The new Fujifilm Professional Services rumored to be coming to the US as well

Last month Fujifilm announced a new Professional Service that will be launched in Europe on March 1st, 2017 (the Fujifilm GFX 50S is scheduled to start shipping on March 1st). Similar service is rumored to be coming to the US as well later this year.

Additional info on the new Fujifilm Professional Services:

The new service will cost €300 (£260) per year, but will be offered free to those who qualify, for the first two years. Qualification is offered to all working photographers and also to those who own a GFX system or at least 2 professional camera bodies and three XF lenses.

Fujifilm will offer a maximum turnaround time of 15 days (between pick-up and delivery) for an X series camera and lenses and 10 days for GFX bodies and lenses. If this turnaround time cannot be met (if spare parts are not available for instance) Fujifilm will automatically offer the customer a free loan until the repaired camera is returned. Further benefits are a free health check and sensor clean for up to 2 products in any one year, a dedicated telephone support line and a 15% discount on any out-of-warranty repair.

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  • hje

    Hopefully Nikon professional services won’t read this.
    They would spill their coffee and just laugh…
    I’m glad NPS does offer a turnaround time of 48 hours.

  • Bo Dez

    Fuji are so far ahead of the game right no they are lonely.

    • But their sales are nowhere near the rest of the camera manufacturers. Somebody mentioned in a comment on NR that this is because they appeal only to enthusiasts, soccer moms and pros are not buying them and this is a big problem for them. Otherwise I agree – Fuji is doing all the right things right now.

      • Bo Dez

        I think Fuji have always struggled since the demise of film to maintain their pro brand perception because they only had the capacity at that stage to output compact digitals and the more pro models were always tainted with that. But with something like the GFX they can get back to where they were in the 90’s as a serious professional tool. Pretty amazing if you think of Kodak, Agfa and all the other film big hitters and where they are now. Fuji is a very interesting company.

        • I agree, but they are spending crazy money on R&D and are not getting much on return. They cannot do this forever.

          • Bo Dez

            True. But I think they have the right product at the right time so making this push now is probably the best chance they’ve had and will have in a long time. I would imagine a company like Fuji has been waiting and planning for this moment for quite sometime.

          • I hope they can make it, I like their products (still not a big fan of X trans).

          • Bo Dez

            Yeah me too. It’s great to have another player in the game that is serious competition.

          • Tadao_Isogai

            Nikon user since 1972; NPS member; pro; love my D5 and D810. But, I also love Fuji’s X-Trans sensor; the colors off the sensor are outstanding and difficult to reproduce.

          • The X-trans colors are a matter of taste – some people like them, others don’t. There is no right or wrong answer here, just a preference.

  • I would dispute that they don’t appeal to professionals – there’s a large and rapidly growing community of Fuji wedding shooters, our FB group adds 15-20 new members per day.

    I do miss my NPS membership and this won’t come close to replacing it, but that was a trade off I was willing to make to switch 100% to Fuji. NPS is one of the things Nikon did very well, but Nikon DSLRs are in decline as a business, hemoragging marketshare to Canon and mindshare to mirrorless & smartphones. They are not in a good place right now. Digital imaging is a well-funded hobby for Fujifilm at the moment, leaving engineers & designers free to push boundaries a la GFX. Exactly the place you want to be as a consumer.

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