New Lomography prototype lens spotted in NYC

NYC based photographer Daniel Schaefer posted on Instagram an image of a disguised lens he's testing for Lomography. The front of the lens is brass, but too small to be one of their current Petzval lenses. He recently did a review of their Minitar-1 lens, so it stands to reason they'd throw him other lenses to test. Schaefer has also tested for Leica and Sony in the past. Stay tuned for more information.

Update - here is possibly another photo of the mystery lens:

Quick mini shoot with @malmerk for @danielgregorynatale

A photo posted by Daniel Schaefer (@outlierimagery) on

Some of the latest pictures posted on Tumblr are most likely taken with the new lens.

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  • J-Man

    A Petzval lens with aspheric elements? That is something I’ve been wondering about.

  • Spy Black

    Petzval is Hungarian for sucker-born-every-minute…

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      I thought it was the sound the DXO measurement equipment made when spitting out negative values and breaking down

    • Zos Xavius

      Petzval deserves some respect for creating the first fast portrait lens when all other lenses were slow and designed for landscapes mostly.

      • Spy Black

        My joke was not meant to be disrespectful of a man and his technology of over 100 years of age. It’s a dig at those who scam overpriced products of ancient technology.

  • Francesc Genové

    Let’s hope it’s an aplanat design. Looks like it.

    • J-Man

      Very possible.

  • Possibly interesting if it copied an old Nicola Perscheid design.

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