The RED Helium 8K camera reached a new all-time-high DxOmark score of 108

DxOMark tested the RED Helium 8K camera and gave it the all-time-high score of 108 (click for larger view):

Here is DxOMark's conclusion:

The RED Helium 8K is the most impressive sensor we’ve ever tested. Rating 10 points above the best of the full-frame DSLRs, it stands alone as our top scorer. Its image quality is even more impressive given its very high maximum frame rates. Our only caveat is that the Helium 8K sensor appears to benefit from some noise reduction to enhance its RAW image quality.

We can likely explain the Helium 8K’s improvement over our previous top scorer, RED’s own Dragon, by a combination of both better sensor technology and temporal noise reduction. The upgrade to 8K video and improved image quality across the board make it a clear upgrade from the RED Dragon – and a clear winner. The Helium 8K is an impressive achievement by RED. For those with the budget, its top-of-the-line image quality, high frame rate, and 16-bit RAW capture capability absolutely make it worth considering as a competitor to high-end DSLRs and medium-format cameras for still image capture.

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  • TinusVerdino

    Starting at $49,500

    • Eric Calabros

      No need to spend that much to beat A7r2. Just give GH5 footages a bit of Neat Video’s magic, and it will score higher than any full frame in DxO list.

      • Esstee

        Pretty sure this pertains to still image quality

        • Eric Calabros

          Just because camera gives you a single frame, doesn’t mean it captures only that single frame.

          • Thom Hogan

            Again, “temporal processing.” What that means is that something in the RED is looking at multiple captures in the video stream and creating the raw data accordingly.

          • Esstee

            Right, and so I’m wondering why one earth DxO is comparing multiple frames with single frame images. Or perhaps more to the point, why anyone would consider this meaningful.

      • I’m all team M43, but I doubt the GH5 is that good.
        ISO seems decent up to ISO3200 now.
        But mainly DR still a bitch and overall quality not quite up there.

        • Eric Calabros

          Read out noise in these sensors are unbelievably low, so much of the noise you see is just shot noise (randomness of light), and thats what processings like Neat video NR can improve a lot. So yes just one frame of a m43 data cant beat one frame of FF, but multiple frames of m43 would easily beat one frame of FF.

          • Spy Black

            That’s only going to be of help in a static image tho.

        • Thom Hogan

          Note DxO’s comment about temporal processing. The RED is looking at multiple capture frames to inform the current frame, a form of noise reduction. NEAT does temporal noise reduction after the fact. So Eric’s comment very well might be true.

          • Max

            So if you shoot a still with the RED at, say 2000/s , will it still be able to do that?

          • Thom Hogan

            Temporal means it is looking at adjacent frames in a video stream and comparing them.

          • Max

            I know. But can it do that for stills?

  • Spy Black

    Pentax in at #5. Not bad…

    • CHD

      …or number 3 if you are only looking at ILC

    • Agachart Sukchouy

      it not about “size” guy,it about magic,Can you explain what is RED Helium image sensor?

      that will beat all sensor size because it made by Magic.

      ha ha ha,Throw CMOS old school.

  • decentrist


  • BP2012

    Pentax 645z is still not on list. Camera with highest scores since it was produced 3 years ago. Based on Red results (27.5/15.2/4210) it could have better scores than Red.

    • Spy Black

      Although it would be interesting to see how this camera fares, by now it’s obvious this camera is dead. It had things going against it from the start (AF, old lenses, support), and now there are new models it will have to compete against. Ricoh is not only going to have to reinvent the Pentax, it’s going to have to update the lenses to be competitive with the resolution a camera like this can give, and those of it’s competition, both old and new.

      That said, in the controlled environment of studio photography, this camera can make the best of it’s aging lenses and sluggish AF. In that respect it could be a decent tool, but the economics of a Nikon or Sony, and now Canon as well make it a hard investment decision professionally. I think anyone looking to invest in a digital MF camera right now has the Fuji and Hassleblad in their sights. Hopefully Ricoh will surprise everyone at CP+.

      • BP2012

        Camera is far from dead, It is still bestseller on MF market. Good luck to Fuji to beat those sales figures. Hasselblad is not a competition at all. From my point of view Ricoh/Pentax needs 2 new MF cameras, one simple mirrorless with croped 50mp 645 sensor for 3500-4000$ to compete with Fuji and the other one DSLR type with 100mp FULL SIZE 645 sensor for 10000$. Why the other one? To compete with Phase One and because Fuji can’t do that.

        • Spy Black

          How do you use your Pentax?

          • Brad F

            Just keep bringing the price down of the z. That’s all I ask. I could care less about huge MP count on a 35mm sensor. It’s all about that MF aesthetic for me.

          • Spy Black

            Well hopefully Ricoh will release a new mirrorless MF at CP+. Then the z will be discontinued and subsequently discounted.

          • waterengineer

            Because Hasselblad discontinued their full size body when they introduced their mirrorless camera. (insert eyeroll emoji here.) You logic is nonsensical.

          • Matt E-D
          • BP2012

            Actually I am using K-1 most of the time but when I need ultimate quality 645z is still my choice for some landscapes, portraits and products.

          • Duncan Dimanche

            holly crap spy you are all over the place ! You do have a lot of free time budy

          • Spy Black

            …and you have plenty of time to read ’em…

        • CHD

          I think the new Fuji will do far better then the Pentax. The biggest weakness with the 645Z is lenses….many of them just aren’t that good. Although Fuji is still developing theirs I would bet money they will all be extremely good the same way their APS-C lineup is.

          • raziel28

            Not to mention their cinema line… 😉

          • Spy Black

            Autofocus is a weak point as well. Unless Ricoh wants to bow out of MF, I think they’ll replace the 645z with a mirrorless, and update the lens line.

    • silmasan

      There were some sort of leaked results which were withdrawn later. If those numbers really do mean something, then Sony has some catching up to do.

    • El Aura

      The Hasselblad and Phase One bodies with the same sensor would have quite similar scores, and the 100 MP bodies an even higher score. DxO has has always been spotty when it came to adding MF cameras but the last MF added was the Phase One IQ180 from January 2011.

  • Danieltech

    is this a joke ? 50k$ video cameras compared with sub 3k $ dlsr’s ?? I guess you can, because all of these somewhere in spech sheet says: “camera”.

  • a-traveler

    No-one who buys digi-cine cameras gives a ratz-*zz abouth DxO scores.

    BTW where is the score for ARRI’s Alexa 65. or Panavision’s DXL 8k??

    • Karim Ghantous

      The DXL should score a little above the RED Dragon. Not sure about the Alexa 65. But keep in mind that the RED cameras are the only high performance cine cameras that can be used as stills cameras. The Blackmagic Pocket certainly can be used as a stills camera, but it’s not a high performance unit.

      And DxO scores are not that relevant – after all, a lot of people prefer the Leica M9 to any CMOS today.

  • animalsbybarry

    Sony dethroned

  • Zainb

    Red’s raw are cooked. There is no way smaller sensor camcorder has superior images than larger sensor FF cameras.

    Red’s raw are cooked. This is well known.

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