Fuji GFX digital rangefinder is a possibility (plus a Leica M10/Fuji GFX poll)

In a recent interview with dpreview, Fuji representative mentioned that a Fuji GFX based digital rangefinder is a possibility (see the already discontinued Fuji GF670 film medium format rangefinder):

Could these same benefits be applied to medium format, we asked. ‘Of course it could be an idea for medium format,’ says Oishi: ‘it depends on demand and the market. The GFX 50S is one style: the ‘S’ means 'SLR-style.' Another way to do it would be a rangefinder style camera. Maybe an ‘R’ could be a rangefinder: we’re always considering other options and possibilities.’

‘If mirrorless interchangeable lens camera is too big as a rangefinder style, a fixed lens camera could be smaller, like the GF670.’

Both the new Leica M10 and the Fuji GFX cameras that were announced last week were priced the same ($6,595 for the Leica M10 and $6,499 for the Fuji GFX 50S). If you were given the choice to get one of those cameras for free, which one would you choose? Here is a poll:

Check also the new Fujifilm GFX 50S hands-on report and video from B&H:

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    Fuji should make a cheap Leica. All manual with a real rangefinder for 1500-2000. They’d make a killing

    • Neopulse

      They already made a cheap Hasselblad :-/

    • CHD

      A full-frame rangefinder for $1500-$2000??? Keep dreaming.

    • nwcs

      I doubt there is enough of a market. If there was it would already be done.

  • 1741

    A gfx 50F – 50mm fixed lens aka x100 but mf sensor around £2000/2500 they could do a version with interchangeable lens for £3000/3500

    • padam

      A rangefinder is essentially a mirrorless camera with an added optical viewfinder and rangefinder.

      Therefore it costs more to make than a GFX 50S.

      • MB

        With fixed lens it could be roughly the same price, but not cheaper …
        For example X100f is more expensive than X-T20 with 18-55 …

  • If Leica M10 came with Noctilux, I wouldn’t even think twice and choose Leica. Otherwise GFX, please.

    • qwertyuiop

      Leica m10 with a noctilux for 6k bucks? Now that’s what I would call a great deal!

      • The Noctilux is overrated, have you tried to focus that thing with a rangefinder?

        • Yes, and at that price, I’d buy one instantly!

  • qwertyuiop

    Few things ever gave me more satisfaction than voting for the GFX in this poll 🙂

  • br0xibear

    “If you were given the choice to get one of those cameras for free”
    Both nice cameras, but I wouldn’t keep either.
    I’d choose the Leica because I’d get more money for it…and I’d put that money towards buying a Hasselblad X1D.

    • I also like the idea of the X1D, but the pricing is just too much for me. Maybe on a fire sale one day.

      • Spy Black

        I feel bad for Hassleblad in a way. If Fuji hadn’t put their camera out Hassleblad could’ve had a leg up on Phase One for a change. The Fuji took all the steam and stole all the thunder out of the X1D launch. Hassleblad was just beginning to catch up to Phase and this happened. They still have their DSLR which is attractive compared to the Phase, but the future of medium format I think is mirrorless, simply for the weight and size advantages. I see mirrorless being more important to medium format than it is for 35. It’s only a matter of time before Phase One, as well as Pentax, put out their own mirrorless. Of course this will be great for the professional market because the competition will bring the price of digital medium format down. One or two players may go down however, and Hassleblad could be one.

        • raziel28

          Unfortunately, they shutdown Mamiya brand, put their logo on the cameras and choose to be so-called premium. Manufacturer that created 645 is no more, and they used to be cheaper than Hasselblad.
          But nowadays, synonym for MF is PhaseOne, which didn’t exist when Mamiya was producing their 645 systems…

    • hje

      The viewfinder of the X1D is in my personal opinion just horrible. The display resolution is too low. Both not worthy of such a nice build compact medium format camera. But everything else seems and feels very nice.
      ( the viewfinder of the Leica sl is better, the display resolution of the d5 d500 is superior)

      Looking forward to get my hands on the Fuji

      • Max

        Are you referring to the lcd on d5 d500?

        • Zos Xavius

          no the ovf. the resolution is quite impressive. 😉

          • Max

            Heh. Yes they’re beautiful

        • hje

          I tried to. 🙂

    • raziel28

      I am not sure about that lens manufacturer… I trust Fuji much more.

  • ms

    A digital MF rangefinder sounds fun…until you think about maintaining calibration. Critical focusing wide open would be a nightmare with a sensor that size and resolution.

  • John Densky


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