More on the upcoming Hasselblad mirrorless medium format camera

Hasselblad mirrorless medium format camera
Next week (June 22nd at 14:00 CET) Hasselblad will announce a new mirrorless medium format camera that will have the same 50MP sensor/platform as the CFV-50C digital back. The new camera will be compatible with the existing Hasselblad medium format lenses.

The picture above is the first clue/teaser of the new camera. Stay tuned for additional information. Thanks to everyone that sent me clues and additional info.

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  • Michael Sullivan

    obviously mirrorless based on the above photo

  • sickheadache

    That is a Sony Supplied Sensor? Right?

    • a-traveler

      Yes they are using the same Sony crop sensor as the Pentax. It’s a 50-megapixel, 44 x 33mm CMOS chip. A normal MFD sensor is 53.7 x 40.4, therefore the 44 x 33mm is a 1.3 crop. BTW this sensor is also used by Phase One for their low-end backs/cameras.

    • Spy Black

      Is anyone else manufacturing MF sensors?

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        CMOSIS is a supplier leica used a while back

        • Spy Black

          Leica had a MF digital camera?

          • Mistral75

            They still have: Leica S.

        • Mistral75

          CMOSIS (now merged into a larger competitor) are fabless: they design sensors, they don’t manufacture them (STMicroelectronics do for the sensors used by Leica).

          Teledyne Dalsa are another designer and manufacturer of medium format photo sensors, albeit CCD sensors exclusively.

  • This camera will cost approximately one million dollars.

    • Spy Black

      Nah, like their new (relatively) low-priced Hasselblad, I bet this will go for somewhere between $15-25k. They seemed determined to undercut Phase One and regain some market share. My speculation on this.

      • KT

        That’s still an awfully expensive toy. For that much money you might as well get the new Pentax 645 coming at Photokina with 101 MP sensor and you’ll have a respectable system camera to work with. My guess for a starting price is somewhere in the $10K range at release with a rapid price drop in the coming months.

        • Spy Black

          Possibly so.

  • a-traveler

    How will they deal with the shorter Flange Focal Distance?? Will they use an additional lens like the HTS 1.5
    Or will it be some kind of software trick using computational photography?? I’m leaning towards Computational Photograph because software is less expensive to implement than hardware solutions.

    • duck

      I guess nothing fancy, they probably just go cheap and remove the mirror box, that’s it! New camera!

      • a-traveler

        You can’t just remove the mirror box and use the same lenses. As I said above the Shorter Flange Focal Distance will require a new design.

        • tyger11

          If you remove the mirror, but keep the box shape there, the flange distance wouldn’t change. You lose the benefit of a smaller camera, though. Essentially a non-removable adapter.

          Another idea would be to build in a focal reducer.

          Lastly, they could include an adapter, thus making for the possibility of a future line of smaller lenses.

          • a-traveler

            @ tyger11 said:”If you remove the mirror, but keep the box shape there …”

            You could, but it wouldn’t look like the teaser photo.

            @ tyger11 said:”Another idea would be to build in a focal reduce”

            You mean something like the HTS 1.5 that I mentioned in my original post ^^^

          • El Aura

            I don’t think the HTS 1.5 is a focal reducer. A focal reducer reduces the image circle of the lens+reducer combo vs what the lens has alone. If the HTS 1.5 were a focal reducer, it wouldn’t cover the (full) MF sensor anymore.

        • El Aura

          Well, that is what adaptors are for. Hasselblad isn’t creating the first mirrorless system. The question how mirrorless systems deal with all that free space they gained by removing the mirrorbox has been pretty clearly answered already: m43, Sony E, Fuji X, Canon M, Nikon 1, Samsung NX.

          • Mistral75

            …and Leica T/SL. Only Ricoh Imaging (Pentax K-01) and Sigma (SD Quattro) have kept their SLR mount and its flange distance for their mirrorless offering so far.

