This is the new Canon EOS M6 mirrorless camera

This is the new Canon EOS M6 mirrorless camera:

Canon EOS M6 mirrorless camera info:

  • Color: black / silver
  • Available in body only, 15-45mm lens kit, 18-150mm lens kit and double zoom lens kit
  • SKU: 1724C001 (black), 1725C001 (silver)

Canon will also announce a new Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens and EVF-DC2 viewfinder:

Additional EOS M6 pictures:

Via Nokishita

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  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    The chrome one is a looker, reminds me of my grandpa’s AE-1 Program. Oh yeah, I just realized that Canon hasn’t made a chrome ILC since the late AL-1, that was 35 years ago!

    • Zos Xavius

      The first digital rebel was chrome. Well silver. So were the film rebels of that era.

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        Those Rebels were “metallic silver” painted, not “fake chromed” like on the AE-1 up to the AL-1, the first feels cheap and tacky, the later feels expensive and luxurious, even though it’s not the real deal, which was chrome plated brass.

  • MonkeySpanner

    So – no word on sensor? Has canon caught up to Sony on sensor tech now?
    Anyway – control points. I count 1 PSAM dial, one back wheel, one front wheel, and maybe that button on the right of the grip is programmable? Not bad – but I have seen much better.

  • Joey

    G1X III please….

  • Looks very M3 infront and M5 in the back. Let’s hope it has some slow-mo capability.

  • Disqus Discuss

    How is the lens availability. Will that, like the sensor be sucking wind behind the Sony?

    • Andrei

      What is thet huge Sony lens availability you talking about?
      Last time i wanted to buy an a6000 i couldn’t find a decent normal walk-around zoon, except the overpriced Zeiss.

      • abortabort

        Look pretty hard did you kit zoom enthusiast?

  • Eric Calabros

    Sony is in trouble. at this rate, Canon is going to become the leader of mirrorless very soon. Now we need to see what the hell Nikon has in its mind.

    • BP2012

      As I already said, Canon really knows how to saturate market with crap. If your definition of leadership is quantity of sold crappy and shitty consumer cameras than I agree with you. Canon was and will be a leader for a long time.

      • Andrei

        You mean crap like the Sony 16-50?
        Canon might not have all the features but the lenses are there, cheap and good quality, plus the EF lenses are fully compatible not like in the case of Sony.

        Have you ever actually used a Canon mirrorless or you are just a forum warrior?

        • Tapper

          He may have been hyperbolic, but it seems two things are true here:

          1) Canon mirrorless continue to be several years behind other manufacturers in various ways.
          2) Canon is a very powerful brand and they know how to get product on shelves and in consumer hands.

          I would not call Canon “crap,” as they make solid products that generally are very reliable. But innovative, cutting edge imaging products are more often found with other brands. Someone who doesn’t spend time reading and trying various brands can buy a Canon mirrorless and get good use from it. But it’s probably not the most capable camera they could’ve purchased for the money.

          • BP2012

            Exactly and if you want above average results you have to buy top quality M lenses which doesn’t exists and adapter for regular Canon lenses is clumsy and slow. Metabones AF adapter for Sony cameras and Canon lenses works much better.

        • Would love to know what this camera can do that others can’t. From its feature set it seems to be in the market for the sake of being in the market. Canons from my experience have awful sensors so not really expecting much from this but please correct me if I’m wrong.

          • Andrei

            What’s so awful about Canon sensors? That you cannot lift shadows 5 stops?
            And you can even do that in the last sensors in the M5, 80D, 5D, etc

          • Possibly if you shoot in the most optimum conditions but you crank the ISO up and then tell me about lifting shadows by 5 stops.

          • Markintosh_x

            Dude, why waste your time to argue with people who never even used M cameras and based their opinion on al crap they read in the Internet reviews:)) Let them think that Sony is the top of the world, so they can enjoy their life:)

          • Andrei

            Good question, i ask that myself too. But just sometimes can’t resist.

          • Waldo8888

            What is your ideal Canon camera? What camera would you personally like Canon to produce specs wise?

          • decentrist

            Not Sony,Fuji and soon to be Nikon

          • Andrei

            Adapt all EF and EF-S lenses with native AF speed and full compatibility with a cheap adapter.
            And the best video AF.

          • I’m exclusively talking about stills. I’m definitely not impressed with anything Canon produce.

          • Andrei

            Im talking about stills too. Thats your problem if you only impressed by the specs sheet.

          • If you read my initial comment you’d know I was talking about real life experience.

          • Yes, you might be actually wrong. M5 (and hopefully M6) uses Canon 80D sensor. You can find some reviews online. It still might not completly close the gap as far as competition (SONY chips) goes, but it’s surely a nice advancement in ashadows noise recovery at least …

        • abortabort

          Have you? 15-45mm is garbage. There are loads of lenses that have issues being adapted. Model to model they break and fix EF compatibility. Focus is not appreciably faster with EF lenses, it has better touch functionality though. Slower, with longer blackouts, very limited functionality / features, pretty woeful build (certainly on later models) and absolutely pathetic native lens lineup.

          But hey, if kit lenses are the pinnacle of a successful mirrorless system for you, Canon are your brand being that’s all they have.

        • Nátrium-tioszulfát

          Canon’s system walks two step behind the competitors.

