Canon EOS 77D DSLR camera

This is the final leak from the upcoming Canon announcement - the Canon EOS 77D DSLR camera (more pictures are specs after the break):

  • Number of effective pixels: 24.2 million pixels
  • Video engine: DIGIC 7
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF
  • AF point: 45 points
  • Burst: Up to 6 frames per second
  • ISO speed: 100 - 25600
  • Display: 3-inch Touch Panel Vari-Angle Liquid Crystal
  • Built-in Wi-Fi / Bluetooth
  • Size: 131.0 × 99.9 × 76.2 mm
  • Weight: 540 g

All previously leaked Canon cameras and lenses can be found here.

Via Nokishita

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  • Jeffry De Meyer

    Interesting, how much more can they ask for a touch screen and a dial on the other side of the ovf

    • abortabort


    • KT

      A grey market 80D will be selling for less than the 77D from a US re-seller. I know which one I’ll be getting.

  • malchick743

    Spec translation need some touch-up. Please correct the field “Liquid Crystal” to
    “Display: 3-inch Touch Panel Vari-Angle Liquid Crystal”

  • sickheadache

    is this Canon’s replacement for D7 part 2 ….or are these two models..77d and 80d the same as Nikon’s 3500 and 5600…???

    • abortabort

      Nikon doesn’t have a 77D equivalent. Sony do with the A68. Pentax with the K70. D3500 is to Canon what the 1300D is, while D5600 is to the 800D. 77D is to nothing. 80D is to D7200 and 7D II is to D500.

      Essentially 77D is a slightly more ‘enthusiast’ 800D, with a second control dial and a top mount LCD. Don’t know the AF spec of the 800D, perhaps it will be different this time around as the previous model (750D/760D) had the same, the 19 point array from the original 7D. 77D seems to have the 80D 49 point array, 800D could end up with either.

      • Max

        In other words it’s the replacement for the 760D

    • Andrei

      What is D7 part 2?

  • hairyview

    what is this (a body betwean 70d and 80d ?)? whoo needed this camera?

  • ZMWT

    More I look at these undefined offers from Canon and Nikon, of which no one knows why are they issued and where they belong in their lineups, more I believe that only honest DSLR maker, that actually *thinks* when designing a camera, is Pentax. Their new KP leaves, for example, these blobs in dust; virtually, as one can grab the KP and pull it through dust, mud and rain and it ain’t complainin’. And the level of customisation + hi-end features in the KP, is just insane!
    People, do yourself some justice, and reward those who really try to bring in something new, and truly valuable, and treat customers gentlemanly! And that ain’t Canon!

    • Andrei

      You are right but its not everything about bodies but more about lenses.
      My first DSLR was a Pentax and i agree the K3 looks amazing for example but im not happy with Pentax lens selection.
      For example the 150-450 is not as good as the Canons new 100-400 and AF is slower for the same price.

      On the other hand, for people who never going to buy other than the kit lens, i recommend Pentax but a mirrorless makes more sense most of the time.

      • BP2012

        Unfortunately super telephoto APS-C lenses are Pentax’s Achiles heel. 150-450 is the only lens longer than 300mm except 560mm prime and it is a big and expensive full frame glass. I would like to see compact budget APS-C 100-400mm Pentax lens with retractable construction similar to the latest 55-300mm but that probably won’t happened soon.

    • abortabort

      In Australia the K-P is around $1500 for the body. That will get you something a LOT nicer than this camera in this article. Not sure about other markets, but I hardly see them as competitors.

      Would have loved if Pentax hadn’t gone with that oversized prism hump that is 90% flash, ditched the built in flash and provided a clip-on and make the camera about 100x more attractive.

      • BP2012

        That is not too much for not yet released camera with this specs. Just look at the initial prices of cameras released in last couple of months. That prism is genuine Pentax design for more than 60 years. Pentax KP was released at 60th aniversary of Pentax AP with a lot of similar details. If you don’t like that design you have different APS-C models like K-70 or K-3II. Or wait for a new APS-C flagship later this year.

