New deals on the Sony RX100, RX100 II, RX100 III and RX100 V cameras

The Sony RX100, RX100 II and RX100 III cameras are now $50 off (yes, Sony still sells all five of their very successful RX100 models). This deal will be valid till February 11th. The RX100 IV is still selling at full price, but the latest RX100V that was announced a few months ago now comes with a free $100 gift card:

The Sony a6300 camera also comes wth a $100 gift card, while the a7S II is now $300 off.

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  • Sebastien

    Good! So the RX100 VI is upcoming??

    • probably later this year

      • EcoR1

        They propably relese it just before or just after the Nikon DL-models become available.

        • nwcs

          Given the time delay I can see them come out with another RX100 variant to match the DL 18-50. Maybe not right away but by end of year.

  • MonkeySpanner

    Does anyone actually get excited about $50 off on a $900 camera? If I actually was about to buy it anyway – hey bonus. But I certainly would not wait for this “big sale”

  • Are they supposed to give away v1 for free by now?:)))

  • Spy Black

    Dumping all that stock collecting dust.

  • CHD

    I appreciate the fact Sony still offers all (4) models of the RX100. When I bought my RX100 iii last year I based my decision on price and features. It was nice not having to shell out for a RX100IV and having the option of getting a brand new older version.

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