What else is new?

The Kodak SL10 Pixpro lens camera for smartphones is now 56% off.


Pictar is a new Kickstarter project for a grip that will make the iPhone feel like a real camera.


StandPlus is a new tripod replacement solution without any knobs or buttons.

Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount

The Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount is a new all-in-one mounting solution for hot shoe flashes.


New rumors: Leica M-D to be announced in early May, priced above the M Typ 262 model.

Next Nikon lenses rumored to be replaced: Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VRII.

The Leica camera setup in the Huawei P9 smartphone is made by the Chinese company Sunny Optical Technology.

Ricoh GR-II-Silver-Edition-camera
Ricoh released firmware update version 2.01 for the GR II camera.

Nikon D500 camera now shipping.

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  • CHD

    ‘A grip to make iPhone feel like a real camera’.
    Don’t they get it…people use iphone for photos because it is so much smaller and convenient then a ‘real camera’. If you have to carry all this extra size/heft you may as well carry a Sony RX100 which is superior in every way to an iPhone.
    Terrible idea.

    • Larry Ellis

      I know. There’s obviously too many stupid people in the world willing to buy that stuff, because why would they even try to produce it?

      It would have a life of one, maybe two years providing Apple didn’t change the body of the phone too much.

      It offers no advantages, only disadvantages.

      Better battery?

      I’ve never killed my iPhone 6′ battery, and I’ve taken photos all day with it.

      Better controls?

      How much simpler could it be? Tap to focus, drag up and down for exposure.

      Its a gimmicky accessory for consumers.

      • Zos Xavius

        I agree its a bit silly. Especially for costing $100 roughly. Still with this you can shoot with one hand more easily. That might have some real benefit to some people. Also the control wheels are a nice upgrade if they allow manual settings. It looks like the sizing on it is adjustable so it should accommodate different sized iphones. I wrote it off, but then looked at it some more and could see some benefit to some people. An RX100 also costs almost 10x as much as this grip. You can buy a lot of nicer cameras for less. They have over 100,000 in backing so, clearly their is a market for this sort of thing.

  • I like the concept and operation of the StandPlus, although it would need to open about another 0.5m to work for me (I’m not tall, but I find myself needing a higher camera position often enough to know this would be frustratingly limited as it is).

  • Eagle of Morningcalm

    I think RIcoh was the first do they changed their name?

  • Thylmuc

    While I actually like the concept of the Piktar, I really wonder what Apple will say. I have not seen such an ambitious peripheral device of any kind for the iPhone, and wonder why. Further, they are one more to ignore the overall Situation of photographing/filming with iPhone. There is, for example, no option to mount different lenses, like the ones from Schneider (iPro system) oder Zeiss.
    Flash light hot shoe? Nope. compatibility with other accessories? Nope. Free the user from automatisms? Nope, only exposure compensation and “smart wheel”, no shutter speed or focussing.

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