Meyer Optik to announce a new lens on Friday

Meyer Optik lens teaser
Meyer Optik will announce a new lens on Friday - see the teaser above: for perspective and scale, in the background to the left and center it appears to be the Trioplan 50 and Trioplan 100. The new lens (in front center) has a profile similar to the T50:

Meyer Optik lens teaser
Update - there are actually two new Meyer Optik lenses that are expected to be announced:

Here are a few sample photos taken with the new lens:

Credit: Benedikt Ernst

Credit: Nadine Steves

credit: Tamara Skudies

Credit: Firat Bagdu

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  • Christopher J. May

    Based on their history, it’ll probably be a simple meniscus lens that they plan to charge $1800 for…

  • Mistral75

    Actually, they are teasing two new lenses, see their new Facebook cover picture.

    • Oh, that’s new, it was not there yesterday – will updated my post.

      • Mistral75

        There were already two different lenses in your post yesterday:

        1. The blurred lens with a profile similar to the Trioplan 50mm and
        2. The black silhouette.

        • Yes, but I thought there will be only one new lens being announced,

  • Mistral75

    Announcement tomorrow around 1:30pm CEST.

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