Price of Fuji X-Pro1 camera down to $459.95

The price of the Fuji X-Pro1 camera dropped another $40 to $459.95 - this is the lowest price so far.

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  • I’m considering getting a mirrorless camera this year as a second camera to my D90 and lenses. Is the X-Pro 1 still a good choice?

    • Zos Xavius

      Its a decent camera. The AF is slow compared to newer x cameras though. If you mostly shoot static subjects it would be OK.

      • Well I’ll probably shoot land- or cityscapes, street, portraits… At first I was considering the OM-D E-M10 II but after testing it in a store and comparing it to the X-E2s I liked the latter’s EVF. And its menus seem to make more sense.

        • Zos Xavius

          Well I think the original x-pro has an older evf than the xe2. You should really try one out before you decide. Iq wise it will blow your d90 away.

          • nwcs

            It does. It has the 1.4mp EVF. The parallax compensation drives some batty though.

          • Zos Xavius

            I think the x pro makes sense if you like rangefinders and just using the ovf personally. Otherwise you might as well get an xe2 or something newer.

          • Yeah I’ll probably get a newer one. Maybe even a X-T10 cause of the tilting screen. Thanks for the suggestions!

          • nwcs

            The build quality is better though. The XE series just feels so flimsy.

        • Spy Black

          Any Street shooting needs fast AF, especially at night. Photographic moments can be fleeting.

    • nwcs

      Sure. It is well made. Quirky and the AF is glacial but it’s still fun in its way. I’m thinking of getting one if I see the prices hit $199.

  • Larry Ellis

    You should also consider a used one. Prices are super low. I picked up an as-new xpro1 with the pro grip, thumb grip, soft release and a screen protector for $400 AU. The camera doesn’t have a mark on it and came with all original packaging.

  • Francisco Santos

    I think it is a useful camera for people with an X-T1 searching for a second body. It has unique feels to it. It is more of an expansion to your shooting than a second camera.

  • blp

    might get one for casual street photography 🙂

  • the truth hurts

    i picked on up when it was just about 500$ a couple months ago and Im pretty happy with it as a nice walk around camera. I use the 18mm f/2 on it and its very nice. especially with the updated firmware (which I hope they will continue to do), its not as slow as many have thought it once was. it has a great old rangerfinder feel to it and if it still isnt the “FASTEST” camera, its fine, I think it adds to its enjoyment.

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