Leica M10 camera: everything we know so far


After a new picture of the Leica M10 camera leaked online earlier today (top photo above), I decided to do a recap on everything we know so far on the upcoming digital rangefinder from Leica:

  • There are no openings for a microphone or a speaker
  • Dedicated ISO wheel/dial on top plate: the dial for the ISO on the top plate has the settings A - M and then goes from 100 to 6,400
  • The camera on switch has only one setting and it’s marked with a dot, there will be no S - C options (for single/continuous shooting)
  • Next to the display on the left are only 3 buttons: LV, Play and Menu as well as 2 LEDs (this is probably done to fit the larger LCD screen), there is also a setting dial as well as direction pad on the back
  • The M10 does not have video recording (no movie button on top), but it does have Live View
  • The flash shoe has the same EVF connector as the TL - previous rumors indicated that the M10 will use the same EVF from the TL
  • LED framelines
  • 0.72x improved (bigger?) viewfinder (FYI: both the Leica M9 and M 240 have a 0.68x viewfinder)
  • Frame selector
  • Raised M mount to accommodate the rumored thinner body (3.8mm thinner)
  • The model name will be M10, no more “Typ” reference (Leica M10 was recently registered in China)
  • 24MP sensor (the sensor from the Leica SL/Q)
  • Max ISO: 50k (just like the Leica SL and the Leica Q)
  • Slightly bigger LCD screen
  • Same EVF from the TL camera
  • The new M10 should be 3.8mm thinner than the M 240 (should be as thin as analog Leica M camera)
  • Image processing engine MAESTRO II
  • Up to 5 frames per sec
  • Build-in Wi-Fi
  • Improved/simplified menu
  • The Leica M10 will most likely use the same battery (BP-SCL2) as the M Typ 240
  • The official announcement is on January 18th

Via LeicaRumors

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  • CHD

    I’ve said this before but if you already own an M240 why would you upgrade to an M10??? From the specs above the improvements are fairly minimal. I would be better off keeping my M240 and spending M10 money on a Fuji GFX50S….

    • Tapper

      Not everyone owns an M already…

      • CHD

        Yeah I agree with you…and if you’re one of those people you would be better off to save your money and buy an M240 for considerably less money.

        • Zos Xavius

          The same could be said about virtually every product in existence…

          • CHD

            We’re talking about digital cameras here not ‘every product in existence’. You’re right though that in the last 10 years we’ve now reached a point of diminishing returns with the current state of digital camera development.

            That said, take the Sony A7ii as an example….it is miles better then the original A7. My point is that after 4 years Leica could have done more then what we see rumored with the M10. The sensor from the SL/Q is better but only marginally, and WiFi and GPS are niceties but nothing special.

    • sperdynamite

      When I shot weddings on the 240, actual low light at 800,1600, 3200 were pretty hairy if I had to make ANY shadow or highlight recovery at all. It would be worth the upgrade for cleaner files at these ISOs if you’re a NYC wedding shooter. It’s very dark here.

    • leica man

      Umm hello, it’s thinner!
      Like a film M.
      My delicate hands cannot always grasp the oversized M240.


    • Brennan McKissick

      Minimal upgrades if you own the current generation M and are money conscious. Too bad that is a very small part of the new Leica user group haha. M9 people who skipped the M240 will like this if they can somehow manage to settle with the use of a CMOS sensor, wealthy M240 owners who are image conscious and not money conscious will make the upgrade when Leica makes some sort of upgrade program, people who are new to digital Ms and have the money will buy this too. I hope it sells well so maybe I can pick one up in a few years.

  • sperdynamite

    What *I* know:

    1. I fucking want it.

    2. I cannot fucking afford it.

    • Brennan McKissick

      This sums it up for me. I’d settle for a 262 but I can’t afford that either soooooo…

    • Mato

      Then get a Fuji X-Pro2 and be happy 🙂

  • Jore Puusa

    Whatever camera body people had…the pictures stay the same..dull plagiates. Pictures start in the brain..not in the camera.

    • David V. Kutaliya

      Absolutely right !!!

  • Cory

    I had the M9. Now I have the current one (9 + 1 = 10). So my kindergarten math clearly indicates this next camera must be the M11.

  • CHD

    Is it just me or do you think the ISO dial is going to be a polarizing feature of the M10?? To me it kind of ruins the look of the top plate for a feature that takes 3 secs to change in menu. Not to mention many people shoot auto ISO these days. I’m not saying I don’t like it…just undecided.

    • What I think ruins the look is the elevated silver M mount – not that I care.

    • Brennan McKissick

      Honestly it doesn’t bother me. It looks like a rewind knob which is kind of cool. Plus, it’s not like you’re going to be changing ISO often enough between frames for it to bother you *too* much. And, it’ll be like a shutter speed dial after a while. You’ll get used to the clicks and where it is and be able to change it quickly without thinking about it.

  • Scaling from the top view of the chrome model…it’s clear that the camera body thickness [excluding protrusions] is about 2X the depth of the hot shoe.

    A hot shoe standard depth is 16mm [unless Leica make its hot shoe “special”]…ergo, the “slimmer” body is ~32mm, same as my M2.

  • Jukeboxjohnnie

    This is great got the M 262 starter kit last year looks like it’s as good as the M10 for the next four years

  • Rich Watson

    What model of Panasonic will this be?

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