          The flagship mirrorless EOS M5 in nutshell:

          – Mediocre AF performance.
          – Mediocre sensor image quality.
          – Mediocre lens image quality.
          – Mediocre EVF.
          – Below avarage lens lineup.
          – Below avarage video features.
          – FAR ABOVE avarage advertisement budget.

          And yes, I tried the EOS M5 and most of the other M bodies. I’m an EOS user since 10 years. I want a good, innovative, up-to-date EOS mirrorless system along with my Full Frame bodies, but the current lineup is disappointing.

          • If you can’t shoot with M5, sell your equipment and find another job. I can do my business with Canon 70D. If you can’t do it with a de-facto 80D, pointing in its mediocre image quality, then I am really worried about your capabilities. Yes – everybody would like to see more bells and whistles competition has, but that does not mean M cameras can’t serve well to its intended purpose – to make good photos …

          • Nátrium-tioszulfát

            Your argument is a logical fallacy. I didn’t say that I can’t do my job with a camera like the EOS M5. But I’m not an enemy of my own money, if I get a better camera and overall better system for the same price, I will not buy the less competent equipment.

        • BP2012

          My last Canon camera was original 5D. I tried every M and all of them were crap so I didn’t buy any of those cameras. I expect M6 to be in the same league, there is a reason for that. The same reason why I am not buying Canon cameras anymore.

          p.s. You missed a point because I’m not a Sony fan. Yes Sony 16-50 is a crap lens but have you ever tried to take photos with Canon APS-C kit lenses on cheap DSLR which are selling at supermarkets between pasta and apples? A bunch of crap.

      • Eric Calabros

        Crap or not, earnings and their position in the market keep confidence in brand at high levels. Professionals will know they are here to stay, and they are reliable, so investing on their ecosystem becomes even less risky.

        • abortabort

          Yeah the EOS M’s are really the professional tools of choice because of this 😉

    • gasbubble

      LOL. The people that want mirrorless already have mirrorless. The market for Canon is limited to the pros that want a small body in addition to their DSLR kit. That’s a really small market. On top of that the features on the EOS-M line are far inferior to the rest of the market. The M5 is too little, too late, and this other M6 isn’t any better.

      • Eric Calabros

        The whole market is small. But its DSLR thats shrinking fast in this small market, not mirrorless.

  • AYWY

    No built-in evf so i suppose this is a lower-line than M5.

    Attacking the market at 2 price points now. Yup Canon is getting serious.

    • TinusVerdino

      also missing the assignable function dial. 4vloggers probably

    • jojo

      Minimal upgrade / restyle on the M3. Yes, really serious. This is slower than evolution!!!

  • BP2012

    As usual…Canon really knows how to saturate consumer market with crap.

  • Robert Grayston

    So its a slightly cheaper M5 without a evf… Brilliant…

    • Les

      More like an M3 with the M5’s sensor and PDAF. Nothing wrong with that, not everybody wants a “mini SLR” camera.

  • Let me guess. Still no sensor stabilization and 4K?
    They’re not exactly innovators, are they?
    Same old shizzle, different jacket. Then again, that’s just what they do.
    Can’t someone please have a sensible APS-C mirrorless camera/system/line-up?
    Nikon? C’mon. Join in.

  • Originaru

    I never thought i would say that, but design and dials wise this camera beats sony a 6xxx series, please Sony put the second dial already!
    Canon my attention is on you…

  • Marc P.

    Canon did this new 18-55 STM just for one reason: cost maximize! by loosing a bit of speed, F4 vs F3.5 – that “Kitlens” can be bought way smaller, therefore it’s more cost-effective for manufactoring, and i bet it’ll be sold for the same price as the current 18-55/3.5-5.6 STM, albeit it’s smaller, so it would fit better on small DSLR bodies like the Rebel SL1, and alike, for instance…Canon would perhaps feel the pressure as Nikon also from small Mirrorless (DSLM) cameras, and therefore building their entry-level DSLRs much smaller (like SL1).

    • Okaro

      Not everyone needs the EVF. It is a nice option just if one later wants it. I bet well under 10 % of users buy it.

  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Any word on what sensor is inside?

  • Jeff

    So, just to get this right, the M6 is worse than the M5?
    Will the M7 be better than the M6? M5? worse? I’m confused.

    • Okaro

      With Canon the principle is the smaller the number the better the Camera (EOS M2 and M3 are exceptions as they are based on a different system)

      • Jeff

        Oh….yes you’re right. 5D, 6D, 7D….Should have remembered.

  • CHD

    Man….whoever is in charge of design at Canon should be canned. This is literally the Toyota Camry of the camera world. Does everything well but is a complete bore. I would never in a million years buy this forgettable camera.

  • Tran T

    Was waiting for the EOS-M5 price to drop but this is better. If the M6 have dual pixel sensor then I’ll buy it and the 22mm. Great portable combo that I can take anywhere. I hope it’s priced at $699

  • Sebastian

    Another well-executed step. Canon is where it is because they were market leaders before the camera crisis, and they made the fewest mistakes. Without a major disruption, and the camera market hasn’t seen any in a decade, that’s all it takes.

  • Tiffy Hughes

    will it comes future next mirrorless eos m7??? what you think it always update upgrade you name it?

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