    • No idea what the deal is and how the will implemented

  • Neopulse

    So it’s like an Alpa camera, but Hasselblad? Alpa has a wood grip so Hasselblad needs to bring something new to the table.

    • a-traveler

      My guess it it will be sorta like a MFD Sony NEX—you know, a sensor with a hand-grip. We don’t have long to wait, June 22 – 16 is next Wed.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Maybe they still have a lot of ‘exotic wood grips’ left over from their ‘italian design studio”….

  • Spy Black

    Well this good news then for Hasselblad. Glad they woke up.

  • KT

    Most likely, it’ll be something like the Sigma sd Quattro with built in flange extension to accommodate the lack of mirror box, or they might just release an adapter like Sony did with the FE bodies to accept the A lenses.

    • El Aura

      I think it’ll be an adaptor solution as that allows them to make the camera compatible with a lot of other MF lenses, starting with Phase One, Contax 645, Leica S, Pentax 645, Rollei, etc..

  • Davo

    Here’s my guess.
    Since medium format have commonly used backs, my guess is the new camera is just a new thin body with grip and same mount.
    There will be two backs. One with a short registration distance to the mount and one with the original registration distance (so it sticks out a fair way behind the camera.
    So the registration distance is built into the backs instead of into the body.
    Maybe an upward projecting EVF built into the body and you connect the appropriate finder extension depending on the back you’re using or whether you prefer a waist level finder.
    A new line of lenses will be announced for the shorter registration distance back.

    • Docdiamond

      Is this the rumored Sony MF camera, now via a different distribution channel? Would be an interesting rebadge..

  • Bo Dez

    My guess is similar to the Leica SL but with the cropped CFV sensor.

    • Les

      My guess as well. Just like an SL, but done right: with a medium format sensor.
      Let’s hope Hasselblad remembers to include a focal plane shutter this time.

      What you get from this arrangement is a 50 or 100 MP medium format mirrorless that also works as a 30 or 60 MP “full frame” (24×36) camera with 35mm lenses.
      Compatibility with existing H lenses is done with a relatively cheap pass-through (extension tube) adapter.
      They could win the trifecta if they figure-out how to get decent video out of Sony’s MF sensors.

      • El Aura

        “Just like an SL, but done right”
        Finally a mirrorless camera that costs $15’000. 😉

        The CFVc-50 (that is sensor+display+electronics) costs $10’000 alone, add a (Hasselblad) camera to it and you probably end up at $15’000, plus maybe $3000 for the cheapest lens (currently the cheapest Hasselblad lens is $3000).

        • Les

          That same sensor is only $7,000, camera included, in a Pentax 645Z.

          • El Aura

            Well, there are Pentax prices and there are Hasselblad prices.

          • raziel28

            “Luxury tax”


          • El Aura

            It is not as if Hasselblad is printing money (several months ago there were rumours that they were running out of cash). And compared to the whole of Leica, the vast majority of Hasselblad (and Phase One) MF cameras are used by pros. The re-badged Sony bodies were an attempt at luxury, this MF mirrorless system might be another attempt but Hasselblad and Phase One MF DSLRs don’t command their prices because are sold as luxury items.

          • Mistral75

            On of the reasons Pentax 645 DSLRs are less expensive than their Hasselblad and Phase One counterparts is that they share many developments and components with their 24×36 and APS-C little brothers.

          • El Aura

            Indeed, and not only did it save them development costs, it also netted them an AF system that miles ahead of what Hasselblad and Phase One (or Leica) have to offer (27 AF points vs 1 AF point for all others).

      • J-Man

        The video coming out of the 100MP PhaseOne looks impressive.

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I don’t see how this could be a game changer ? I mean all/most medium format cameras can swap backs… so this is just a mirrorless version of that ?

