The latest patents from Canon, Ricoh and Apple

Ricoh files a patent for a 200mm f/2.8 full frame lens (for Pentax K-1).

Canon EF-M 16-80mm f:2-6 STM lens
Canon EF-M 16-80mm f/2-6 STM lens patent.

Canon EF-M 9-18mm f:3.5-4.5 STM APS-C mirrorless lens patent
Canon EF-M 9-18mm f/3.5-4.5 STM APS-C mirrorless lens.

Canon WiFi GPS metal housing patent
Canon has a patent for metal housing that can fit the Wi-Fi and GPS modules.

Apple patents ultra-compact folding telephoto lens for mobile devices
Apple patents ultra-compact folding (zoom?) telephoto lens for mobile devices.

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  • Iceman

    Canon 16-80 f/2-6 STM??? How come the aperture change so drastically like that? why not f2-4?

    • J-Man

      Probably to keep the size small.

      • jojo

        Possibly, or perhaps a mistake?

        • J-Man

          The patent lists other possible designs:
          16-80mm F2-6、 17-85mm F2.8-6、 18-85mm F2.8-6、 18-85mm F2.0-6

    • speedy fisher

      Haha and there was me thinking Canon were finally treating mirrorless seriously, but f2.6 is a strange number. Nope, it’s f2-6 variable aperture.

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