The latest Canon patents

Canon lens LCD display patentCanon lens LCD display patent 2
Canon has a patent for displaying information on a LCD screen mounted on a lens similar to the latest Zeiss Batis lenses.

Canon expanding the AF points coverage area patent
Canon has a patent for expanding the AF points coverage area that was implemented in the recently announced 5D Mark IV camera.

Canon-Multi-module-multi-aperture computational camera patent
Similar to Nikon, Canon also has a patent for a multi-aperture computational camera.

Canon 20mm f:3.5 lenses patent Canon 18-62mm f:2.8-6.7 lens patentCanon 17-90mm f:2-6 lens patent
Canon has a patent for a 20mm f/3.5, 17-90mm f/2-6 and 18-62mm f/2.8-6.7 lenses designed for APS-C cameras.

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  • MdB

    Is that how small the expansion of AF area is?

    • AYWY

      It appears that the design of mirrored AF is nudging at its limits. It may be physically impossible to expand it further without making the camera bigger.

      • Zos Xavius

        Canon loves to recycle old tech. Its more likely they just didn’t want to make a newer larger secondary mirror and af block. I don’t see why you can’t have points almost to the edges.

        • Athanasius Kirchner

          I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but…

          See the first answer. You not only need a larger mirror, but also larger diameter lenses. With current mount specifications it’s almost impossible to put a wider AF block on FF cameras. Basically, the edge of APS-C is the limit.
          Now, Pentax could put a larger AF block on the 645 cameras, but it probably isn’t a sound investment for them (they still reign supreme in that market this far, with only the K-3’s SAFOX module, hah!).

  • nwcs

    My wife would just LOVE a turquoise lens!

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