    A game changer would be to bring back what ricoh started à while back but with a full frame sensor…. And not being part of the lens like ricoh did…

    I truly think that they could change the market by doing so. Paying 1000$ for a new easily swappable Sensor would be awesome (and easy to clean)

    anyway… I hope that some cool kickstarters will eventualy start a camera like that.

    • Les

      That’s what Alpa and a few others already offer. The only difference is that medium format sensors don’t cost $1,000 retail, unfortunately.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        I wrote full frame sensors…. I would like them to make a full frame camera with interchangeable sensors…

      • Duncan Dimanche

        The Alpha don’t offer a changeable sensor… It would be nice to have one Alpha body and be able to go from 42mpx to 12mpx using the same body and just change the sensors…

        That’s all I’m trying to say

        • Cole Sprague

          He said Alpa not alpha. You can get an Alpa that accepts medium format backs, the backs just aren’t cheap enough, yet.

  • animalsbybarry

    What would make this a game changer would be an adapter/teleconverter that would allow the use of Nikon or Canon lenses on this new medium format camera and enlarge the image to fit the larger format

    • Spy Black

      There’s plenty of third-party manufacturers crazy enough to do anything.

    • Les

      What you describe is a normal teleconverter. Film crews used to sometimes use 16mm zooms with teleconverters on 35mm cameras for longer shots (if they couldn’t afford to rent 35mm telephotos).

      The disadvantages are a loss of light (1 or 2 stops), and a loss of image quality. It’s the sort of trick that will get you out of a jam, but you wouldn’t want to use it every day.

      • animalsbybarry

        “Almost” a normal teleconverter, but it would need to have a field of view sufficient for the larger format, and it would need to convert the native lens mount to the native camera mount

        • El Aura

          It would merely have to be a TC native to sensor size. ‘FF’ TCs convert APS-C lenses into FF lenses (ignoring the small difference between the 1.4x TC magnification vs the 1.5x crop factor), simply by being FF TCs in the first place.

          • animalsbybarry

            A normal FF teleconverter would not cover an MF sensor

            It is not difficult to make what I am asking for, but it does need to be properly designed for it’s end use

          • El Aura

            Sure, that’s why I said a “TC native to the sensor size”, ie, a MF TC, as both Hasselblad and Phase One offer. Though it would need to be a ‘mirrorless’ TC, ie, a TC designed for the shorter flange distance.

  • nwcs

    Hasselblad worked with Fuji in the past. I wonder if this explains the rumors that Fuji is doing some medium format work? In any case it will be interesting to see what they come up with.

    • Neopulse

      They still do actually.

  • TinusVerdino

    They probably will use an adapter for existing V-mount lenses. Flange is 74.9mm so it won’t be very balanced shooting. When this system has the same flange, I don’t see the point.

  • Ethan

    Large format digital

  • Gary Craggs

    If this is true, and it’s significantly smaller and cheaper than the H series, sign me up! Fuji-Hasselblad H-Pro 2!

  • Mike

    My (wet) dream of a digital Mamiya 6/7 type camera may be coming to fruition. Fingers crossed!

  • Andrew Molitor

    Recall that Per Oosting is a *luxury* guy. This will be first and foremost an object of desire. He even calls out Leica as the natural competition. They’ve said “prosumer”. It’s not going to be some enormous beast.

    It’s also not going to be “whatever word salad of features I think is cool” as most of the armchair pundits on the internets seem to be proposing, and it’s not going to be a Stellar/Lunar repeat.

    Per was hired *specifically* to fix that debacle. It might still be a debacle, but it’ll be a different kind of debacle if so.

    • Andrew Molitor

      Allow me a moment to toot my horn.


  • saywhatuwill

    I like the fact that it’ll use all the current H-lenses available. That means it’ll be a mirrorless medium format camera.

  • Richard

    It will be square sensor M-mount camera, leveraging the full image circle and producing no less than 7000×7000 pixels. A reestablished partnership with Zeiss ensures kickbacks on M-mount lens sales. MSRP $12,999

  • Tom

    new picture….

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