        • abortabort

          Have you any clue? Or you just say ‘that’s not too much’? What is good about it? Why would I wait for a different model? I am talking about this one. It’s as expensive as a flagship APS-C from any brand. This isn’t competing with this low-rent rebel in this article.

      • ZMWT

        The prism is not oversized; it is same prism as in the K3, and K3II, only the plastic / metal on top is shaped to a more angular look, to fit the small flash there. Aesthetically, that is something newish, and if you look at SLRs from 1980s, then you get it. After all, Pentax was first company to put a flash on a SLR! Since then, everyone copied them.

        • abortabort

          “The prism is not oversized; it is same prism as in the K3, ”

          Derp, derp!

          Yes that would make the housing ovcersized compared to the otherwise shrunken body. Do you think at all or simply react anytime somebody says something about Pentax?

          Think of it more like this, because you’re obviously a bit stupid and slow: I might have bought that camera if there wasn’t the oversized hump (compared to the rest of the body). But I won’t. YOU will probably buy it because it says PENTAX on the front, hump or no. In fact you might even have thought it’s even more beautiful and perfect without the hump, but are so blinded that it is ‘perfect in every way’ that you couldn’t think beyond that unless the mothership actually did it in the first place.

          Point is, Pentax wouldn’t have lost sales to you, but have to me. Maybe, just maybe this is what they’ve been doing wrong all these years that they’ve become the camera company that nobody wants?

          • ZMWT

            Sorry, you have no knowledge of Pentax camera design. Take a look how Pentax designs a DSLR; when seen from the side, the curve of the top of the grip and shutter release area, follow the curve of the prism, like a natural echo. Think of Great Wave of Kanagawa, where small wave follows the great wave. Because it does not have a default grip, but is rather slim-bodied like the Pentax cameras of the 1970s, the KP has a prism shape that looks good on all grips.
            This design philosophy is beyond simplemindedness of Canon and Nikon.

          • abortabort

            “Do you think at all or simply react anytime somebody says something about Pentax?”

            I repeat again. No point trying to ‘explain it to me’ like I’ll suddenly think it’s really attractive.

            Keep trying sad fanboy. The K-P is fugly assed. Even the K-S1 looks better balanced than that POS.

    • BP2012

      Amen to that. I don’t need top spec camera and lenses and that’s why I’m not shooting Canon anymore. They have top pro equipment and services but for 1% of customers. 99% which are not pros got crap equipment and similar quality of services.

    • Zainb

      ZMWT is a long time Pentax fanboy well known on DPR forums as a Pentax fanboy. Let’s keep that in mind when the guy tells you to buy a Pentax camera. Yeah, the check is in the mail.

      • BP2012

        Who cares what he is as long there are no lies nor contradictions in his very civilized statement and that is what counts:

        a) Yes Pentax is only DSLR company which thinks on design and try to change something unlike Canon. They are not always successful but at least they are trying. KP is really different in compare to any other DSLR and interchangable grip is a very good idea. A lot of photographers doesn’t need a deep grip while they are shooting with fairly compact wide or normal lenses.

        b) Yes KP is very customizable camera even more than actual full frame flagship K-1. You won’t that on Canon

        c) Yes it has a lot of high end functionalites which can’t and won’t be found in any Canon camera from the same category. If you are not a sports shooter or an amateur videographer Pentax is much fairly choice in compare to Canon.

        • abortabort

          Hahaha fanboy comes in to back up fanboy.

          No, Pentax gap fill with gimmicks because they can’t get the basics right most of the time.

        • Zainb

          Spoken like a true fanboy. All exaggerations, and even better yet, lies and nonsense. These fanboys are really weird

      • Nick L

        Actually, he’s more of a Jekyll and Hyde / Pentax fanboy and troll rolled into one, whichever one he thinks will get him more attention at any given time it seems.

        • ZMWT

          Jekyll & Hyde? Should I say hail hosannas about the K-S1 and deride KP? I did it other way round. K-S1 is not the Pentax camera — it was Ricoh’s failed experiment. K-1 and the KP, on the other hand, is the Pentax camera. And then one must say what is true. In the last two years at least, Pentax seems to be regrouping its forces and common sense, delivering a lot of novelties, and not making empty statements and “me-too” blobby boring cameras like a big duopoly.

