Macphun announced Luminar: a new photo editing solution

Macphun announced their first, all-in-one photo editing solution called Luminar. Designed exclusively for Mac, "Luminar is built for user convenience, simplicity, and creativity" and will be available for pre-order on November 2nd at the discounted price of $59. The official launch is on November 17th and the price will be $69.

More about Luminar, including few screenshots from the user interface:

Innovative Adaptive User Interface

The Luminar user interface is built around the idea that every photographer is different, and therefore their photo editing needs are different too. Users can choose from 4 default interface variations, designed for: quick image fixes, photo enhancement with presets, an intermediate level of control, and advanced editing.

Workspaces & Filters

Luminar is the first Macphun editor to introduce Workspaces - innovative collections of tools most suitable for a specific type of photography. Default Workspaces will cover Portrait, Landscape, Street, and Black & White Photography. In addition, users can create an unlimited number of custom Workspaces, as well as import Workspaces from other photographers.

Luminar 1.0 will feature over 35 innovative imaging filters, from classic Tone & Exposure, to Bi-Color, Photo Filter Emulation, Cross-Processing, Detail Enhancement and dozens of others. Each filter category includes a set of precise controls, which can be adjusted to create countless different looks.

Users can save a group of pre-adjusted filters to create their own one-click preset, or for convenience, choose from over 50 pre-defined presets. With categories ranging from Outdoor to Portrait, Street to Drama, there’s a preset for every photography style.

Innovative non-destructive editing and powerful selection tools

The new Luminar for Mac introduces a new editing workflow. Users can change the order of applied filters at any time in the editing process, therefore totally changing the look of their photo. With the new History feature users can check all steps of the editing process, and go back to any step at any time.

The new selection tools in Luminar include;: adjustable editing brush, radial and gradient masking, as well as masking with a single layer and masking with an independent filter.

Together with the powerful blend modes, layers and filters, these masking tools allow users to easily perform even the most complex edits, for instance the sky replacement.

What else is in Luminar? 

  • Essential photo fixing tools, including spot healing, crop & transform, clone & stamp, noise reduction and other.
  • Complete photo enhancement toolset, including exposure & contrast controls, saturation, vibrance, clarity, sharpness, polarization, and more.
  • Creative color controls & adjustments, including bi-color, split toning, selective luminosity, saturation & hue controls and more.
  • A myriad of photo filters, including cross process, glow, orton effect, monochrome, soft tone and more.
  • Layers with blend modes and layer masking
  • Custom Textures with blend modes
  • Works as a standalone software, plugin & extension
  • Built-in RAW converter

Availability and Pricing:

Luminar will be available for pre-order on November 2nd at a discounted price of $59 for all new users, and just $49 for anyone who already uses has Macphun photo software. Pre-order offer will also include a bonus pack of photo training videos and a course on building a photography business from Will Burrard-Lucas, an award-winning UK based wildlife photographer with over one million Facebook fans.

Luminar will be available for purchase on November 17th.

macphun-luminar-1 macphun-luminar-2 macphun-luminar-3 macphun-luminar-4 macphun-luminar-5 macphun-luminar-6

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  • Alex @ Macphun Software

    Thank you for the review!
    Dear photographers, our team has put our best efforts to make Luminar suit all your photography needs, and we’ll do much more to meet your greatest expectations. So, if you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please, be sure to submit them via We’ll answer all the questions and consider all your suggestions. Thank you all for the inspiration!

  • Henri De Vreese

    How about support for new camera’s?
    Why would anyone choose this over Lightroom?
    Why is there no Windows version? Even my Mac’s are running Win10…

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      I’m sure that camera raw support is defined by Apple, as Macphun taps into CoreImage technology with their other software. This is also why there is no Windows version.

      I would choose free software over Lightroom or any other Adobe product because I don’t have time for their bugs.

      • Henri De Vreese

        But this isn’t free… And what are you using now that is cheaper than Lightroom? I have been using it since version 1 (call me a fanboy, I used Lightroom before I ever touched Photoshop). Now I have Lightroom + Photoshop for 7$/month.
        And raw support from Apple’s side is very slow. New camera’s take 2 months to get raw support.

        All these people that are against Adobe products, but none of them show a viable alternative… I’d need an alternative for: LR, PS, AE and Illustrator.

        • Sakaphoto Graphics

          I’m not using free software. I’m using better software: Phase One Capture One and Silkypix.

          I tried the Lightroom beta and stuck with Photoshop until 2006, when I switched to Capture One.

          • Henri De Vreese

            But Capture One is a Lightroom alternative, not a Photoshop alternative… And it’s a lot less powerfull than Lightroom.

          • Spilt

            Truth is, we don’t need to convince you… You can continue using adobe products if they suit you better.

          • Henri De Vreese

            I want to be convinced. We’re currently paying 1700$/year to Adobe. If there is something that is as good, as compatible and cheaper I’m going to consider it for sure.
            These other companies sure know how to hide themselves. Capture One is something I have tried in the past and it keeps comming back online. But the others I never even hear about.

            PS: Just checked out Affinity, they don’t have a Win version…

          • Aspa

            Affinity will be available for Windows soon – I tested Designer beta for some time and as far as I know Photo for Windows is on its way as well.
            If we talking about costs – just over a year ago I decided for small experiment and transferred all my workflow to new powerful desktop running Linux MInt. I used Darktable instead of LR, GIMP and Lightzone instead of PS, Inkscape instead of Illustrator, Audiacity for sound recording/editing (used it on Windows as well, no huge change then). Only for video editing I cannot find any ‘good enough’ free, open source replacement and was forced to pay for Lightworks licence.
            In general all works fine, but some compromises were necessary. First weeks were difficult due to my habits trained on Adobe products, but then I worked more and more efficient. Yes, some solutions were less intuitive, some features – strange and funny, but at the end of the day my customers didn’t realized that I am doing my job on ‘non-professional’ system with ‘toy’ open-source programs. Linux is now much better for people as us that was 5 years ago. Still not perfect, but going fast and in right direction…

          • CodeWarrior

            Probably the best alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator is Affinity’s Photo and Designer. They don’t replicate everything in Adobe’s arsenal but they are very full featured.

          • CHD

            Sillypix is terrible. Good results but slow and cumbersome interface.

  • it’s good to see alternatives to expiring subscriptions from Adobe. When I retire, Adobe is out the door and I find alternatives like this to manage my photos.

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