The new Leica M10 camera is rumored to be announced on January 18th

The new Leica M10 camera is rumored to be announced on January 18th. Here is a recap of all Leica M10 rumors:

Here is the invitation:


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  • CHD

    If these are the rumored ‘upgrades’ from the existing M240 model then I will be pretty disappointed. If it took Leica 5 years to shave a tiny bit of size off and pop a (marginally better) SL sensor in this thing then wow…that sucks.

    • I did not buy the M 240, so for me that is a good upgrade.

      • raziel28

        You betrayed Nikon!
        I thought that You were looking for the D5. :p 🙂

        • I am as much of a Nikon fan as I am a Leica fan. The D5 is too much of a camera for me.

  • J.L. Williams

    “Same EVF from the TL camera”…? There’s an EVF?!?!? THAT would be big news…

    Otherwise, these sound like a solid set of sensible improvements — especially the thinner body, which might finally get us close to the digital M4-P I always wanted. If I win the lottery in 2017 I’ll be giving this one a close look…

    • Yes, external viewfinder, the M 240 also had one, right?

  • What, no 48MP sensor from CMOSIS?

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