Meike 6.5mm f/2 fisheye lens announced (APS-C mirrorless)

Meike announced a new APS-C based 6.5mm f/2 fisheye lens compatible with Sony, Canon, Olympus, Panasonic and Fuji mirrorless mounts. This is a manual focus lens. For pricing, check Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon DE.  Here are the technical specifications and a few additional pictures:

Product model MK-6.5mm-F2.0
Lens type Manual focusing fisheye lens
Lens structure 5 groups and 6 lenses
Aperture range F2.0-22
Focal range 6.5mm
Lens diameter 61mm
Length 51.5mm
Weight 300g
Coating nano-technology multi-layer coating
Full-frame Visual angle diagonal 190°   horizontal 190°   vertical 190°
APS-C Visual angle diagonal 190°   horizontal 190°   vertical 190°

Additional information is available here.

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  • Nyarlathotep

    Wait a minute… the specs say:

    Full-frame Visual angle
    diagonal 190° horizontal 190° vertical 190°
    APS-C Visual angle
    diagonal 190° horizontal 190° vertical 190°

    This is either some kind of sorcery.

    A) APS-C and FF cannot have the same angle of view with the same lens, aside from an APS-C image circle projection circular fisheye.
    B) This lens only covers APS-C, so… why the “Full-frame Visual angle”
    C) This isn’t a circular fisheye, so unless they are assuming some mythical circular APS-C sensor there is no way all three of these can be true: diagonal 190°, horizontal 190°, vertical 190°

    Or marketing goofed.

    I want to believe sorcery, sadly I doubt it. That would be too cool.

  • Spy Black

    Why is it listing full frame FOV when it’s identified as an APS-C lens, and how could be identical to the crop frame FOV? Strange that M4/3 is also included in the available mounts, yet Nikon and EOS mounts are not available. This is a strange company.

    • Sakaphoto Graphics

      It is for mirrorless bodies.

      I can’t imagine that Sony A7 will have 180 degrees FoV if the A6500 will have 190.

      • Nyarlathotep

        While not clearly stated in the marketing page, its a (“circular”) fisheye projection. On both FF and APS-C it will appear the same, as 190 degrees. On FF it will just take up a smaller part of the sensor.

    • jojo

      They are presumably quoting the angle of view for the actual image. If you see a circular image of, say, 21mm diameter or so on APS-C, you will see exactly the same size image in the centre of the FF area, and the angle of view will in this sense be identical. Perhaps that is what the expression “visual angle” suggests?

    • nzswedespeed

      All lenses are stated in their angle of view. It would be even more confusing for companies to start listing their equivalent focal length. Nikon and Canon mounts have too large of flange distance (maybe canon eos-m is too small of maker for a niche lens)

      • Jeffry De Meyer

        Nothing wrong with canons ef mount, best mount in the business

        • nzswedespeed

          I never said anything was wrong with Canons mount. This lens is designed for mirrorless cameras. If you don’t know what a flange distance is you might what to google it, as that is why this lens isn’t compatible for canon EF mount

          • Jeffry De Meyer

            I interpreted what you wrote wrong, I thought you were one of those short flanges are the best guys.

    • Max

      The full frame equivalent it is 9mm

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