          • abortabort

            Bahahahaha! Oh the ‘sh!t’ ones, they were Ricoh’s fault were they? And the good ones, they’re ‘real Pentax’? Fanboys really are pathetic.

      • abortabort


    • raziel28

      I would also mention the K-3
      It is an excellent camera and the price is good…

    • Ivan Kutsarov

      Ok I spent 10 minutes typing a comment, and after hitting a Post button, disqus gave me a maintenance error. What a great service. They should rename it to Disgust.

      Anyway, I really appreciate what Pentax and other (Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, Sony) companies are doing. There are so many amazing photography options availlable right now, heck look at the new generation of smartphones iPhone 7+ and S7 Edge, we could not even dream of such a decade ago.

      But… lenses. Oh, man. I have the new Canon 100-400 II, and it’s such an amazing lens, super sharp, focuses instanltly, beutifuly build, have pleasant bokeh and I don’t need a dedicated makro lens anymore, it has 0.9m MFD at 400mm.

      Yes, Canon entry level camera bodies are all ugly, boring uninspiring soulsess black bricks, unless you have 3500$ to spend on 5D Mark IV which is a nice photography tool, but obvioulsy not for everyone.

      I’m stuck with Canon 100-400 II, unless someone magically will come with something similar. Also my 1D Classic workds flawlessly after 16 years.

  • peevee

    So what is the difference with 80D? Cheap mirror OVF from Rebels?

    • It’s new, so it’s better and people want to ‘upgrade’ to the latest and greatest. It’s Canon logic and frankly, the logic of the sheeple that buy Canons, which apparently there are plenty of.

    • Lee Collins

      It has the Rebel/800D size body so smaller than the 80D. I can see fewer buttons on the body, probably won’t have any weather sealing. Should make it a fair bit cheaper than the 80D.

      • peevee

        Given that it is 2-digit model, it should not be in Rebel class. But who knows.

  • markz

    “Bali Angle LCD”

    OK that’s a new one on me… and if you hadn’t also put it in the post for the new 800D as well I’d be inclined to think it was just a mistype of “all Angle LCD” or “Vari angle CD”.

    • Max

      Or ball angle lol

  • It’s going to corner the market…. in Bali! 🙂

  • WillWeaverRVA

    This looks almost identical to the 800D/T7i…unless it’s another rebranding of the 800D, there’s no reason to get this since the 80D exists.

  • Max

    Is this the replacement for the 760D? Does it have top plate?

  • TinusVerdino

    Looks pretty much identical to the 800D apart from the mode dial switching sides for the top LCD. When it doesn’t have Dual Pixel AF a Pentaprism and weather sealings. it really shouldn’t sit between the 70D and 80D. Canon is obfuscating it’s line up with this naming tactic.

  • Talys

    I don’t know why so much animosity to Canon in some of these posts. To me, 77D totally makes sense, more so than the t6s. Looking at the current lineup, you have the t6i, t6s, and then the 80D. The t6i is fantastic value as a first DSLR if you want to get into the hobby without a big initial spend, but have the ability to upgrade lens.

    The 80D is one of the nicest APS-C cameras I’ve ever owned, suitable for most pros in some capacity or another, IMHO — but the price point is too steep for most people who don’t have deep pockets for a hobby and don’t make money off of photography.

    The t6s slides right in between, offering some of the pro/enthusiast features like a top display and live view autofocus, but missing out on others like Dual Pixel AF, WiFi image push to laptop, and enviro seal. But heck, it’s WAY cheaper – a hundred bucks or so more than the t6i and nearly half the price of an 80D for the body.

    So in the next line up, if it goes to t7i, 77D, 80D — and 77D gets some of the more advanced feature while increasing the price over a t6s, that would be just perfect. Personally, as someone who does a lot of product photography, the 77D would be much more useful with proper — and faster — wifi.

    Am I guaranteed to open up my wallet? Probably not, since I already own a t6s and 80D, but you never know — if the featureset comes much closer to an 80D, I might buy it for an extra body just to give my 100mm a permanent, current-generation home.

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