Panasonic’s CES conference is on January 4th (Panasonic GH5)

Panasonic will have their CES conference on January 4th, 2017. This is when the company will announce the technical details and pricing of the Panasonic GH5 MFT camera. Panasonic may also announce one of their three new lenses for 2017. Here is what we know so far for the Panasonic GH5:

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  • Azmodan

    It’s impossible to have 6K video which is 19.4MP with an 18MP sensor. Unless they are offering some gimped version of 6K which is not 6K, they will need a minimum of 28MP in a 4:3 format sensor.

    • It’s a 4K video cam.
      It’s a 6K photo cam (not in 16:9 aspect ratio).

      Looking forward to see full specs and pricing! Was tempted to get the E-M1 Mark II, but as it failed to get ‘In stock’ at local vendors (though I could import one from another country), I didn’t actually commit to a purchase. Might as well wait a little longer and jump on the GH5.

      • Azmodan

        No one uses the term 6K to designate stills resolution, it’s supposed to shoot 6K video and even if it outputs 4K video, it lacks the resolution to do so.

        • They used 4K Photo mode before. Nothing new. It doesn’t have the exact same properties as a regular video mode. People started using the off aspect ratio to shoot anamorphic video with, which you de-squeeze in post, though. It’s just about using the full sensor to gain a photographic advantage (shooting at the burst of video), so it’s safe to assume the sensor itself is around 20MP.

  • Joey

    And LX200?

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