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→ The new Fuji Instax monochrome instant film is already shipping in the US (available also on eBay). More info can be found here.

New Franzis HDR Projects 5 Professional announced.

→ One of the few good photo-websites left quesabesde.com announced its closing after 15 years of existence - just another indications of the tough market the photo industry is currently in (graph via CIPA/Statista)

→ Interview with YI Technology, the maker of the M1 mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera.

RED's latest modular cameras pack 8K 'Helium' sensors.

Canon to launch satellite with camera based on the 5D DSLR.

→ CFexpress cards with 8GB/s data rate on the way according to the CompactFlash Association

More after the break:

Leica M3 vintage replica camera tins for sale

Leica introduces Leica M-P “grip” by Rolf Sachs special edition

Primaluce Lab makes a special Nikon D5500a cooled camera for astrophotography

12 Fujinon Lens Firmware Updates Released

Sony Might Have Solved Their Overheating Issue With The Sony a6500

Promote Control adds advanced remote control capabilities for the Pentax K‐1 DSLR camera

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  • saywhatuwill

    Looking at those stats for camera sales you can really see camera sales really slipping even though it’s still in the millions. I’m hoping that camera phones don’t kill them completely considering camera phones are not THAT good. I always considered them to be equivalent to those box point and shoot film cameras we used to buy in the drug store. They can take decent pictures in bright light but for the best quality you need a “big” camera.

    • Geoff Neuer

      The prices are just too high anymore for non-pros. I think the phone camera is just so handy that it’s hard to argue with, and with the quality of them only going up, bye bye APC enthusiasts.

      • Melbar

        aps-c still has a better chance than m43.

        for mirrorless ILC i think aps-c is the number one choice right now.

        i would love to have more FF mirrorless offerings but for
        the majority of customers who shop below 1000$, aps-c is the best choice right now.

    • 24×36

      Camera phones aren’t killing anything. Market saturation is. Everybody who wants an excellent dedicated IL camera already has one (or two, or more), and the reasons to “upgrade” or buy more of them are shrinking.

  • Zos Xavius

    That chart is bleak man. A drop from over 120 million to 10% of that figure is downright scary.

    • Eric Calabros

      Still not an excuse for a photography website to close its doors. Market trend is changed, photography isn’t dead. Actually its opposite, people taking more photos than anytime in our history. We are in golden age of photography.

      • They probably had staff and an office – you cannot sustain that just with a photo news site today. Traffic is down across the line for photo websites and a new photo blog pops up almost every week. Big companies cut down on advertising already and many of those sites had nice revenue streams directly from the photo manufacturers.

        • Eric Calabros

          Thats right, but it’s not limited only to photo gear..look at EOSHD, if it wasn’t for its forum, you could call it dead! and its basically about video, which looks much healthier industry than photography. I mean in cyberspace, everything changes very fast.

          • Yes, but there are so many forums, even I have one 🙂 Yes, things do change fast. We shall see how all this will play out. There are also too many rumors sites 🙂

          • Allan

            There is only one rumor site: Nikon Rumors.

          • Oh, thank you for that 🙂

  • Melbar

    kill m43 already.
    there is no reason someone should suffer smaller than aps-c on an ILC.
    the next google pixel smartphones cameras will have nearly the low light performance of m43.
    sure the olympus OM cameras are nice from a feature point of view.
    but how much nicer with an aps-c sensors.
    personally im not going under FF anymore.

    • Zos Xavius

      The low light performance of m4/3 with a sensor more than twice as small? Yeah whatever.

  • a-traveler

    Like it or not, except for some pros, ILC cameras have become irrelevant. IQ has become irrelevant as well, you don’t need a 42Mp camera to post advertising photos on the ‘net.

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