Profoto Air Remote TTL-S for Sony coming this month

The Profoto Air Remote TTL-S for Sony will be available on January 16th according to the product listings at B&H (available for pre-order also at Adorama):

You can pair the Air Remote with B1, B2, D2 flash heads to get full TTL and HSS.

Additional information is available here.

Via SonyAddict

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  • Ronald Noerachmad

    what about D1 Air series?????

    • hje

      all air models
      (otherwise it wouldn’t be an air remote)

  • Mato

    But not all air models are TTL, if that’s what Ronald asked about. The D1 Air models are not TTL. The B1/B2 models are, so is the D2 (just read the text in the article). This new trigger brings TTL/HSS to the Sony shooters. Otherwise, they have been able to use the AirSync and AirRemote triggers right from the beginning, without TTL/HSS. In short, you should be able to trigger your D1 with this, but you are not getting TTL/HSS, so you may as well use the cheaper AirSync or AirRemote triggers.

  • Mato

    I am a bit disappointed that this trigger is not compatible with the R1xr Mk2 camera (and its predecessors) to make it/them the only cameras out there with a leaf shutter and TTL compatibility (ok, apart from the PhaseOne XF which has the Profoto TTL capability built in).

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