Irix lens teaser

Irix lens teaser
Irix ( sent me a teaser for a new lens with "the finest optical performance Swiss precision and Korean innovation" that will be announced during The Photography Show in Birmingham nest week. Stay tuned for details.

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  • Larry Ellis

    Hmm, kinda sounds like a chocolate missile.

    • silmasan

      I think they meant South Korea, so… curved ultrawide Swiss Army knives, I guess.

      • Eric Calabros

        a lens with concave front element? That would be fun.

  • nwcs

    So maybe a Rokinon/Samyang lens with a built in watch?

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Switzerland bought samsung NX

  • Constantin Baumann

    Samsung back in business.

  • Drew Gillespie

    ALPA + Samsung?

  • Ievgen Nedrygailov

    I have never heard this brand before. Am I right that this is a completely new company? Anyway, very exciting news. Thanks!

  • doge

    Interesting, they’re using another company, Ascio technologies, to mask the owner info on that site.

    Rebranded samsung would be really funny.

  • TinusVerdino


  • Zos Xavius

    Why even make an announcement when you have nothing to show?

  • Fandi

    Manual or automatic? Samyang already had the 14mm 2.8 for $250 when on sale.

  • Seeker

    the sample pix they show are very small…. wonder why.
    i guess image quality is only sufficient for stamp size images.

  • Patrick McKay

    Unfortunately, EVERYone will have to wait for HQ samples, before they can pass their utmost expert opinions. lol
    Unfortunately, it appears that the company “TH Swiss AG”, has only been registered since June 2015, so we don’t really know much at all about them. Their business registration site says that their purpose is “Development, production, sales and distribution of products in the field of Photography”

    I for one, will welcome a decent quality sub $1000.00 (CDN) 15mm lens manual focus. I really miss this focal length, since selling my 14-24 Nikkor, and Zeiss’s stunning15mm f/2.8 lists for $4480.00 CDN including tax! Ouch.

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