Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens now shipping, still no word on the 11mm f/4 lens

Irix 15mm f:2.4 lens
Unfortunately the Irix announcement I reported about last week was not about the new Irix 11mm f/4 lens, but about the official release of their 15mm f/2.4 lens - the first deliveries of the Blackstone and Firefly versions are already on their way to distributors and retailers. In Europe you can find Irix lenses on Amazon:

I think Irix still doesn't have a distributor for the Americas, but US readers can get the lens on eBay. Here is the full press release and some technical info on the 15mm f/2.4 lens:

Irix 15mm f:2.4 lens design
Irix 15mm f:2.4 lens tech specs
Irix 15mm f:2.4 lens MTF chart
“The Irix 15mm f/2.4, both the Blackstone and the Firefly versions, is ready for sale”, announces TH Swiss Company. Starting from today, first deliveries of products have been shipped to distributors and retailers. Soon the customers will be able to enjoy the quality of Irix.

Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens is designed to deliver the best optical performance and match the demands of full frame DSLR cameras. Providing a focal length of 15mm, this new lens model is ideal for outdoor and indoor photography whether it is photojournalism, landscapes or architecture. The new special features such as focus lock, infinity click! and focus scale calibration set a new level of manual focus lens functionality. Thanks to sophisticated optical construction and special neutrino coating formula, colour aberration, ghosting and flare effects have been reduced to the absolute minimum. With a minimum focusing distance of 0.28 metre (0.92 ft) and 9 rounded shaped aperture blades, the lens stands for supremely smooth out-of-focus areas. The design of the lens allows the use of 95 mm screw-in filters at the front and gelatin filters at the back of the lens.

Blackstone, the Premium version, has durable body made with aluminium-magnesium alloy, that ensures foolproof protection of the lens, even in extreme situations. Its construction is equipped with four seals, that protect the camera mount and focusing mechanism against the dust and moisture, as well as front or side accidental water splashes. Engraved fluorescent markings enable easy read-out and operation in low light conditions.

Firefly is the standard version equipped with three seals that protect camera mount and focusing mechanism against dust, moisture and side accidental water splashes. Ergonomic focusing ring with rubber grip offers the freedom to operate with the camera. It is the most lightweight lens in its class.

Recommended retail prices are:

695 EUR for Irix Blackstone

475 EUR for Irix Firefly

Both versions are available for Canon EF and Nikon F cameras. By the end of September there will be also a Pentax K mount available.

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  • Tolot

    i am not buying blind… but if the first reviews are promising i buy one.


      I got my Irix 15mm Blackstone today and immediately tested it with my Nikon D810. Excellent performance even in the corners and very fine built quality.

  • Tolot

    mhm the MTF chart looks not that promising

    • Michael Sullivan

      that is not your “normal” MTF chart. Quite different. Will take most people some time to digest it.

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Looks like olestera to me

      • Tolot

        yeah i noticed after i wrote…..

  • Duncan Dimanche

    500$ is not a bad price for such a lens with this little distortion. pretty impressive

  • Zos Xavius

    These wide angle lenses are very interesting if they can deliver on the performance they claim. $500 is very cheap for a good and fast wide angle prime. The Laowa lenses are all seemingly very good optically so far as well. It would be interesting to compare their 15mm macro to this. And to the competition. Between samyang, tamron and sigma you could easily build a very good and inexpensive kit of 3rd party primes if you were willing to forgo autofocus for some lenses.

  • Firebrand

    Are they going to distribute these through BHPhoto and Adorama?

    • They still don’t have US distributor. Maybe in few months.

  • BP2012

    Who is a manufacturer of those Irix lenses? Where are they made?

    • MB

      I saw Made in Korea markings on Irix lenses … Samyang special order? ..

  • Nikita

    Annoying descriptions: Had to read too far to find price, and lack of AF. I still don’t know if the hood is removable, and I assume the lesser model accepts a filter.

    But, come on, an ultra-wide for APS-C, PLEASE !!!
    APS-C-only 10mm 2.8 AF, removable hood, filter thread, and small as possible. Why is everyone but Samyang ignoring this?

    • CHD

      What are you talking about….everyone who makes an APS-C camera offers an ultrawide already. Aside from that Tokina and Sigma both make UWA lenses dedicated to APS-C.

      • Nikita

        thanks for the condescending response man
        As I implied, I’m talking a lightweight rectilinear APS-C-only prime. Other then Samyang, who makes one? Not Nikon – 20mm is not v wide on DX, Tokina’s are big-ish zooms, Sigma may have an older fisheye, etc…

        • CHD

          Ah, OK maybe not as many primes but there are plenty of quality zooms in the UWA range. Sigma has a 8-16 in 72mm filter thread, and also a 10-20 as an example. Tokina has the excellent 11-16 f2.8.

          • Don’t forget the excellent Tokina 11-20 f2.8. 😉
            Got one and it’s nice and sharp for a zoom.

          • Nikita

            The Sigma is slow. I own the Tokina 11-16 and it is sharp, but it’s bulky and I end up not taking it when I travel. (travel light)
            I want an UWA APS-C only, prime, at least 2.8 for flash-less indoor shots.

            The Nikon guys who read Thom Hogan know that he’s been complaining about this for years. Nikon ignores the need for a full DX lens lineup.

    • Rob

      I bought the Sigma 8-16, if they offered an 8 mm prime for even $100 less I would have jumped at it.

  • CHD

    Well if nothing else it looks nice…

  • Nice to know I can get a lens coated with subatomic particles.


    I got my Irix 15mm Blackstone today via and immediately tested it with my
    Nikon D810. Excellent performance even in the corners and very fine
    built quality.

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