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Nissin i60A Flash
→ The US price of the new Nissin i60A flash is the US was announced: $339.99.

→ New book: "Photographer’s Guide to the Sony DSC-RX1R II".

→ Another Canon 1DX II sensor performance comparison, also taken down, but still available on Google cache.

J.B. Camera Designs wood grip for Fuji X-Pro2
→ New J.B. Camera Designs wood grip for Fuji X-Pro2 now available.

Hasselblad lenses are now 15% off until the end of March.

MeiKe R200 close-up lighting system
→ The new MeiKe R200 close-up lighting system supports up to 8 flashes at once.

Capture One 9.1
Capture One 9.1 released. Here is what's new:

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  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    All ISO and DR runs thus far point to on-chip A/D converters on the new 1D-X MkII, but the strange thing is that Canon doesn’t mention this in their promotional literature anywhere…

  • Chaitanya

    I missed that Meike R200 macro lighting system, it looks interesting addition as Canon isn’t really updating their ageing MT-24 Twin lights. Eagre to see when its released and how much does it cost, more importantly I hope they dont use CR123 cells which are used in Nikon R1C1 kit. Running that kit is expensive due to those CR123 cells and not to forget they are pain in rear side to procure depending on where you are in the world.

  • Larry Ellis

    Does the RX1r2 guide teach you how to deal with light leaks and offer suggestions where to sell it? If so, it’ll sell great.

    • The RX1 has light leaks?

      • Larry Ellis

        Yeah. I came across it after seeing 3-4 already for sale on Steve Huffs site. Apparently a lot have been sent back to be repaired, but then the owners go on to sell them. I can imagine it’s not only disappointing, but quite a turn off.

        • silmasan

          Damn. Original RX1 too or just version II?

          • Larry Ellis

            Just the new one with the built-in evf. I was surprised it wasn’t more widely reported on. People get their knickers in a twist over cameras overheating recording video, yet a camera with light leaks flies under the radar. I’d be interested to know where the leak was from, if it was natural light or perhaps coming from the LCD or evf or something.

        • there was a

        • There was a RX1rII service advisory and the first shipment was delayed last year, maybe those owner missed to send their cameras in?


  • Seeker

    no word about the A6300 overheating issues?

  • Vavinov Alex

    Nissin i60A flash – “fast with a recycle time of 0.1-5.5 seconds”
    so 1/1 power 5.5 sec fast???

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