Sigma filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art lens

Sigma 24-70mm f:2.8 DG OS HSM Art lens
Sigma filed a patent in Japan for a 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art lens. In the past there have been rumors about a new Sigma 24-70mm f/2 OS HSM lens, but we have not seen an official announcement yet.

Here are the patent details:

  • Patent: 2016-38502
  • Published on: March 22nd, 2016
  • Filed on: August 8th, 2014
  • Zoom ratio: 2.74
  • Focal length: 24.85 50.00 68.00
  • F-number: 2.92 2.92 2.93
  • Full angle of view: 2ω 83.71 45.71 34.33
  • Image height: 21.63 21.63 21.63
  • Total lens length: 150.73 167.12 178.30

Via Egami

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  • Micha Quär

    It`s really about time for an 24-70 Art from Sigma 🙂

  • tyger11

    If this is both parfocal and has internal zoom, this will be a dream for video.

    • joelypolly

      Pretty sure there are no internal zooming 24-70s on the market

      • Ethan


        • Paco Ignacio

          No, it isn’t.

          • Ethan

            So there’s no reason that the lens is as long as a 70-200

      • MdB

        While not internal zoom as such, the Tokina 28-70mm f2.6-2.8 has a fixed length, good for using with matte boxes and fixed filters.

    • Eric Calabros

      Different TL numbers, from 150 to 178.

  • JasonsArgonauts

    This needs to be better than my VERY good Tamron 24-70 VR, which is a tall order. Big fan of Sigma though so I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs.

  • 24×36

    Disappointed to hear it will likely have OS. That probably means a battery sucker (even with OS turned “off,” seems Sigma’s recent OS lenses are drawing battery power to hold the “floating” lens elements in place), with backward ergonomics (zoom ring where the focusing ring should be, focusing ring where the zoom ring should be, and with my luck, a zoom ring that turns in the “wrong” direction (like Canon’s, not Nikon’s or Pentax’s zoom rings). But we shall see.

    • silmasan

      Well, check the zoom rings of their 24-35, 18-35 and 50-100 then. Those will upset some Canon users. 🙂

      • 24×36

        Yes but two out of those three are APS-C lenses (no interest there) and the other is less than 2:1 zoom ratio, which is far to short a range to be interesting. Their current 24-70 f2.8 hsm lens zooms the “wrong” way (making Canon users happy I guess). 😉

        • silmasan

          I picked them because they are the most recent designs, if that is of any clue for us. But yeah let’s see. They should just cater to Nikon and Canon accordingly, like Zeiss.

  • Mike

    If their Art primed are any indication, this 24-70 will be heavy and huge vs competitor’s versions. The 18-35 1.8 DX is close to the size and heavier than the Tamron 24-70. I’m sure optics will be Art stellar though. There are always compromises.

    • silmasan

      Their 24-105 A is similar to Canon’s L in size, though the Canon has IS. I think this one is not going to be much different to Nikon’s 24-70 VR.

      • preston

        Yes, the 24-105 Art is about the same size as the Canon but it is over 30% heavier. This is equally important to me.

        • silmasan

          Oh, right. I personally find 600~800g to be nicely balanced with a ~1kg body. This 24-70 will probably exceed 1kg.

      • the 24-105 is bigger & heavier than canons. 82mm filter thread too. It was a nice lens but when I sent it back (because it was unbelievably de-centered) I didn’t replace it because it was so huge. Still missing a lens in that focal range though.

    • sickheadache

      The New over Priced and somewhat clumsy Nikon 24-70mm VR is no lightweight. It is heavier than it’s predecessor. The Tamron 24-70 has issues. It is too light weight and has Durability issues. And Yes..I expect the Sigma Art to come in Heavy…Maybe with some VR?

      • silmasan

        Well, since Nikon has sued them for VR patent infringement, then yes, I think “OS” does count as “some VR”.

        • sickheadache

          oh yes..forgot about that lawsuit…OS..Optical Stabilization.

      • Mike

        I agree. There always compromises. I will give Nikon credit though vs Sigma. Nikon takes handling into account all the time. Whether it’s a D5 with everything superbly placed or the new 24-70 VR (that I have) that is very well weighted. Heavy yes, but it’s definitely reward biased so there isn’t a lot of wrist torque required as you’d expect. Conversely, Sigma’s 35 & 50 are heavy for their focal length. Sharp yes, but their weight is seemingly front biased.

        I had the Tamron and while sharp at f/3.2 and beyond and light, it’s AF doesn’t compare to the new Nikon 24-70. It’s (Nikon) is easily 3x faster in acquiring AF. For some, that alone makes the price difference worth while. So the Sigma will have some tough parameters to be competitive with.

  • fanboy fagz

    till now, none of their 28/24-70 2.8 lenses of any variation performed well. I had the 28-70 EX 2.8 and the DF 24-70 2.8 and they were decent but needed to be stopped down to at least 4.5 to start showing detail if you zoomed in. they all have this softness and lack contrast at anything wider than that. Im rooting for sigma and hope they can deliver something special.

    • silmasan

      Forget the past, just look at the 24-35 f/2.

      • Zos Xavius

        Sigma is on a roll. I would expect excellence.

        • fanboy fagz

          fingers crossed. it seems every art lens is elite in performance.

  • nukunukoo

    I wonder when we we see this?

    • Photokina in September?

      • Spy Black

        Fingers crossed.

  • sickheadache

    Well This is good news…But Sigma…I placed an order for a 85mm Art Last Year..could you please find that order…and fill the request. Thanks. I Rented the 24-35mm Art Last weekend and it is a very good and useful lens…Great for Street Photography and Whatnots…lol Heavy…but I like heavy on my D810…with Battery Grip…had the right Balance.

    • rudigar

      The 85mm f/1.4 ART is already available, it just doesn’t have an ART branding… At this point Sigma should just stick their already solid optical formula in an ART housing just to appease everyone that won’t buy a Sigma without a little silver A badge.

      • sickheadache

        Huh? You want to run that by us all again. Dude.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Nha, I had one.
        It is a nice lens, no question about that.
        But it does have pretty nasty CA and is soft unless you stop it down to about f2.2 or something.

        After my honeymoon phase with it I put it next to the nikkor 1.8G and decided to keep the nikkor, better colors, less CA, sharper even wide open.
        It does have a pretty heavy vignette at 1.8 But I kinda prefer having that over the other stuff the sigma suffers from.

        Sigma can do better, but I doubt there will be much of a market for it on nikons side, canon sure the 85 1.8 isn’t all that awesome and the 1.2 is a more expensive proposition.

      • silmasan

        If that means the new ones are going to go through the newer better QC system and we’ll always get a copy that’s equal to the best of the former “EX” version,
        then so be it.

        I actually like it being very sharp in the center and softer toward the corners. Other than that it’s back to sample-to-sample variation.

        • rudigar

          All lenses go through the newer QC system they implemented in 2012, not just the Global Vision lenses.

          • silmasan

            And how do I know if I’m getting a new one or not? Any reference for serial number?

            As you can see Photozone_de seems to have received the kind of sample I’d want, but some other reviews seem to differ esp at wide open.

  • blp

    while we are at it, maybe a 85mm would be nice 🙂


    I could cry. I just bought the Nikon version. Wonder if this has collar because I’d pay for that in cash

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