Irix now has a distributor in the USA

Irix 15mm f:2.4 lens
Irix now has a US based distributor ( and the Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens is now listed directly for sale on Amazon US (Irix lenses have been available for a while on Amazon UKAmazon DE and Amazon IT). The US prices are:

  • Blackstone: $649.00
  • Firefly: $449.00

Irix lenses are available in Nikon, Canon and Pentax mounts.

Via NikonRumors

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  • 120_300 OS for nikon

    This is good news now wait until tests review of the 11 mm F4 and prices

    • Zos Xavius

      Price is like 500.

    • Spy Black

      I checked the 11mm out at PhotoPlus Expo in NYC. If the the units that ship out have the same IQ, there’s gonna be one in my bag.

      • johnny

        Good news.

      • 120_300 OS for nikon

        Nice to know you saw the real thing i have to get al the info from internet and Flickr i might be in to with the 11 mill F4 waiting for test reviews before taking actions.

  • benjaminbutton

    Quite a good price and clean design, waiting for the comparison vs the 15mm F2.8 Zeiss that costs an arm and a leg

  • J-Man

    Too bad they have no aperture ring, oh well, money in my pocket.

  • Chris van

    I received and used the 15mm f/2.4 lens this past weekend. It is very sharp and has minimal distortion for such a wide angle of view. I was surprised at the low vignetting even at f/2.4. Most wide angle lenses start at f/3.5-4.0 because of the heavy vignetting. With the aperture closed down (a bit) to 5.6 it nearly goes away completely. My night shots start with an aperture of 8-9 and with the shots processed in Lightroom I found almost no vignetting or distortion. Both were easily corrected in post. I used the lens on my Sony a7 and used a fairly cheap adapter that worked great with aperture control and saved my EXIF data to my RAW files. The readings on f/2.4 actually show f/2.5, but that is understandable with the unusual aperture. Sony, Canon and Nikon all show f/2.5 as well even though it is actually a slightly wider aperture.
    The lens is beautiful and I had several photographers come up and ask about what lens I was using. I love having the infinity soft click that lets you know you’re set at infinity focus. Using the focus peaking in the Sony a7 is amazing with getting everything you want in quickly in focus and sharp at that. For less than $400 (I got a slight rebate from Amazon for a past shipping error) this lens has become one of my real favorites. How they can make this quality of a lens so affordable is quite a feat. You can tell that the Swiss had strong supervision on the manufacturing process. The Firefly (“plastic” body) is very well made and feels much like an alloy type lens body. Aside from the lens cap it really is a great, well made lens, I would recommend to anyone wanting a ultra-wide rectilinear lens.

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