Kodak has a nice mobile app that just got updated

Kodak film mobile app 3 Kodak film mobile app
Kodak film mobile app 4 Kodak film mobile app 2
Kodak just updated their mobile film app (available for iOS and Android) which contains the following features:

• Types of Kodal Professional Films
• Film formats
• What films to use when
• Sun Calculator
• Where to buy locator
• Color/BW processing locator
• Black and White Processing Tool

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  • purenupe1

    Nice….i tried my hand in film this year, buying 25 rolls of kodak color and 20 b&w tri rolls only to have the developer (calumet) close down before the order was even returned from processing…..then sams club, walmart, and walgreeen ended their wet labs within the same week. Chicago is not a good place to shooting film

    • purenupe1

      It only lists the closed calumet locations for chicago

    • Zos Xavius

      Oh man. Did you get your film back at least?? Several friends as well as I have used North Coast Photographic Services (NCPS) and they are really great and relatively inexpensive. Even Ken Rockwell endorsed them lol.

    • I feel your pain. I’m not sure that they still do but have you tried Central Camera, on Wabash near Jackson in the loop? With Columbia and The Art Institute near they most likely still do. There’s also Printlab on Homan Ave. for b&w developing. There’s probably others also. One guy to ask is Dan from Tamarkin Camera in River North.

  • Mike

    Well. I tried it. There are 4 million people plus within a 200km radius around Toronto and “no authorized kodak dealers or developers in your area”. Kinda sad. But it’s a nice app to see the comparisons.

    • TO-DOUG

      Hi Mike, I searched online for “film processing Toronto” and came up with several firms that still do film. One of them (West Camera) says “We are one of the last stores standing that stills processes film in Canada.” They sell Kodak films, so it is odd that the Kodak app doesn’t identify them. Or maybe the app only works in the Excited States?

      • Mike

        Hi Doug,
        I figured since it was a US centric app that it wouldn’t be populated with Canadisn data yet. But this West Camera is good to know too. Cheers!

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