 50 years or so). The Yashica Samurai series from the late 1980s and early 1990s is the only one that comes to mind.

      • Ufupuw

        You are missing the word “Mirrorless”. The entry level Nex and EOS M aren’t advanced, but they are Mirrorless

        RX1 is Premium Compact with FF sensor. It’s not called “Mirrorless.”

  • Originaru

    So now they have achieved dslr specs on a mirrorless system?
    They said that on interview, a month ago…

  • Ievgen Nedrygailov

    Strange, being a user of Canon cameras I am absolutely not excited by the news. Canon is very disappointing with its “innovations” in recent years.

    • silmasan

      They’re seemingly behind in terms of CMOS tech, but I’m hoping they will push their multi-layer sensor forward, along with Sigma.

      Today’s best value/performance studio camera is Nikon D800E (special deals/refurb/mint 2nd etc at down to ~$1500 if one’s brave/patient/lucky enough), IMO. Yet I’m watching Canon ever so closely.

      • Zos Xavius

        The k1 will be a great value too.

    • Narretz

      Canon hasn’t been as bad lately as everyone is saying. There are definitely signs that they are innovating. New sensor tech, new AF tech, great lenses. It’s just that there seems to be an internal struggle how far and fast they should take the tech. A part of Canon seems hell bent on protecting the DSLR across the board, that’s why we see lackluster mirrorless and some crippled or uninspired DSLR. The rumored products seem interesting but may also fall victim to Canon’s strategy of ceeating niches for new products. In itself this isn’ta problem but Canon is mostly trying to find niches in its own lineup, not in the general market. Ao I wouldn’t hold out for a mirrorless that tries to tick all boxes.

      • Ievgen Nedrygailov

        The basis for my statement is my own experience, not what someone is saying. Where is the new sensor from Canon which you mentioned? Or the new great lens (let us for simplicity talk here about mirrorless gear only as the post is about them)? I do not see any new sensor in their cameras since let us say 2010. And I think they have the only one interesting lens for mirrorless cameras. It is 22 mm f/2 STM pancake. All the rest is extremely boring.

        • Narretz

          The 1dx MkII has on sensor analague to digital conversion (ADC), and apparently is built with a smaller process, which should bring improvements in DR and noise. This info is strangely absent from Canon’s official press materal, but there are sources reporting this all over the net. Bottomline ist that Canon is developing, but they might never catch up to Sony at this point.
          Regarding lenses, I was thinking of DSLR lenses.There’s nothing great yet for mirrorless, probably because there’s an internal struggle if they should build up the M system. But I have no doubt that Canon is able to build great lenses for the system, too. But maybe they never will due to company politics.

        • Les

          No new sensor since 2010? You need to refresh your browser!
          The EF-M lenses are all very solid (literally and figuratively), and the M cameras can use hundreds of EF and EF-S lenses. I guess Canon should release 12 different version of their kit zoom (like Sony does) so they appear to have a fuller lens line! Their philosophy with the M’s is to release one good lens in each popular category (wide, standard, and tele zoom, pancake). As a consumer, that’s all you really need. Obviously, it doesn’t sound as impressive on the internet forums.

          • I think he meant “sensor,” as in a sensor you’d want to use in a capable camera. Like an APS-C or FF sensor. We’re obviously not talking about all the little dinky point and shoots here are we?

        • Shark


    • BdV

      Maybe not excited, yet, but all three of those cameras seem quite interesting to me. Especially the fixed lens mirrorless camera similar to the Leica Q and the Sony RX1 R. Is that a digital
      Canonet QL17 GIII? They could call it the Canonet QL17 GIIID.

    • Cinematism

      I am agree. Canon is turning ultraconservative. I have Canon M2, nothing special over the M1. I also have a Canon G7X. Recently Canon announced the new G7X II, but at least in sheet is practically the same as the G7X, I mean no special improvements or something to highlight, and even no standard improvements as 4k or a really better autofocus system.

      • Ievgen Nedrygailov

        I think they release new cameras just to keep the price high. New cameras are always expensive. But some time (let us say 1-2 years) after release of any camera its price starts to drop. Canon change the name of such a camera and release it again with almost no change in the spec. As it is a “new” camera they keep the price at high level.

  • Hardcore_Fanboy

    I do not get that fixed lens thing… cuz some of those cameras are huge, if you want a huge camera with fixed lens – 1) buy a camera, 2) buy lens of our choice 3) apply super-glue, 4) attach lens (still will be more compact than leica Q)

    • silmasan

      The RX1 series has leaf shutter lens for up to 1/2000 sync. Today, an older RX1 can cost lower than a Canon/Nikon 35/1.4 (faster, but no leaf shutter advantage and no built-in image sensor etc), so it’s worth considering if you’re in the market for 35.

    • BdV

      You can design a camera + lens without the need to keep a certain flange distance or a certain mount; use the space that is there inside this specific camera, more freedom / less limitations to solve problems and be creative and make everything fit together perfectly. If it turns out huge, then I also don’t get it.

  • Nik5

    Canon is finally realizing that a FF mirrorless EFmount with 4k video will stop people moving to Sony.

  • ggweci

    Would love an X100 sized FF compact w/ built-in EVF & 50mm f/1.8-ish lens.

  • Shark

    when canon is making a good mirrorless with a nice EVF i sell all my sony gear in a heartbeat.
    a good sensor does not make a good camera system.
    and sony cameras are a nice sensor and sofrware features (peaking, zebras etc.) but far from being a good camera system.

    and they rip of their customers with their lens prices.

    i have LCD and buttons ony my 2 year old sony gear that stopped working.
    i NEVER had a button on my canon gear that stopped working. not since my 1981 AE1.

  • the truth hurts

    by the time its a september ANNOUNCEMENT.. i would of bought 3 other cameras and sold 2 of them by then. .. hurry up canon

  • What kind of lenses are going to go on these APS-C and FF mirrorless cameras? The same long 44mm flange distance lenses that provide space for the large mirror box that isn’t there anymore?

    It’s far more than the camera technology they lack, it’s the lenses that haven’t even been hinted at that are missing (if Canon wants to even look like a competitor in the mirrorless marketplace).

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