The Impossible I-1 analog instant camera launched yesterday

The Impossible I-1 analog instant camera officially launched yesterday. The price of the I-1 is $299 and can be purchased from B&H and Impossible's website. Additional information:

Impossible I-1 specs:

  • Accepts 600-Type & I-Type Instant Film
  • 82-109mm f/10-67 Lens
  • 5-Zone Autofocus System
  • Removable Pop-Up Optical Viewfinder
  • Advanced Ring Flash with 12 LEDs
  • Physical Lighten/Darken & Flash Controls
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 Connectivity
  • iOS & WatchOS Apps for Manual Control
  • Built-In USB-Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

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Additional pictures:

Impossible I-1 analog instant camera

Impossible I-1 analog instant camera 2 Impossible I-1 analog instant camera Impossible I-1 analog instant camera 3
Via Fujiaddict

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  • Zos Xavius

    F10-67? Huh?

    • JOJO

      Pretty common on polaroid camera. Don’t forget it’s a large format camera.

    • the truth hurts

      lol yea, I was about to comment that too haha.

  • CHD

    It’s kind of cool that these guys have resurrected instant film…that said there’s a reason why Polaroid shut the doors in 2008. You have to wonder if it is a viable product in the long term.

    • JOJO

      Polaroid was still profitable when they stopped producing film … Unfortunately it was bought by a ponzi scheme company that was only interested into the name “polaroid”, scrapping everything else to licence the name to crappy electronic gadgets.

      At least Fuji figured out how to make instant photography profitable.

  • R Leung

    Good luck with competing with Fujifilm Instax. Their cameras cost a fraction of the price I-1 and the consumables are 1/2 the price. Maybe hipsters will go for the I-1.

    • Duncan Dimanche

      yep… exactly my thoughts… the price of a single photo is wayy too high. I will start shooting with my roleiflex again and I think that a photo will be cheaper than with a pola… it’s not the same thing of course but a 6×6 negative is quite an amazing thing to have

  • Boris Sheikman

    The camera may good but the film is pure crap. Forget about the price.

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