Does the Sony a6300 camera also have overheating issues during video recording?

Overheating issues with Sony cameras are nothing new - they have been going on with some models since at least 2010 (with the Sony a33 and a55 cameras). There are now several new reports that the latest a6300 camera also overheats during video recording:

"Sadly pros can’t even rely on the A6300 as a B-camera due to the overheating, especially not for any kind of live filming or interview work at all." (eoshd)

"Unlike my a5100 where i could just turn the switch on/off and it would just keep on shooting with a6300 if i turn it off and on the message appears again that it overheated and the camera shuts down. waited no kidding 3-4 min and turn it back on... same isssue turned off in less then 1 min." (dpreview user forum)

"Got my a6300 as a "B" camera to my a7SII on March 11. I've used it exactly 4 times as a "B" camera while shooting the main footage with my a7SII workhorse. All 4 times, the a6300 went into overheat mode and shut down about 20 minutes into filming.... and that's not 20 minutes of continuous recording either, just being on." (dpreview)

In some cases, the a6300 displayed overheating warning, but continued to record videooverhea for 29 minutes:

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  • TinusVerdino

    Panning was already out of the question because of rolling shutter. Sony does it again.

  • Disqus Discuss

    Looking forward to seeing Sony make a 4k mirrorless with the 42 Mpx sensor and IBIS in a larger body that has two memory card slots and a larger body. If it’s an A9, then that’s fine as I’ll buy the convertors.

    • Gf

      Maybe a99 mk2?

      • Francisco Santos


        • Gf

          It is a A mount mirrorless, the A line is already almost mirrorless, they just need to get rid of the fixed mirror.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Bigger body and liquid cooling like they do on phones and tablets

  • lol. cant wait for the recall. or i bet they wouldn’t even address the issue and fix it.

    • Ethan

      OK, have fun with the other 4k super 35 cameras under $1000 then

      Wait a minute!!!

      • Flodder

        what fun?

        spending 1200 euro for a camera that sucks at video and can not even be used as stills camera in hot climate?

  • Flodder

    my friend has returned his A6300.
    he even had overheating issues in stills mode.
    he lives in dubai.

  • Ethan

    Written in the manual that there is a limit of about 20 min recording 4k.

    There you have it.

    • Underp4ntz

      Indeed… I have been recording a session for 25-6 mins at 4k 25p 100MBPS (not seen the sign) but it says 29 Min 59 Sec continuous recording 4k so yeah… I guess the A6300 needs a lil firmware update not only for the rumored “overheating issue”. But also the focus magnifier is a bit blurry / soft when peaking mode is activated.

  • Interesting, so now the x pro 2 doesn’t look so bad at $1700. At least it doesn’t overheat in hot climates for still photography.

    • Ufupuw

      A6300 does not overheat for still. If it does, that only applies to 4K VIDEO

      • According to Fodder (top post on this thread) it does over heat in Dubai, for stills.

        Either way, now I know why xpro 2 (although “capable”) won’t do 4k.

        If it’s not 100% reliable it’s just a gimmick.

  • Sakaphoto Graphics

    Odd that the Panasonic GX8 hasn’t given me any trouble, but it is a bigger body, though not as big as the GH4. Maybe, when the temperature hits 112 degrees F here it will.

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