Sony is exploring the split out of its imaging products division

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In a new press release today Sony announced that they are "exploring" the split of their imaging products business into a new company just like they did with the Sony image sensor unit few months ago:

In addition to Game & Network Services, Mobile Communications, Pictures, Music and certain other Sony Group businesses that were already operating autonomously as subsidiaries, in July 2014 Sony split out its TV business, followed by its Video & Sound business in October 2015. The Company also plans to split out and establish its semiconductor business as a wholly owned subsidiary in April 2016. Sony is also exploring the split out of its Imaging Products and Solutions Sector.

No additional information was provided.

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  • Francisco Santos

    it is hard to tell if it is a good or bad decision.. time will tell..
    but it is a big risk for the future. never change a running system.

  • Thylmuc

    May I suggest the brand name “Minolta” for the new business? It would be an abreviation for “mechanics, optics and lenses from time after split”

    • Gf

      Minolta is still owned by Konica Minolta and Sony does not have the right to use the name.

  • leo tam

    How does this benefit Sony?

    • Hardcore_Fanboy

      they can dump losses from mother conglomerate to “autonomously as subsidiaries” for better mother companies Q reports -> better Q reports – better Analyst Credit rating -> better Analyst Credit rating – cheaper and more options to borrow money -> more options to borrow money -> more money to borrow – more loses you can cower… cycle goes on and on and once one subsidiaries is “loaded up” there is always help from the government… but hey – the big conglomerate still looks strong on paper and with good credit rationing – so government has more easy ways to help. Usually that happens with help from another big conglomerate that buys this subsidiaries (take over their liabilities) and that other conglomerate receives some benefits from government (a governments guarantee about credit – that will cover those loses and what not). Trust me – those big government backed up conglomerates have not seen profit in a long time (if you combine their “autonomously as subsidiaries” that is been changed, created and merged like a socks) and yet – none will ever let them go bankrupt they are too big to fail.

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