Photokina 2016: Voiglander 65mm f/2 Macro Apo-Lanthar lens for Sony E-mount

It seems that Voiglander has a new lens for Sony E-mount: 65mm f/2 Macro Apo-Lanthar. Here are the technical specifications:

Focal length used on full format camera body 65 mm
Aperture ratio 1:2
Minimum aperture F22
Click-stop tba
Lens construction 10 elments in 8 groups
Angle of view 38°
Aperture blade 10
Minimum focus 0,31 m
Maximum diameter 77,2 m
Length 98,5 mm
Mount E
Electrical contact: Exif data transfer from lens to camera body for lens correction available
Manual focus assistant available
Weight tba
Filter size 67 mm
Color black
Others Selective aperture control system, "screw-in"-type lens hood
Optional ---

Cosina already announced two Voiglander lenses last week. There are already four Voiglander lenses for Sony E-Mount.

Update - here are the first (prototype) pictures of the lens courtesy of DC.Watch:


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  • Tolot

    who buys this stuff?
    since 2013 i have seen one guy with a voigtländer lens out in the wild…

    ps: it´s VOIGtLÄNDER

    • Zos Xavius

      People that like great lenses and aren’t put off by manual focus. You know, the same people that buy Zeiss. If they had this in DSLR form I would be interested.

      • Tolot

        yeah but where are they? 🙂

        • Neopulse

          I’m one of them. Own and enjoy using MF lenses. And have had clients buy many MF legacy lenses and modern ones for photography and/or video. Zeiss lenses primarily though.

        • Camaman

          At home practicing manual focus on their cats

  • HD10

    If this is as good as the Voigtlander APO-Lanthar 125mm f/2.5 SL, buying an E-mount camera to use with this lens is a no brainer.

  • Neopulse

    This might fulfill my desire for a 60mm Macro on my Sony after all despite it being an f/2 instead of an f/2.8.

  • Taffy Roberts

    If I was still an FE shooter this lens would be up on my list as an all-round/portrait lens. I love the idea of native mount manual third party lenses. As long as the price isn’t over the top.

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