First press photo, shipping date of the Panasonic GH5 camera

I already reported that the Panasonic GH5 camera will be officially released on January 4th, 2017. It appears that the shipping/availability date will be March 1st, 2017 according to biggest Romanian photo gear site F64. They also show the first press photo of the GH5 unless they photoshopped it (the photo released at Photokina and currently used by retailers was more of a teaser than a real product photo):

Update: the photo of the GH5 used in the F64 website is fake.

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  • abortabort

    Clearly fake, that’s an EF mount and the sensor is oversized (which got me excited until I realised it’s the wrong mount). Some wishful thinking probably from a a forum and this site has picked it up while looking for a GH5 image.

    Also the top plate is wrong.

  • HD10

    Glad to see that Panasonic has retained the general size and shape of the GH3 and GH4 in the GH5. The GH3/GH4 by far had the best grip among the mirrorless cameras.

    • abortabort

      That’s not the GH5, BUT we’ve already seen the GH5 and yes it does retain the ‘it’s exactly like a DSLR’ size and shape.

  • Well, this is clearly NOT the GH5’s picture.

  • Ralph Braun

    I have yet to see the feature list, so until then, it is the Olympus for me

  • abortabort

    Glad to see my comment was deleted. This is a mockup by someone wishing for a larger format GH5 before the GH5 was (pre)announced. It even has a Canon EF (EF-S actually) mount.

    • Your comment was not deleted. I have no idea what are you talking about. Did you include a link in your comment?

      • markz

        not sure what his first post was but that’s not a MFT bayonet mount
        sensor size is right box size is right , number of contracts is right… bayonet mount ring… is… wrong, on a MFT there are three ring tabs but the top one is central at 12 o’clock. the left (when looking at it front on) starts just above 3 o’clock, the next one is starts at about 7o’clock, the mount alignment indicator(red dot) starts at about 10 o’clock and there’s no white dot (at least not on any of the 4 panasonic MFT cameras I have sitting in front of me right now).
        so even if a MFT lens would insert in without jamming on the tabs, it would not lock in in the right position – as some lenses have a rectangular light baffle at the mount end there would be increased vignetting due to the baffle not being square on with the camera

        • abortabort

          No, this image was linked months ago and is one of the first that come up when searching for GH5 and links to another rumour site. It is an EF mount on there and the sensor isn’t ‘right’. If you compare this to a GH4 you’ll see this is quite a bit larger. Apparently I can’t link it but surely the article would be hard to find.

          • markz

            well the right left image is scaled up to match the real life size of the of the EF mount ring in that image but yeh I can see now (even took it in to photoshop to overlay it) that the lightbox/sensor has been reproportioned up to about APS-C size if using the body size as a reference (assuming GH5 will have same proportions as the GH4)

        • abortabort

          That is where this image is from. Tagged as a ‘fake FF GH5 camera’ in an article from 2015.

      • abortabort

        Yes it included a link to the earlier source of this image. But clearly this image is NOT the official GH5 in any capacity.

        • Yes, if it contains a link, the spam system could have blocked it. I will check once get back home.

          • abortabort

            Still haven’t cleared this up. Definitely, definitely, definitely not a press photo of the GH5. This was some fanboys wet dream. Can you please correct the article?

          • I updated my post.

  • Eno

    The image is definitely fake but the site is legit and normally they don’t post any info about availability is they are not certain. 🙂

  • Eno

    The image posted by them does not actually describe the real Gh5 camera but:
    I’ve discus online with an F64 consultant and in summary he confirmed me the date is an estimation but 100% legit.

    This means the actual announcement must be very near, probably on January 4’th.

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